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Starting Monday 11th


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Hello everyone!

I'm in the UK, and I've been reading the book and gathering courage to jump in.  I've chosen Monday to make the real start as I'm on night duty until then.  I turned 60 at the beginning if this year and oh, how I felt it! Fat and unfit and suddenly mortality loomed! I hope to live a good few years yet and I want them to be good quality so I can enjoy them!  These past few weeks I have been gently cutting down and out on sugar and wheat and I think this body of mine is already grateful as 'aches and pains' have damped down.   I like quite simple food, so I think 30 days of meat and veg - or veg and meat in many guises will be tolerable.   My fail point is usually when I am tired, and I just grab a sandwich and some crisps; this is what I am going to have to overcome.   I believe with everyone's support though, I can do this.  Then I want to be a role model for my family, that you can dump the junk and be happier and healthier.   Best wishes to everyone on this same journey.   I have a bit of a hectic life so I need to make time for me, to prepare and plan these next 30 + days - and I hope it will become a way of life, simple, satisfying healthy good food - what's not to enjoy!  C x

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