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Starting NOW!


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Hi everyone!


My name is Sarah and I am starting my Whole 30 journey right now!  Lately my focus has been on getting healhier.  I have been a dabbler in the Whole 30 before--making it several weeks but now am ready to go all in.  My reasons for doing this:


1)  I want more energy.

2)  Slaying the sugar dragon.

3)  To have more self-confidence.

4)  To maximize my workouts (I have been crossfitting a month and i LOVE it!).

5)  To lose weight (yes, I know, not a direct goal of the program)

6)  Finishing a Whole 30 is on my bucket list.


About me--I am married with two boys (ages 2 and 4) and live in Missouri.  I work full time in a career I enjoy.  In my free time (what little there is) I read, Crossfit and spend as much time with my husband and boys as possible.


So, hopefully the Whole 30 will be another step in my healthy journey.


If anyone wants to join me or needs a buddy for support or encouragement, please let me know!  I am sure there are some amazing people on this journey and we can help each other along the way.


Good luck!


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