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My First Whole30 completed (with pics)


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Starting weight 74kg - finishing weight 67.2kg - total lost > 7kg body fat. Gained some muscle too.


The journey began for me 4 weeks prior to my Whole30 when I made a commitment to address my drinking issues. I signed up with http://hellosundaymorning.com (HSM) and committed to 3 months off of alcohol.


Understanding the extent of our current relationship with alcohol is so important as it pervades our society and we get swept along unawares. Speaking personally, I totally did not understand how dependent I was until I decided to take a break (and now wish I'd done it a long time ago).


I was a daily drinker and it scared me half to death to think of a life without alcohol but I knew I needed to redefine my relationship with the drink. I committed to 3 months off and was unsure I'd even make it through the first week - but I did and already by the time I hit week 5 I had realised so many positive benefits. I really did not expect this to happen. Things have continued to improve for me on a daily basis as I've adapted to cope with social situations and every day stresses that would be trigger points for my drinking.


I began my Whole30 at the end of week 4 of my HSM (my abstinence goal). By that time I was seeing things much clearer and knew that when I committed to doing the Whole30 that I'd see it through to the very end - no wimping out. The Whole30 has been an amazing experience and has really revolutionised my eating. I feel so much healthier now - much stronger - and my energy levels are through the roof. What a difference to the couch potato I was before.


Note that the results you see in the pictures attached are from 3 weeks prior to my Whole30 up until 2 days before my Whole30 was officially finished. But you get the picture, right? Also - there was a fair bit of exercise involved. I had to get my backside off the couch and work hard for some of these changes. The point I'm making though is that if I can do it, so can you. There was no magic formula and I'm nothing special. Just sticking to the plan, 100% commitment and some hard graft.

Thanks Whole30 Team and to all those that added their support and encouragement throughout.


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Hi Magritte, Thanks so much for your honest post. I also started the W30 as a kickstart to tackle my drinking issues. I am a huge wine drinker and like you couldn't imagine life without it. I started following the Paleo way of eating about 5 months ago as I had put on a few extra kgs over the years. I did it about 80% except for a bottle of wine almost every night. I started exercising 4-5 times a week and managed to lose 12kgs. Yes Imagine that, even with all that wine???? Anyway I always felt like a bit of a cheat as I still wasn't addressing the big health concern from the alcohol. 

So I made the decision to take on the W30 and I am now on Day 6. Its the longest I've gone without a glass of wine in years and I admit there are moments when its a real challenge. Hopefully it will get easier as I can see the big picture at the end of the 30 days. Having this program to follow sure is making it easier as it gives me someting to focus on rather than just saying "I'm giving up wine"

I hope I can be as strong as you!!


ps Your pics look awesome

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Your story and pictures are inspiring me to stick with it.  I too wondered if I could even make it a day, much less a week or a month without my sugar and nightly glass(es?) of wine.  Now I'm on day 8! Reading this just helps me strengthen my resolve to see it through.  Thanks so much for sharing your story and pictures. I look forward to following your journey. I hope you'll keep posting.



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Thanks everyone for your feedback and encouragement. A quick observation - I decided not to do another whole30 back to back. There were a few things I thought I had missed out on during my whole30 - most notably cheese and chocolate. Strangest thing is that no matter how hard I've tried (and I've tried a few times now) I just can't seem to enjoy these things any more. I guess my tastes really must have changed - I'd rather have some olives or a boiled egg or some nice veg than a bar of chocolate - which is good, right?


Anyway, I've maintained an 80/20 whole30 approach in the intervening time and have noticed a few reactions to certain things when reintroducing - particularly wheat (duh ... obvious ... bloaty) & milk (hadn't realised that one before) so have continued to eliminate these.


I've remained steadfastly committed to remaining alcohol free (10 weeks tomorrow) and feeling great.


Going to embark on another whole30 starting tomorrow (22nd Aug) so it'll be more or less complete by the time I go on holiday on 20th September. Looking forward to comparing my beach-wear pictures with the before pics up top :)

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