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Help with this brunch menu on day 32?

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Hi guys, 


I am now on day 25 of my first whole 30, and overall feeling wonderful. I am planning my reintroduction phase and am a little nervous about it. I have never had any noticeable reactions to any particular food groups before the whole 30 so I'm not sure what to expect. Additionally I have been on again- off again paleo for about a year but to be honest my last month pre-whole30 was very much off the paleo bandwagon. 


Here is where I need advice: I am attending my sister's wedding brunch on day 32 (menu included). I have planned to stay compliant on day 31 to make it easier, but can't decide which food group I will introduce on day 32 at the brunch. Everything on the menu (no surprise here) seems to include more than one food group. Would it be reasonable to go for the gluten grains, and avoid the dairy? Or maybe just do the greek yogurt, and none of the other treats? There will also be alcohol which I should probably avoid.. which is difficult considering it is my sister's wedding. I'll appreciate any advice!! 



Breads: bagels, whole wheat bread, seasonal muffins

Main dishes: quiche lorraine, banana stuffed french toast

Sides: granola, greek yogurt, fruit salad, maple sausage patties. 



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I would eat the center of the quiche (leave the crust) and the fruit salad and sausage. Those items would likely have a small amount of dairy, and sugar but not so much that you would have a strong reaction...then do a few days whole30 before moving on to reintros. Your sister's wedding is not a good time to have a reaction to foods, and it's hard to say what might impact you, so I would er on the side of caution, personally.

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