Wine & Cheese Lover Starting August 11th


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Hello Whole 30 World!


I have gone through yet another summer in my 20's where I should be feeling free and happy, but have continued to make poor food choices.  I could literally live off of cheese and I love wine, craft beer, carbs, sugar...the list goes on.  My exercise habits are much better, but I am exhausted with running and doing yoga to no avail just because I can't control what goes in my mouth!  I have been putting the whole 30 off due to ____ upcoming event.  Now i realize that these events will always been in my near future, and I need to learn to deal with temptation at some point.  I'm 24 years old and just moved downtown, where I am in walking distance to a ton of amazing restaurants and bars.  This will be the ultimate test of my mental strength and determination!


Any support is appreciated, and good luck to everyone else who is starting this month. 

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