Heart rate at night, started 8/7/14


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Hi All,

W30'er on day 4.  I am not sleeping great - understandable in that I'm in detox.  Gotta pee every couple hours, and I understand the reasons for this.  I'm drinking more and eating water based vegis at every meal. 


But the heart rate at night - what's that about?  Resting used to be 60'sh; and it doesn't go down so much at night now.  If I wake to pee, I have trouble going back to sleep because it feels like my heart is racing (it's not really, only 80'sh).   Had a physical and full blood work completed before starting this, so I don't think it's a serious problem.   Never had this happen before, though.


Wondering if others are experiencing this?   


Looking forward to better nights - days have been pretty good.  


Thanks for input,


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