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Bulletproof Coffee


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Some people use bulletproof coffee to avoid eating food, a way to stave off hunger with fat calories and caffeine. This approach is nearly opposite of what we want you to do during a Whole30. We want you to eat a substantial breakfastwithin one hour of waking in the morning.Eating a real food breakfast when you wake up does good things to your hormonal rhythms and sets you up for better digestion and better sleep. We don't ban bulletproof coffee during a Whole30, but if you are looking to maximize your Whole30 experience, I can assure you that bulletproof coffee will not help. 

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I stopped drinking all of those espressos and bulletproof coffees.  It was the best thing I've ever done for my health.


I've developed a new routine of that really good breakfast that I look forward to at 7:00 AM in the morning.

I've learned to flip the eggs without ruining them, cook a side order of "vege", kick the oven door shut while my center cut pork chop roasts or grill my portion of beef.  I can arrange my avocado and tomato slices and make beautiful berry bowls.


Yesterday, my husbands says...."you really should take a picture of this, it's so pretty".



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