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From Mini Whole 12 to Whole Jo


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I'm doing a quick little 12 day reset to get me on the right track. I have a birthday weekend 23-24 Aug, and then I'll start a proper Whole 30 after that (all the food is provided, so a bit tough to do Whole 30, but will stick to paleo choices).


My main points of focus will be:

1. Not over-thinking portion sizes

2. Not over-eating fat. Delicious, delicious fat (there's a reason I put on weight during my first Whole 30 and while eating paleo)

3. Exercising consistently. Heavy lifting and short metcons, not the running I was doing during my last W30 attempt

4. Meditating/yoga regularly

5. Buying only 1 coffee a week at work (I bought a bag of espresso today, and will get a little plunger tomorrow - most of the time I want the break from work rather than the coffee anyway, so this will be my new escape: 10 mins in the kitchen making a coffee :) )


I set a goal during my last attempt of no longer buying/reading gossip magazines or websites. That was 2 months ago, and I'm proud to say that I've stuck to it (and I was a daily gossip website visitor!).


I'm logging my actual food pictorially on Two Grand (GoJo09 if you want to follow me), so won't bother replicating it all here, this is more thoughts and feels about me and the food :).


Oh, and NO NUTS! I can't be moderate with them, and the only ones that don't make me bloat up like a balloon are activated and cost $10 a (small) packet. No bueno!

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Day 2 is fine. Didn't get up for the gym this morning as I didn't sleep fantastic (or perhaps I just woke up and heard it raining, who can say?). Sun was shining at lunch so I went for a 30 min walk - and good thing I went when I did as it's now grey, raining and windy (not that it was warm when I went).

Was planning on going to the gym after work, but then I got offered a free ticket to the Doctor Who World Tour show, and who am I to turn that down? Also, great excuse for not going to the gym... It does mean though that dinner will be two tins of tuna in oil, as that's all the food I have at work. Not exactly a template meal, but 2 out of 3 ain't bad.

Also trying to cut down on coffee a little bit, as I think that was affecting my sleep while I was on holiday. Not off to a great start on that front, with 3 cups of filter coffee at home this morning, and then an espresso with a supplier at 10.30...

{Edit} bought some dry roasted almonds on the way out to the show as I thought I'd be hungry. Munched on a few on the train home at 9.30, then scoffed a meatball and some coconut cream when I got home. Kicking goals for dinner tonight. But considering the things I was thoughtlessly going to buy (technically compliant vege chips or pork crackles) it's not so bad.

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I couldn't even tell you why I didn't get up for the gym this morning. I just didn't. I was all gung-ho to go after work tonight but have developed a headache - coincidentally around the same time I got an email saying the next disk of Justified will be in my mailbox today... (actually, got one about the same time yesterday afternoon too, so it may even be a real symptom).


Added a tin of salmon to lunch today, so not hungry this afternoon at all.

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The silliest thing happened on Thursday night - I was baking some cinnamon roll bread muffins (I have dubbed them bruffins) for work, and one of them was broken and I just stuck it in my mouth. In all it's floury, sugary glory. And it's not like I was just reverting to my non-Whole 30 behaviour - I don't eat sugar, flour or cake except on the most special occasions. It was just a brain fart.


So. It's to be hoped that when I start my official Whole 30 on August 25th that I'm not so thoughtless! Anyway, for the next week I'll eat Whole 30-style, but there's no point rebranding as a Whole 7, so I'll just truck along until after the weekend away.


The return to eating vege for breakfast has been good for me, regardless - I had got in the habit of eating no vege in the am, just bacon and eggs or other protein-fat combos, but I think my body responds better to a bit of greenery.


Surprisingly, I didn't have any kind of reaction to the muffin - I usually get a headache when I eat gluten products, and often end up craving sugar for at least a day afterwards, but this time I had nothing, although I did have to work incredibly hard to stop myself scoffing another one straight afterwards (I wasn't even hungry!).

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Fell victim to Fully embraced the WTH effect over the weekend. 


Have decided that I need to start my Whole 30 now, today, right this minute. Waiting until next Monday is just giving myself permission to fill those days with less than great choices. And even though I'm logging every meal on the Two Grand picture app, I need the accountability of tracking them here too, where people are less forgiving!


Day 1


Breakfast - Sloppy Joe (scoop of sauteed lamb mince on a portobello mushroom with a handful of mixed lettuce on top and a splash of hot sauce). 3 x small coffees with a spoonful of coconut cream in each

Lunch - small handful of pulled pork, coleslaw w/ spoonful of homemade mayo

Pre-Wo - small tin of tuna in oil

Gym after work, around 6.30pm (deadlifts, WOD, mobility)

Dinner - chicken thigh, grilled asparagus, zoodles w/ basil oil sauce

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I went to the gym. I didn't want to - it's cold and pouring down, I have indigestion, I've been wearing a damp skirt all day, my socks were wet. But I'd said in 3 different places that I was going to go, so I went. It was super busy - not my preferred time to work out, but I went in anyway. I got changed, even though I only had wet socks and sneakers. I put all my gear away in a locker. And then discovered that the new padlock I'd bought specifically for the purpose didn't fit. So I threw my hands up in the air and went home. Where I now have my nice warm Ugg boots on, warming up my frozen feet.


I'm not actually hungry for dinner after having that tuna earlier - I haven't been hungry all day (after my carb load yesterday...) and I've had indigestion all day. I might see if I can find some soup in the freezer - it won't have protein, but it will be warm and filling.


{Couldn't find the soup in the freezer, so had sausages w salad, olives and snow peas. Basically the same.}

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Day 2


Breakfast: mushroom sloppy Joe again, with a drizzle of garlic oil over it; 3 x coffee w/ coconut cream

Lunch: chicken thigh, coleslaw, mayo and pate

Dinner: probably an omelette, but I did get some pulled pork out of the freezer


Exercise: supposed to have a tennis lesson today, but I don't know if the weather is going to cooperate.

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Day 3

Exercise: gym session - not super sweaty, but tough.

Breakfast: mushroom sloppy Joe. Again. Thankfully that was the last of the mushrooms!)

Lunch: pulled pork, coleslaw with olive oil and balsamic. Tin of tuna in oil?

Dinner: chicken thigh, pate, asparagus, zucchini

Still feeling good :)

{Edit: wasn't full after dinner so had some coconut butter. The last of the jar, thankfully. }

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Day 4


Breakfast: lamb, zucchini and egg scramble

Lunch: pulled pork, coleslaw with mayo

Dinner: surprise? I have no idea, as I appear to have run out of food. Possibly eggs again (don't want to go shopping before the weekend, but not sure if that's practical)

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Spent the afternoon looking at hiking food ideas. Which made me want snacks. Which made me want anything. Bought salmon for dinner but 'needed' to eat asap (even though I wasn't hungry), so polished off the pulled pork. Had broccoli in the oven roasting but wanted something more asap so ate a while avocado mashed with salt and hot sauce. Then ate nearly an entire head of broccoli roasted with garlic oil. But at least I didn't eat a choc chip biscuit.

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Day 5


Good or bad planning, I'm not sure which, but I'm completely out of food before I go away for the weekend!


Breakfast: Lamb mince and two eggs. No vege unless you count the basil garnish (I don't). 2x coffee w/ coconut oil

Lunch: Have two tins of tuna and some mayo. That's it. I'll have to go and buy some greenery to have with it.

Dinner: A lonely bunch of asparagus is all that's left in the fridge, and the salmon fillet I didn't eat yesterday.


Will be scoffing down dinner before I drive 2+ hours to the weekend house party. Going to pack a pile of tuna and...something else, don't know what else yet, to cover me if the food provided isn't what I want/need.

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Days 6 & 7

I made it through a boozy house party weekend with my whole 30 intact! wasn't even hard, and noone even noticed I wasn't eating the snacks, a couple of people asked if I wasn't drinking but they didn't ask why after I said I didn't feel like it.

I did have to skimp on a few meals, but I made up for it at the party dinner (all compliant, delicious foods). And sure I missed out on an awesome looking cake, but it would have been tasty for only a few minutes (actually I probably would have had it for breakfast too :-) )

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Day 8


Ate like a beast today, tough workout so I totally earned it. Although, now I'm a tad stuffed.


Breakfast: Scoop of mince stuffed in a capsicum w/ tomato paste and baby spinach and a drizzle of garlic oil on top, coffee with egg (this was not nice), coffee with coconut oil

Pre-WO: 1/4 of my lunch - slow cooked beef and coleslaw with mayo

Lunch: Rest of my lunch and a tin of tuna

Hour later: feeling a bit shaky from the workout, so had a mandarin and some coconut flakes

Dinner: chicken curry (ate two chicken thighs!) and a whole bunch of broccolini

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Day 9

Woke up hungry, despite my massive dinner. And been vaguely hungry all day. I do have my period, so that may be the culprit.

Breakfast: veal burger w/ roasted capsicum, tomato paste and baby spinach; 3x coffee with coconut cream

Lunch: chicken curry and tin of tuna in oil (which was supposd to be my pre-wo this afternoon...)

Exercise: tennis lesson. Unless the rain picks up again. Yep it rained :-(

Dinner: slow cooked beef and broccolini

{Edit: Apple and coconut flakes at 2.30 and a small bowl of soup and a whole avocado for dinner too. Hungry day! }

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Day 10

Yesterday's hunger had disappeared, but I wasn't really paying attention so overate at all 3 meals. Plus I got stuck in a meeting so ended up not having my pre-workout, but that ended up better on my stomach anyway - hanging leg raises with a belly full of tuna? yuck.

Breakfast: 3 eggs and a whole avocado, 2 coffee w coconut cream
Lunch (post-wo): slow cooked beef, tuna and coleslaw w mayo
dinner: burger stack - grilled capsicum w veal mince, rocket mix, tomato paste and a fried egg w a drizzle of garlic oil. And a small cup of cauliflower soup and a couple spoonfuls of coconut cream. Which I didn't need.

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Day 11

Definitely feeling slimmer and tighter now, so have hopefully found the right balance of fat and carbs. Had the metallic taste in my mouth today, so might be time for some sweet potato chips tonight. Smashed it at the gym again, so totally earned them. Finding I feel better without the pre-WO snack, which tends to repeat on me as soon as I get to the gym.

Breakfast: chicken curry, 3x coffee with coconut cream
Lunch (post-WO): slow cooked beef with coleslaw and mayo
Dinner: veal mince with broccolini in some kind of concoction an egg and a whole avocado, and some sweet potato chips

{Edit: ate an entire sweet potato with dinner. So good. Hope it helps with the afternoon slumps all week. }.

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I wonder why it's always Fridays that I'm "hungry". Stupid brain.


Hoping the weather clears up so I can go for a walk at lunchtime, a nice bottle of kombucha would go down well this afternoon, but I'll only get it if I walk up to the next suburb (where it's $1 cheaper :) ).


Breakfast: veal mince and 2 eggs cooked in coconut oil over coleslaw, with a splash of hot sauce. 1 coffee with coconut cream and 1 with coconut oil (because I ran out of CC)

Lunch: last of the chicken curry with a red capsicum

Dinner: salmon and broccolini

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Friday and Saturday ended up being really "picky" evenings, with constant fridge opening and closing. Friday I ate a pile of dried fruit and nuts, and Saturday was dates and coconut cream. And I'm having a hard time reining it in Sunday morning. Definitely not hunger (although I should have had a larger breakfast this morning and less coconut coffee), but I'm not sure if it's sugar cravings or if it started with just tiredness and that woke the damn sugar/snack dragon up. No more today though. Kitchen is closed until I go in there to cook lunch.


Ha! Just read back and saw on Thursday that I felt slimmer! There's the culprit! Stupid self-sabotage!


Saturday, Day 13

Breakfast: 3 fried eggs and a whole avocado, coffee with a lot of coconut cream

Morning tea: almond butter packet

Lunch: 2 tins of tuna in oil, a whole capsicum cut up and harrissa dip (tuna was a bad idea! Need better hiking lunches)

Snack (about 5pm): a few dates and a few bites of slow cooked beef.

Dinner: slow cooked beef and salad with mayo

After dinner: a lot of dates and coconut cream

Ex: 5 hour hike with lots of hills!


Sunday, Day 14

Breakfast: slow cooked beef and salad, coffee with coconut cream

Snack: 4 dates, coffee with coconut cream

Lunch: pork sausages and grilled zucchini, guacamole

Dinner: slow cooked lamb and broccolini


I might switch lunch and dinner around, depending on what time I get hungry and if I'm going out with a friend this afternoon.


Focus for the next 2 weeks: keep check on the self-sabotage with snacks and overeating fat.

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Day 15 (Hump Day)

Yesterday turned out a bit differently than planned. Had the sausages, zucchini and some onions and tomatoes at about 1, and then the roast lamb was finished at 2.30 and I ate the shank from that. I wasn't stuffed at the time, but afterwards I felt very full. So I decided to get out of the house and went for a walk and lay in the park reading a book. Still wasn't hungry by 6pm, but ate some broth that I made from the roast bones for dinner - it was way too oily as I didn't let it cool to skim off the fat. But I didn't feel gross or anything.


Breakfast: Wasn't hungry when I woke up, unsurprisingly, but had coffee with coconut cream (x3) and some roast lamb and broccolini.

Lunch: chicken thigh, hardboiled egg (may eat this pre-workout if I'm hungry), salad greens, tomatoes, left over broccolini from this morning, mayo

Dinner: half small sweet potato, half an apple and 1/4 onion hash with 3 eggs, pork meatball and a few tomatoes as I wasn't satisfied with dinner.

Ex: gym at lunchtime, so having more carbs than normal - trying a carb backloading approach, sort of. Heavy weights, was totally feeling it! How the carbs help.

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Day 16


Was actually woken by my alarm for the first time in over a week - I've been awake between 5 and 6 every day lately, so a 6.30 sleep in was a bit of a novelty. Clearly I needed the sleep.


Breakfast: Pork sausage, pork meatball, spoonful of pate, salad, 3x coffee with cc

Lunch: chicken thigh, pate, coleslaw with mayo

Dinner: roast lamb and broccolini (I have some lamb in my bag to eat after tennis, and will have the rest when I get home)


Ex: possibly tennis, weather permitting

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Day 17


Felt fine when I first got up this morning, but got progressively worse. By the time I got to the station I'd decided I'd come home from work after a meeting I had to go to. Then discovered I'd left my train card at home, and by the time I'd walked home I was shaking and sweaty, so just stayed home.


I wasn't necessarily hungry today, but I felt like I needed to eat. Don't know if that was just greedy being at home behaviour or my body wanting nutrients, but I ended up eating 5 meals today and sitting on my butt all day.


Breakfast: pork sausage, meatball, broccolini and zucchini with mayo and pate, coffee with coconut cream

Morning tea: meatball with mayo, coffee with coconut cream

Lunch: roast lamb, coleslaw with mayo, pate, coconut cream

Afternoon tea: roast lamb with mayo

Dinner: sardine cakes with avocado and mayo.


Didn't have a single meal without mayo today...

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Day 18

Breakfast: tuna, coleslaw and mayo; black coffee

Lunch: sardine cakes, pork meatball, avocado

Bag of nuts. Too many nuts

Dinner: pork patty w mayo

Still not feeling great. Was going to go for a walk in lieu of going to the gym today, but I don't even think I should do that.

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Day 19

Wasn't hungry this morning so just had a coconut bulletproof coffee. I knew I was going out after work for a trivia night and didn't want a pub meal, so I planned two big meals to eat during the day - an early lunch at 11 and an early dinner at 4.30. Worked really well and I didn't feel like eating any of the food out, but I was a little hungry (and a bit head achy) when I got home so had a few spoonfuls of coconut cream and half am avo.

Meal 1 : roast lamb, broccoli and zucchini

Meal 2: 4 hard boiled eggs, coleslaw with mayo and pâté

Late night snack: half an avo with salt and hot sauce when I got home from the event

Feeling much better today, but might just take it easy tomorrow - a walk maybe if the weather cleats up- and then hit the gym Sunday.

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Day 20

I'm such a git. My size fluctuates quite a bit depending on what I've been eating (one week jeans fit fine, next week no bueno). Today my jeans did not fit. And as I took another slow roasted lamb or of the oven (it's on special at the moment, even though I'm sick of it! ) I realised how fatty it was. Which is fine. Except I've been eating it pretty much every day this week, and adding fat to those meals too! Added to that I ate a packet of nuts on Thursday when I was off sick (second day) and only had one gym session and hardly any walking due to illness and it's no wonder I've puffed up a little! 

So I'll be keeping a much closer eye on my fat content this week. Starting with only adding coconut cream to one coffee per day, not 2 or 3. And halving the amount of mayo too. Delicious mayo.

I love the reminder that I get from the Two Grand app - it's so easy to sew at a glance what I've eaten over the Pecos days so I can spot trends like this.

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Day 21

Went out for breakfast with some friends to my favourite cafe, where the food is generally Whole 30 compliant, but I'll be honest and say I didn't ask too many questions - the only dodgy would be sugar.

Breakfast: eggs, bacon, spinach, sweet potato and kale hash, chai cacao almond latte, coffee

Lunch (was only a little hungry so only had a small meal): Bone broth, pork patty with pate, 2 pieces raw zucchini slice (from the cafe - amazing)

Dinner (I was FULL all afternoon, but as soon as I started prepping dinner I got hungry): chicken with almond meal crust, tomato paste and avo, salad and tomato

Ex: went for an hour long stroll in the sun (can't really call it a walk when I was carrying my handbag!)


Day 22

1 x Coffee with coconut cream and 1 with a splash of homemade nut milk

Breakfast: 3 eggs, 2 pieces of raw zucchini slice

Post-WO: Pork patty

Lunch: lamb roast, coleslaw (no mayo :( )

Dinner: chicken with almond meal crust, tomato paste and avo, and roast broccoli

Ex: 70% squats and metcon.


The pesto in the zucchini slice has been repeating on me all morning. Worked hard at the gym, and am now weary.

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