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This is a cut and paste of my last log in Whole30 - time for me to graduate to post-whole30! 


Day 1/109 


What a crazy, crazy few days.  Meals did not go well and I was definately not 100% compliant while I was visiting with my aunt.  On top of that, I never had more than two meals in a day.  Breakfasts went well - I was able to get to the grocery store each evening to get stuff for breakfast the next morning.  Lunches never seemed to happen and dinners were about 90% compliant.  (mostly added sugar).  The drive home was brutal - tired from the stress of the weekend on top of knowing that I had to work as soon as I got home - I resorted to taking Excedrin again for the caffiene.  This kept me awake for the drive, but (between the caffiene and lack of sleep) it left me feeling slighty ill and quite jittery.


While I was gone, I was hit with a couple other stressors that overall, have left me completely emotionally depleted. 


I did make it home just in time for church service and was very glad that I went.  From there, home to sleep, the up for work.  I did have some leftovers still in the fridge that DS had not eaten while I was away, so I had plenty to pack for work.


One thing that the drive gave me was time to think.  I believe that I have made a decision about where to go on this journey.  I am not quitting whole30.  I feel so much better when I eat well.  I am not ready to stop feeling g.o.o.d. :P   However, I have come to realize that in some ways, I need to tighten up a little bit.  In other ways, I am ready to grow and move on.  That being said, I think it is time to move this log over to Post-w30!  (Any moderators out there - could you please move me?  and maybe even change the title to "Karen's Whole30 Life"? - Thank you!) - Thanks for a quick reply and help in what to do Physibeth!


My committments:


1)  Stay w30 - with the exception of sugar.  I would like to occassionally start cooking with a little honey or maple syrup again.  I am not going to add in candy, or things like that.  I would also like to have the freedom of having some condiments again without having to make them for myself. 


2)  Limit fruit to one serving per day - and try not to have it every day.  The last week or two has seen me drastically increase my fruit intake to a point where it was starting to replace my veg.  Not a good thing.  Time to tighten back up!  I will do this for 30 days and see where it takes me.


3) continue to "weigh/ measure in" every 30 days.  This is just for my own curiosity. 


4) continue to exercise (hike) at least twice a week.


5) be more consistant in my daily prayer/ scripture reading.



So, today is Day 1 of my new plan - but day 109 overall.  I will use this dating system when I am doing my logging so that I can track where I am at.


This first day (as far as meals go) is kind of strange.  I still wasn't feeling good after waking up to head to work for my night shift, so I didn't eat.  Glad I had packed food, however, as I was "starving" around 1am.  I think, for today, I am only going to eat if I am truly hungry and let my body recover from the difficulties of the last several days.  I will need to sleep a bit this morning, then hopefully be able to get two more meals in before going back to bed.


I am not working for the rest of this week, but have the added challenge of going to a church retreat for several days.  As much as I truly love the cooking at the lodge we go to, I am going to pack my own meals. 


M1 today:  egg loaf, beets, guacamole


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A few hours of sleep and I was up running errands. Made a much needed run to my egg lady I am set for the week :). Starting to get ready for the church retreat coming up.

DD home with me today. Her father decided that he wanted to start having her a week at a time. It will be hard because I am used to having the kids with me most of the time. The good thing is that we are coming to an agreement on it without having to go to court.

M2: mixed greens salad with bell pepper, tomato, slivered almonds, raisins, broccoli sprouts, tessamaes ranch dressing. Applesauce, proscuitto

M3: chicken leg, sausage, sweet potato, frozen broccoli, cauliflower, carrots with guacamole

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Day 2/110


Took DD to band camp this morning and got a desperate call from work....  I ended up going in to help out telling them I had to leave by noon.  Ended up leaving at 2pm.  It was a good thing I had taken breakfast in the car with me instead of waiting to get back home. :)  Grocery store run, then home.  Lunch was practically at dinner time and I was hungry!   Finished the day with a snack before going to bed.


One thing that I have noticed since my "epic fail" weekend.  I have, to some degree always struggled with depression.  Since starting w30, I have seen my moods drastically improve.  Since going off track this past weekend, I have been struggling to have that positive outlook again.  At first I was just thinking that I was just overly tired (emotionally as well as physically).  I have had plenty of sleep since getting back, and am still struggling a bit.  I am beginning to wonder if a lot of it isn't from the food.  I have seen many articles (as well as personal accounts) of how illnesses (mental and physical) improve with good eating habits.  Looking back, I hadn't really realized how much better I truly was feeling when I was eating well.  Just another reason to make sure I get back on track and stay there!!!!


M1:  hashed browned potatoes (cooked in avocado oil), scrambled eggs


M2:  1/2 small rotisserie chicken (splurged and got the roasted instead of the bare - sugar in it), bag of frozen mixed veg (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots), avocado


Snack: 1/2 banana, few raisins, sun butter, coconut flakes


So, looking back, not the best day, but stayed within w30 guidelines and my own guidelines.  It was a little hard today thinking of things to eat since all I wanted was to throw w30 out the window and buy all my old standbys (i.e. bag of chips, dip).  Perhaps still some throwback from the weekend, and perhaps because I have been cooking noncompliant foods to feed my children (DD still having trouble swallowing since tonsillectomy and threatened to leave if I cooked her one more sweet potato or egg!)  


Tomorrow will be a big cook day - have to prepare meals from my time away from home at the church ladies retreat this coming weekend.

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Just a quick post as the hour is late and tomorrow will come to fast.

Cooked most of the morning to have meals to take with me tomorrow as I head out of town yet again. But I will be prepared this time! Clothes washed and was just packing before bed tonight when the dog finally came home (she gets out occasionally and goes running in the woods). Today she got skunked! So, at 10 pm, I am bathing her - multiple times - tried Castile soap, dog shampoo, white vinegar and diced tomatoes (didn't have tomato juice). In The morning, she is going to the groomers......

M1: 4 eggs, sweet potato hash w onion, bell pepper, mushrooms and spinach, guacamole

M2: chocolate chili

Wasn't hungry for lunch, so ate dinner early. Still not hungry...... No fruit today :)

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On Ladies Church Retreat - God is working in Mighty ways!!!


M1: 4 eggs scrambled with avocado oil, 1/2 banana, peach (on the way out the door - too many last minute things to deal with too early in the am)

M2: chocolate chili, applesauce, avocado

M3: chicken breasts, frozen mixed veggies (broccoli/cauliflower), avocado, slice of roast beef with horseradish (real, grated)


So, I stayed true to myself despite very yummy food being served all around me. (Buttermilk yeast rolls with melting butter anyone? Can't believed I bypassed them at lunch and dinner!)

However, when I got to the bonfire at the end of the night, I decided having one s'more was worth it.... Ok, one s'more and one toasted marshmallow. :)

After the bonfire, a soak in a steaming hot tub and I am calling it a night!

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Another great day in the mountains with the ladies from my church. A few tears and tons of laughter as we fellowshipped together. Food of course was in abundance but I kept to my packed meals for the most part.

M1: 4 sb eggs, guac, sweet potato hash

M2: nomnompaleo tuna avocado wrap, cucumber slices, banana and raisins with sun butter

M3: chicken thighs, frozen broccoli and cauliflower, macadamia nuts, 2 Brazil nuts. I did have one piece of fried (lard) trout. It is my favorite meal served here at the lodge. I peeled off the skin and just had the flesh - oh, and no tartar sauce :(

Snack: dinner was early and things went late. I was hungry so I had a handful of Terra chips. Not the best, but my best option.

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I love my yearly trip to the mountains with the ladies of my church.  Although it is absolutely chock full of things to do, it is also a time of peace, reflection, and renewal.  One of my friends told me before we left the mountain how good it was to see me laugh - they had not seen that from me in a very, very long time.  It was good  :P .


We left the mountain about noon today and hit several stores on the way home.  Some of these stores are where I would invariable buy bags of candy and chips, homemade pastries and other yummy foods.  Today, I waited in the parking lot so that I wouldn't be tempted :)  We stopped at a restaurant (as if we hadn't eaten enough on the mountain) and my mom joined us for a late lunch.  Then an hours drive to home.


Once home, I took a couple (well, several) hours to make a "movie" of our weekend to present to the church tomorrow.  I have never used iMovie before, so it was a little slow going but I think it turned out well :)


Now, it is bedtime and I am not hungry at all.  I know that I should have something to eat but just can't seem to do it.  


M1:  scrambled eggs, potatoes, sausage


M2:  chopped steak and grilled vegetables (in olive oil), and part of my mom antipasti plate (minus the cheese).  


snack (sleepy while driving) - apple

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A mixed bag of a day. I woke at 400am and couldn't get back to sleep. I laid in the dark with my eyes shut for about an hour before I gave up and tried to read. Finally it was time for church. I have taken almost 4 hours yesterday to create a 5 minute movie of our ladies church retreat and I was so excited to share it. (It was my first time using iMovie, thus the time it took to make). When it was plugged into the church computers, it wouldn't play. My DS tried to re-export it and brought in another copy. It didn't work either - at least not until after the service was already over. I was so very disappointed - it was something that I had worked hard on and poured some of my heart into. I know that it isn't about that - not about me, but I was still overly disappointed (yep, I think devastated works too).

Its funny how, when you are an emotional eater, things like that may you want to go off the rails - and I mean waaaay off the rails. When we went out to eat lunch, I wanted all kinds of things that were not good options. In the end, I behaved myself. Then on the way home from the restaurant (even though I was no where near hungry), I wanted to swing by a grocery store to pick up any kind of dinner that didn't have meat, vegetables and healthy fats....... I knew it was just emotions talking - but boy were they loud!!!! Again, I behaved. Now, I am sitting here trying to decide what to have for dinner. Good thing there isn't any junk in the house :)

M1: 2 chicken eggs, 2 guinea eggs and potatoes fried in lard

M2: 2 100% meat hamburgers with grilled onions, strip of bacon, lettuce, tomato and dill pickles (double portions) with sweet potato fries.


M3: chicken thighs, baby carrots, sunbutter

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It is so disappointing when something you've worked hard at doesn't come to fruition.  I was thinking your pastor may allow you to play it at another time.  However, I had to comment because you remind me of myself.  I have been working very hard to build myself up physically and was just beginning to see slight improvement when out of the blue I had a hospital stay and restrictions to not exercise for 6 weeks.  After this news, I started that emotional eating you talked about.  The surgery was nothing, but the fact I knew I would lose everything I worked toward put me into a funk.  Let me tell you, it is not worth it.  Keep strong.  Fight those urges.  Tomorrow will be better...and, if it is not...keep fighting for what you know to be good and right.  Eating right is one of the main things we can do to thank God for the person He created us to be.  Just sayin'!

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About 5 hours of sleep last night.  Don't quite know why I am waking in the wee hours yet again.  


The pups and I needed a long walk today.  Because I was also geocaching - and we stopped to play with kids and other puppies along the way - we only got 6 miles in.  Very leisurely walking to be sure.  It is a bit more humid out than I have gotten used to over this summer, but I still didn't break much of a sweat.


Today is one of my long days.  Because of that, I tried to nap this afternoon.  Ended up sleeping off and on for a couple of hours.  Had some really weird dreams in there - guess the brain is on overload.


M1:  (this morning) - 4 guinnea eggs scrambled in avocado with mushrooms


Planned for work tonight:


M2:  proscuitto, giardiniere, olives, (basically and antipasta plate), with pistachio nuts


Snack:  chocolate chili


M3:  2 chicken thighs, frozen mixed veg (broccoli, cauliflower, snap peas, waterchestnut)

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A "short" day:  home this morning to sleep for the day.  I was called at 2pm to go back to work, so only got about 6 hours of sleep.  Worked from 3pm-7pm, then to the church for a meeting.  The meeting was canceled but it did give me a chance to get a little bit of my church work done.  To the grocery store, then time to get back home to feed the kids.  


DS is helping me out a lot - trips to the dump, etc.  He is getting ready to start at the local college tomorrow (commuter student) - I hope he is excited about his classes.  DD is home from her dad's today and stays with me until monday.  We are starting something new - a week with her dad and a week with me.  Unfortunately, when she is with me, if I work overnight, she will still go to her dads for that night.  It will be interesting to see how things work out.  I will miss having her around :)


M1:  (at work) scrambled eggs, proscuitto, salsa, guac, carrot sticks


M2:  bratwurst (oh how I missed these!), honey mustard glazed carrots

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A good day today - if a bit lazy.


I was on call at work from 3am-7am.  Fortunately, I was not called in.  Unfortunately, I woke at 330 and couldn't get back to sleep.  


I was up at 730 to make breakfast for DS before he headed off to his first day of college.  Some minor glitches with his schedule (one class, the teacher said "if you arent taking my _______ class, you wont be able to keep up in this one") meant switching a couple of classes around, so an extra day of travel each week.  It will also give him a four hour window on campus with "nothing" to day.  He assures me that he will be doing homework during that time :)  Anyway, since I was making breakfast for him, I also made some for me!  Then I went back to bed and dozed for a couple hours until DD woke me.


Headed off to DD's school to get her a parking permit.  She just got her full license a few days ago and is very excited!  She has also been texting her friends non-stop since getting her school schedule - they all have to check to see who is in what classes with who, which teachers, etc.


Once we made it home, I sat myself in front of the TV to catch up on a few episodes of shows I had recorded.  I havent watched anything for quite a while so it was nice to just veg a little bit.  Watched Masterchef and they were cooking chicken "oysters".  They looked yummy.  I wonder if they sell them in stores anywhere local?


Made and packed up my dinner and headed off to the church to get a couple of hours of church work done before evening service.  After service, Praise team practice.  Then headed off to home.  Totally forgot to go into work to get my PI project done today - made a quick call as I am too tired to head back out tonight - will have to remember to go straight there in the morning.


Since my walk the day before yesterday, my right leg has really been bothering me.  I don't think that the walk caused it, but don't quite know what else to attribute it to.  It is from a minor injury that I received in my groin area a couple years ago while hiking in Scotland.  It causes quite a bit of aching sometimes and I still have a numb area on my thigh from it.  I would really like to go walking tomorrow, so I hope it starts feeling better tonight.


M1:  potatoes and onions fried in avocado oil, 4 over easy guinea eggs, guacamole


M2:  baby spinach with slivered almonds, raisins, broccoli sprouts and tessamaes ranch dressing.  fermented carrot sticks and green beans (these both have been fermenting on my counter for about 3 weeks (maybe a day or so longer) and were quite tart), 2 kosher dill pickles, and one applegate chicken apple sausage


Snack:  smoked oysters in olive oil  - my last can and cant seem to find them again :( 


M3:  chicken thighs, chopped and cooked with onion, zucchini and tomatos in butter (I forget to make my ghee).  Then, because the veg let go of so much juice, I added a big spoonful of coconut manna which thickened it into a gravy.  Oh my goodness this was good.  However, I am just a touch on the bloated side (not feeling bad) - probably from the coconut - its happened before.

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Karen, I hope your leg is okay so you can continue your walks!  Also, I see you have cut back on the fruit.  I hope that is going well for you and your cravings have been back under control.  So glad you got back on track and are still posting.   :)

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Slept straight through until 730 am. I'm not sure when I was in bed - possibly around 1030 or 11.

Leg was feeling a bit better this morning. So, once awake, I headed into work to take care of my PI project. I think I am in the final stages! Woohoo! Then I was off for a hike with the pups. 7 miles today and found 5/8 geocaches!

Once home, showered then headed back out to the grocery store. Home again for lunch then a nap. This evening, I spent a couple hours cooking up a few new recipes to pack meals for work tomorrow and to leave some in the frig for the kids. I took nomnompaleo's oranges I rachis chicken recipe and used steak instead of chicken. I found a cut called Denver Steak - a "cheaper" steak but well marbled. I sliced it to make a "beef and brocolli" style. After the meat marinated, I pan sautéed it, then added broccoli and the sauce. Just a little bit spicy. This is one meal that I think will be repeated despite having to make a marinade AND a sauce ;). Also made nomnompaleo's spicy tuna cakes (with salmon since I can't seem to find tuna without soy) and nomnompaleo's honey mustard chicken thighs.

Going to head to bed early tonight - looking at a 16hr shift tomorrow, starting at 3am. What in the world did I volunteer for? It really didn't sound bad when I signed up!

M1: leftovers from meal 3 yesterday

M2: baby spinach, broccoli sprouts, slivered almonds, calimata olive slices, raisins, tessamaes ranch dressing, chicken apple sausage, fermented green beans

M3: 2 honey mustard chicken thighs, beets, frozen mixed veg (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots), guacamole

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Found it on amazon - just have to see if it's worth the shipping! The salmon that I can buy locally isn't too bad :)

If it helps you decide, I only pay $1.09-1.19 per can for the 5oz. Polar natural light tuna.


Trader Joe's has some tuna that is soy-free also.  I can't remember... do you get to shop at Trader Joe's?


Glad you are happy with your salmon... just wanted to throw out some ideas in case you really wanted tuna.  :)

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If it helps you decide, I only pay $1.09-1.19 per can for the 5oz. Polar natural light tuna.


Trader Joe's has some tuna that is soy-free also.  I can't remember... do you get to shop at Trader Joe's?


Glad you are happy with your salmon... just wanted to throw out some ideas in case you really wanted tuna.  :)

I have a tj's, but it's over an hour away. I will look next time I go!

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Well, my long day at work is becoming even longer. My relief called out and there is noone who is willing to come in at 7pm tonight, so I am stuck here until my new relief comes at 11pm. My 16 hour day has turned into a 20 hour day. I am rapidly going through my food, and some of the girls decided to go by a BBQ place for lunch so I ordered some ribs (dry smoked) to supplement what I had brought with me today. Oh my goodness they are sooooo good! Almost makes up for having to stay late :)

Snack (4am) - almonds, 2 brazil nuts, raisins (10-15), apple

M1 (7am) - beef and broccoli with orange siracha sauce, 1/2 sweet potato

M2 (noon) - 2 spicy salmon cakes, 2 boiled eggs, zoodles with tessamaes ranch dressing

Snack (3) - 4 ribs (4bones) - dry smoked - just as tender as could be!

M3 (planned for 8pm, if I last that long) - honey mustard chicken thigh with frozen mixed veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots), guacamole

The only good thing about this mess is that I don't have to work 7a-11a tomorrow morning - I do have to work 7p-11p however with a strong possibility that I will have to work all night - which I really dont want to since I have also picked up sunday night 11p-7a. (yes, if you read between the lines, the night shift worker called out for the whole weekend) :wacko:


Update - never got around to eating meal 3. Something in those ribs..... Within a few hours my tummy started rolling and I was decidedly not hungry. By the end of my shift (11pm), I was quite literally running to the br. (That hasn't happened in a very long time). Woke up this morning with cotton mouth. Yuck.

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Day 13/121


OK - so yes, I realize that yesterday was another 30 day round completed.  I was going to do weights and measurements but when I stepped on the scale, I immediately got a little bit disappointed with myself.  I had in my head that I was going to be under "that" number, and when I wasn't, well......


OK - so it was 230 in the morning when I weighed myself.  And I was going in to work a 16 hour shift (which turned into 20hrs).  When a half awake brain isn't processing....  Well, you all know how it is :)  Today, after some thought, and looking back at my weights and measurements, I realized that I had only gained about a pound.  Not so bad all things considered.  I know that I jumped off the wagon so to speak by drastically increasing my fruit intake (yes, I know its w30 compliant - but I was eating a lot).  Then had some stressors and an unexpected, completely off road road trip.  ( figured I had gained about 5 lbs that weekend alone).  So, to think that I "maintained" through all that is a success in itself!


Further reflection made me realize that any other time I have dieted and gone "offloading" like that meant the end of the diet and a rapid gain of all the weight I had lost.  This truly has become a lifestyle change for me and I am so glad!


So, I still didn't do measurements.  For today, I am happy just knowing that I.Feel.Good.  Here's to the next 30 days!


Last night, I was in bed about midnight.  I added to yesterdays post this morning about how I still wasn't feeling good.   In fact, the tummy sent me back to the BR again this afternoon.  Even with as bad as I felt last night, when I was driving past another BBQ stand, the smell of the ribs cooking made me want to stop and buy some more!  Crazy, isn't it?


Well, I slept until 600 when the dog wanted to go out.  I opened the bedroom door (she has a dog door to the yard) and headed back to bed.  About 15 minutes later, I realized I was hearing barking from the wrong side of the house.  She had dug under the fence (again) to go run in the woods (again).  So, up I got to go chasing her.  After 45 min tromping through the woods, I decided she could just stay there.  I went back to bed.  It was warm in the house when I got back out of the woods, so I turned off the AC and opened all the windows.  I couldn't believe I was doing this in August!  I was woken a few minutes later (which I soon realized was a couple hours later) by work.  I realized that if I didn't get up, I would never make it to the Farmer's Market before they closed.  Well, it took me an hour and a half to actually get out of the house (had to cook breakfast and clean out the fridge).  A quick trip to the dump, then to the bank to drop off some papers, and realized I had left my cell phone at home.  Since I was waiting on some calls back from a couple people, I backtracked to get my phone.  Sure enough, my egg lady had called.  Off to pick up my eggs and I was finally heading for the market.  I did pick up some fruit with my veggies - the peaches looked and smelled irresistible and I also picked up a melon that I had never heard of - and of which I have forgotten the name of.  But, I also got plenty of veggies too.  I want to make some more fermented green beans.  They are good!  The carrots that I had done a few weeks ago will get eaten, but they were not quite as good as the beans.....  Anyway, I made it home and threw some leftovers in the microwave for lunch as I was putting away my produce.  When I was getting it out, I dropped the whole bowl.  I yelled (yes, said something I shouldn't have), cried a little, rescued the stuff that landed on the counter and cleaned up and threw out what hit the floor.  The only good thing that came out of all that was the realization that I really don't need such big portions because what I had left filled me up nicely.   After eating, I headed to bed for a nap.


A very much needed nap put me in a much better mood - just ask my kids.  I had been wakened by the rain with mild disappointment because I had planned to grill.  However, by the time I made the carrot salad, the rain had just about stopped so I was able to grill anyway! I cleaned up the kitchen and contemplated jarring the beans to ferment, but decided that I would go to bed early instead.  


M1:  2 spicy salmon cakes, 2 SB eggs, frozen veg (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots), ketchup on the salmon cakes


M2:  small portion of left over orange siracha beef and broccoli


M3:  bratwurst, fermented green beans, carrot salad,  peach sliced wrapped in proscuitto and grilled on a bed of spinach and tomato slices.  balsamic vinegar on tomato and peaches.  (see picture)


Dessert:  for a treat, at the farmers market, I picked up Kol Eshkor.  I shared with the kids :)  I also scooped out the filling from the phyllo dough and threw that away.  I had that filling with the last half of peach that didn't get grilled.


Good night all!

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14/122 (yesterday)

Started out as a great day, not so good in the middle, then became good again :)

Woke after 8 hours of sleep feeling good. Stopped by work on my way to church for my PI project. Church was going well but DS wasn't here on time. I thought he had just overslept, but when he came in, he told me he had been involved in an accident. Fortunately no one was hurt. He called the insurance company and we realized later that they had filed the claim under the wrong policy. It took a while and a couple of phone calls to get that sorted out. We finally got that taken care of. Late in the evening, DD and I were off to finish school supply shopping. That was fun!

M1: 3 eggs, beet, carrot salad

M2: honey mustard chicken, frozen veg mix, guacamole

M3: almonds, dates, bratwurst

Snack: general tsoes chicken (bites off my kids plates



Woke this morning and went to get out of bed and could barely move - lower back out. I have done this before and it always takes days to feel better. Problem is that I have to work tonight. Somehow, I was able to make breakfast for DS as he headed to school. The, ice on my back. Was then able to make my own breakfast and put heat on my back. In the meantime, the dog burrowed under the fence again and I am in no shape to run after her or fill in the hole. DD goes back to her dad's today for the next week so it will be kind of quiet around here.

M1: 3 eggs, potatos, bratwurst, beet


A quick trip to the chiropractor (well, nothing quick about it honestly) - if I wasn't hurting so bad, it would have been comical watching me get in the car :). I called out from my on call shift, so don't have to go in until 7 pm. The chiropractor wants me back this afternoon. Praying that I can make it into work - I'm not worried about pain, I just need to be functional. If anyone out there prays - I could surely use it!

Snack: almond butter, raisins, apple

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Missed a day....


Worked monday night.  Not sure how I was able to make it, except for the prayers of friends.  Pack my meals to have at work and only ate one (baked chicken thighs, frozen veg mix).  Pain was making me queasy so didn't eat anymore.  


Once home, I was so tired that I was able to sleep a few hours.  Back pain kept me from sleeping well.  Tried to get out of bed and literally hit the floor.  It took me about 30 min to be able to make it up and to a chair.  Was finally able to get up and showered and dressed.  DS almost had to help me get dressed.  Bless his heart - even at 18 he was willing to if needed.  He did drive me to the chiropractor.  I wasn't sure that I would be able to move my legs fast enough to drive safely.  I cried in the shower, I cried in the chiropractors office, I cried in the car on the way home.


I was able to eat one of the meals that I had packed for work the night before * as soon as I got up in the afternoon and was at a loss for dinner.  DS stopped for me a couple of times on the way home to pick up a few groceries.  He also stopped at chick-fil-a for dinner.  I admit, I was weak and went for what used to be comfort food (and the easiest since there was no prep) and had CFA.  


            * 2 salmon cakes, 2 sb eggs, tomatos, almonds and dates


Was able to sleep a little better last night and was up this morning to head back to the drs office.  I am moving slightly better - at least once I get going.  I am still in alot of pain but not the "fall to your knees and cry" type of pain.  The dr was pleased with the improvement :)  Told me I would continue to feel better and not over do things later today.  Well, I got home and found the dogs out.  That silly beagle had dug under the fence again.  So, since I am the only one home today, I was out in the yard moving large rocks and shoveling dirt to fill in the hole (does anyone think this is "overdoing"?)   I had skipped breakfast (tummy queasy from back pain) but was ready for lunch after this.  DS had picked up a rotisserie chicken yesterday, so I pulled off some meat, added my last roasted beet and a can of green beans.

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