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Day 13


Ketonix 49 yellow


FBS 90

M1:  mushroom and cheese omelet, bacon, sour cream


BS: 90

M2:  west african chicken stew, coconut cream


BS:  87

M3:  brat, sour cream, macadamia nuts


Ketonix:  65 red


Not sure why the numbers went back up......  but its a good thing :)


Had a couple people tell me today that I am looking good - one person called me the "incredible shrinking woman".  Feels good :)  And, I had to wear a smaller scrub top today (all out of scrubs in my size at work) - and it fit :)  Yeah me :)   (and yes, thats a lot of smiley face - to match the one I have on my real face right now ;)

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Day 14


Ketonix:  42 yellow


FBS:  87

M1:  spinach and mushrooms cooked in bacon fat and ghee, bacon, brat


BS:  85

M2:  Five guys:  bacon cheeseburger in a bowl (no bun), mayo (yes, I know it has soy), grilled mushrooms and letttuce


Been a busy day.  Took the boy to school.  Physical Therapy evaluation for my shoulder - I have some "impinged" rotator cuff muscles with probable small tears in the muscles and ligaments.  Will be doing PT 3x a week with daily exercises (when?  :blink: ).  Then went to work for 3 hours.  Picked up the boy from school and took him home.  Back into town for an eye appointment.  (How in the world do 2 pairs of glasses cost 400$ AFTER insurance?)  Ran by the bowling alley to order a ball for the boy for Christmas, then to the grocery store to pick up a few things for tomorrow.  On to church.  


I haven't gotten home yet - but will update this post with my evening ketonix reading when I do :)

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I've had that cheese dip the past 2 nights, in pretty generous quantity -- and my numbers aren't looking fantastic.  Damn you, cheese!   :lol:


I am now re-reading the Dairy chapter in ISWF.   :rolleyes:


The past 2 nights, we've had BIG salads -- and of course I bought cheese and ranch dressing for on them.   :rolleyes:


My oldest son -- who has always been sensitive to dairy and had it removed for YEARS -- had a headache last night, his ears turn red, and he got nasty with me like he hasn't really done before!  Now, I realize he is a teenager -- but this is unacceptable.  


Why do I keep buying this crap?!  ...Well, I guess because these experiences solidify what I already know.  I already know it!   I think sometimes we just forget how bad it can be.

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After having dairy for the last 15 days with no discernible side effects, I think I can safely say that I don't seem to have any problems with it.  I will keep dairy in mind if I start having any stuffiness, etc.  I know that when I have ice cream in the past it has really upset my stomach (run to the bathroom kind).  I wonder if it has more to do with the sugar than the dairy.....

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Day 15


Ketonix:  57 red


FBS:  89

M1:  brat, spinach and mushrooms cooked in ghee


BS: 81!

M2:  2 hamburger patties, 2 slices of cheese, bacon, cream cheese, lettuce


BS:  82!

M3:  salad with lettuce, cucumber, olive, cheese, blue cheese dressing (found some with no soy and only 1gm carbs), salami and cream cheese


Ketonix:  54 yellow


I am very pleased with my numbers today.  However, I do need to get a few more veggies in.  I will work on that over the next few days. Have worked every day for the last week and haven't been cooking for the last couple days - but relying on the cafeteria at work.  For some reason, they can't seem to have plain veggies :)

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Day 16


Ketonix:  61 red


FBS:  86

M1:  brat, bacon, green beans cooked in bacon fat


BS:  86

M2:  large romaine salad with cucumber, pepper, bean sprouts, radish, blue cheese dressing.  hamburger patty, bacon, cheese


Ketonix:  54 yellow


Meeting this morning, then to PT for my shoulder.  I have been faithfully doing my exercises they sent me home with.  Today they focused more on some stretching and ROM, followed by massage, TENS and ice.  Then I went to the Ortho.  X-rays show no problems with the bones (I told them that).  Dr confirmed that I have tears in the rotator muscles with some ligament/tendonitis (inflammation).  After some discussion, we decided to do a cortisone injection and continue the PT for a month.  (I wonder how the cortisone will affect my BS and ketones?) and if there is not improvement, to get the MRI then.  


Called off work tonight :)  Spent a lazy afternoon watching a few tv show and now am heading to bed early.  Plan for tomorrow:  HIKE!!!!!! then dinner with my dad.

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Day 17


Ketonix:  60 red


FBS 113 (WHAT?)

M1:  2 eggs + 2 egg yolks, bacon, mushrooms and green beans


BS: 93

M2:  (Ruby Tuesdays) hamburger patty with cheese and bacon, sour cream.  salad bar (mixed lettuce), cucumber, broccoli, egg, ham, cheese and blue cheese dressing (mine)


Ketonix:  69 (WOOHOO!) red


Went hiking today.  Although I took some food with me, I decided that I wanted to see if I really was a "fat burner", or if I would "need" to fuel my body during my walk.  I did 11+ miles.  I was never shaky, never hungry, never flagging in energy the entire time (took about 4.5 hour).  And I felt good the entire time (ok - so the legs were feeling a little bit tired by the end of the hike, but I figure it was from not hiking for the past two weeks  :rolleyes: )  I love keto!


When I got home to shower, my tummy woke up and yelled "FEED ME" - but it had to wait.  I was going out to dinner with my father in a couple hours and was not going to have two meals in two hours.  So, I waited....  and other than a couple of grumbles from my tummy, I continued to feel good - not Hangry, not shaky, not tired....  I enjoyed my dinner out (although I got a slight strange look when I ordered the burger with "no bun, no sauces, cooked on a clean grill or in a pan (no soy from the spray) in butter - served with no bun - and skip the french fries......  oh - and put two serving of sour cream on the side thank you very much).  


Gotta love knowing what I want and being assertive  :P

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Day 18


Ketonix:  70 red


FBS: 96

M1:  celery, cream cheese, brat


BS:  (oops)

M2:  chicken (2 leg quarters - at one, and was still hungry so ate the other), green beans, blue cheese


Ketonix:  51 yellow



Church day.  Woke up early.  For the last 18 days, I don't think I have slept more than 6 1/2 hours at a time.  I wake up before the alarm.  Not even a gradual wake up - you know the way you just drift out of sleep and wonder what time it is.  No, this is more like sound asleep one second, wide awake the next.  Can't quite figure it out.  Doesn't matter when I go to bed or how tired I am when I do.  After 6.5 hours, Bam, Im awake.  Anyway, spent some time going over some articles and research for work projects.  Finally got up and went to church.  After church, I started reading more articles and got antsy, so the dog and I went for a walk.  A bit chilly out today but not bad.  Unfortunately, she got into a deep mud puddle so required a bath when we got home.  That led to a full on two hour groom.  By then, I didn't want to do anymore Work, so I started going through some of the vacation pictures.  Mom and dads cameras were set to the wrong date/time, so I had to pick through there pictures to fix that so iPhoto would put them all in the right order.  A couple hours later, and I still have more to do - but tomorrow is a work day, so I am now off to bed.


Have been fighting a desire to binge on ice cream today.  Fortunately I don't keep anything in the house that I shouldn't eat.  I went through the fridge and pantry a couple of times.  Each time I caught myself doing that, I firmly walked away.  I wasn't hungry.  But to be completely honest, if DS didn't have the car (he was at work), I might have been tempted to drive to the store......  I know that it wasn't really a craving, per se, but more of a manifestation of a mood.  

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Karen, are you feeling well rested after 6.5 hours -- or are you feeling tired & irritable during the day?

Re: ice cream. I crave dumb carbs when I am short on sleep, for sure. I've been much better lately about recognizing it for what it is, and feeding it protein & FAT instead!

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Thanks guys :). It felt really good to hike - have been missing it.

As far as the sleeping- I start getting "sleepy" about 6-630 in the evening. Not the kind where you would fall asleep on the couch while watching tv sleepy, but just that feeling of wanting to head for bed. I kept blaming it on the time change or the fact that it is dark by 5pm.... I really got used to going to bed when it got dark and up with the sun in the am when I was on vacation. Things is, when I stay up until 8 or so, I tend to get a second wind. But that doesn't really matter because whenever I fall asleep - 9pm or midnight, I will sleep about 6.5 hours and then wake up. I see to be able to go back to sleep - not any more. I am AWAKE :)

Ice cream was truly all about the mood. No doubt. I have always been an emotion eater. No cravings, no nothing. Not even hungry. Just wanted it. Glad I didn't.

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Day 19


Ketonix:  53 yellow


FBS: 105

M1:  mushroom and cheese omelet, bacon, sour cream


BS:  86

M2:  west african chicken stew, coconut cream


Ketonix:  76 red


Worked all day, then went to the gym when I got home.  DD came with - we had a great time just chatting as we worked out on side by side treadmills...  at least until she started running :)

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Day 20


Ketonix:  64 red



M1:  salad (lettuce/spinach, radish, cucumber, bean sprouts, chicken breast with skin) blue cheese dressing


BS:  79

M2:  left over salad from this am (couldn't finish it all earlier), brat and cream cheese


Ketonix:  59 red


Was called at 430 in the morning to be told I wasn't needed at work today.  The downside, I never got back to sleep.  The upside:  I was able to move my therapy appointment to this morning and my afternoon meeting moved a little bit earlier.  This meant that I made it to church on time this evening.  In the meantime, I was able to get some emails taken care of, and spent a few hours on the church books.  Overall, a productive day, even if my fitbit didn't get the steps I wanted today :).  Overall, I was just tired this afternoon.   Not sleepy, just tired.  


I have just gotten back from church.  I am hungry (not ravenous) so feel that I should eat something, but am too tired to cook something.  I have also been trying not to eat right before going to bed.  I am in a dilemma.....  what to do, what to do.....  


I think I am just going to snuggle under the heated blanket and go to sleep  ^_^

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Day 21


Ketonix: 55 red


FBS:  103

M1:  mushroom and cheese omelet with sour cream, bacon


BS:  88

M2:  salad (lettuce, mixed greens, cucumber, mushrooms, cheese, blue cheese dressing), west african chicken stew, coconut cream


Ketonix:  67 red


Work today - a very nice day - not too busy but didn't drag.  

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!   Take just a moment of your day today to be thankful for everything that you have:  family, friends, a roof over your head, food on your table (compliant or not  ;) ), a job, a day to relax, a moment to breath, etc.  No matter where you are in life, no matter what you may be going through, there is something to be thankful for - even if you just have to be thankful for tears to cry.  


Take another moment to be happy.  Stop stressing about how everything is going to get cooked on time (people will still eat if its late), or if everything is done to perfection (the running joke in our house was about the "cajan blackened rolls" each year).  Enjoy the people you are feeding. Enjoy the company you are in.


Take a moment to just look around at the people you love and understand that they truly love you back. 


Take a moment to think about all those who are not with their families this year - especially the men and women who are serving to protect our country and give us the freedom to celebrate this day.


Take a moment to think about all those who do not have family nearby.  Take a moment to think about the elderly who will be alone today.  Think about all those who are working today.  And feel blessed.

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