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Day 46


No measurements today :)


M1:  egg muffin, guac, bacon

M2:  prime rib, steamed broccoli, salad with dressing (no croutons), one roll with butter


Okay, so I know that the roll is not low carb.  However, today was Christmas with my kids.  We went out to eat and I wanted a roll :).  And yes, this follows me having a drink a couple of nights ago.  But you know what?  It is OK.


My day was really, really good.  Church this morning.  Met DD at the resturant and had a late lunch together (DS was already with me).  We went back to the house for them to open their Christmas presents.  We then sat around while the kids played with their new "toys".  Then we went bowling this evening.  I finally broke 100, on the same game that DS struggled on - so in the end, I beat him by 7 pins :)  He had gotten a new ball for Christmas and said it was because he wasn't used to it yet  :rolleyes:


Now, I am heading off to bed - have to be up early in the morning for therapy :)

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Day 47


(I have no idea why I am counting days.....)


So, today has been kinda weird.  Had therapy this morning (shoulder, not brain - although I think I need that).  Ran by the grocery store for some chicke, brats,  and veggies and made it home at 904.  This timing is important because I had an appointment with the plumber - he was supposed to be at my house between 9 and 12.  Once home, I turned on the oven to preheat as I was cutting up veggies and getting spice mix together for the chicken.  The oven started smoking something fierce - set off the fire alarm (which DS slept through).  Looked in the oven only to discover that something had been spilled and was burned on the bottom.  Turn off preheat, turn on clean - and put the chicken in the fridge.  Brats and veggies took turn in the toaster oven.

Around 1050, I was just starting to wonder (and worry) if I had missed the plumber, but was reassuring myself that he still had another hour - and besides, I was only 4 min late getting home.  Then the phone rang.  The plumber was on an emergency and would be here between 12 and 2.  When I explained that I had a 2pm appointment, they changed it to "first call" in the morning, and as he was hanging up, said he'd be here between 9 and 11.  (How does a two hour window make me the first appointment of the day?)   Just as I hung up, DS ran in to see if he could go to work (unscheduled).  So, I left the oven (still in the clean cycle) and ran him to work.  Came back home to find the house still standing (worried that it was going to burn down) and the clean cycle still going.  Got a little paper work done.  Oven finally finished just in time for me to run by the church to grab the deposit I had left in my desk, run by the McDs to pick up DS and head to the bank to finish the paperwork for his loan.  Had to run by the post office, where the line was out the door, skipped that to go by UPS office, where I paid an extra 5$ to have a package sent to a friend.  (Worth the extra 5$ not to stand in line).  DS dropped me off at home and he went back into work.

Now that I was home (stranded) for a bit, I decided to cook the chicken that I hadn't cooked earlier.  Turned on the oven to preheat, prepared the chicken.  Went to the bathroom (TMI, I know).  Back to the kitchen to put the chicken in the oven and set the timer.  Back to my room to check the forum.  I was just sitting here begining to wonder why the timer hadn't gone off.  Back into the kitchen only to realize that the chicken was still on the counter.  I KNOW that I went to the kitchen to put it in the oven.....  I wonder what I did instead  :huh:

The chicken is now cooking - a recipe that JessRN posted on Brewer5s log - from everclevermom.com.  It is really smelling good!  When I flip it over, I am going to baste it with melted ghee and add some more seasoning.  I am getting hungry waiting for it :)


And I wonder what else is going to get "mixed up" today  :P

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Day 48


Ketonix:  49 yellow


BS:  86

M1:  chicken thigh, salad with dressing


M2:  2 eggs+3 egg yolks, bacon, mushroom diavolo with spinach


M3:  brat, cheddar cheese


Ketonix:  54 yellow


Good day food wise....  

Bad news otherwise.  The plumber came out to check my pipes after the unplugging last week.  The pipe is almost completely blocked again.  Apparently, there is not enough downgrade on the pipe so everything just sits in it instead of flushing down to the septic tank.  Also, the bit of cast iron pipe that goes through the basement wall is corroded and has also has buildup on it so it needs to be replaced.  They are coming back tomorrow to bust out the basement wall, replace the pipe, fix the grade of the pipe to the septic tank...  for a very expensive price tag.  I just can't win.

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  • Whole30 Certified Coach

In the interest of full disclosure (and when avocados are almost $1.50 each).... I cheat.


It isn't cheating.  It is using your resources.


Bummer about the pipe - when they put in the new one will they be able to have it placed better?

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Bummer about the pipe - when they put in the new one will they be able to have it placed better?

Hopefully - that was the plan anyway.  The plumbers were out today cutting a hole in the basement wall and removing the old piece of pipe.  They said that the pipe had been replaced up to a couple of feet from the wall.  The cast iron was quite corroded inside.  Unfortunately, I had to leave for a meeting before they were finished so I didn't get to ask about the grade of the existing pipe.  But, their work is under warranty - and they have been in business since the 80s.  I pray that this is the end of all my problems.  

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Day 49


Ketonix:  63 red (yeah!)



M1:  chicken thigh, green beans, guac


BS:  79

M2:  Chipotle: carnitas, lettuce, onions and peppers, sour cream, cheese, guac


Ketonix:  43 yellow (boo)


Was finally motivated (in the mood) to work on some of my various projects for work.  Today was a powerpoint presentation for an educational project.  Still have to write up the proposal and submit it for CEUs.  Had a meeting at work for an hour, then headed for the church.  Had to get caught up on some work there and we had a really nice Christmas Eve Eve Service.  


Back to work tomorrow.


So, I can't decide if I have gained some weight (haven't been on the scale since day 30), or if I am just bloated.  I wonder if it is the antibiotics.  They are supposed to be once a day, but have been having trouble with esophagitis with some difficulty swallowing and heartburn and nausea.  This had gotten slightly better since I split the dose and have been taking them twice a day instead.  I did get a second opinion on the antibiotics and was told that if I really wanted to get rid of the facial rash, this was the best course of treatment.  This doctor did admit that some people see improvement with dietary changes, but when I had explained all the changes I had made in the last year (or two), he said that there isn't much else to do dietary wise - except maybe cut out the dairy again.  However, since there has been no change since I reintroduce dairy, it probably wouldn't do anything.  So, I am left with weighing my options:  continue the antibiotics so I can have a face I don't mind looking at in the mirror but deal with the stomach issues.  Or - stop the antibiotics, knowing that I will never get rid of the rash and redness, but have less stomach issues......  I just don't know what to do right now.

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  • Whole30 Certified Coach

Are you taking a good probiotic?  That might help reintroduce some good flora.  I'm on a sauerkraut/kombucha kick these days but if I had to stop either one I'd probably get one of the probiotics from MDA.

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Karen, I was wondering the same thing -- if you are taking a high-quality probiotic.  I really do feel that this is essential when taking antibiotics.  Dr. Perlmutter wants us all to take a probiotic -- period.  In your case, I think it would be a HUGE help.


I've seen Tom Denham talk about a couple of different brands here lately.  I personally have always taken the ones by Nature's Sunshine (edited to say -- when I take them, which is not often lately).   I can send you a message with Dr. Perlmutter's specific recommendations from Brain Maker.


^ I got it tonight for Christmas -- woo hoo!   :)

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Wow, I can't believe that it has been almost a week since I have been here.  I have popped in once in a while and kept up with Brewer5s thread.  However, life has gotten busy and I haven't had time to sit and type for a bit.  


I worked over Christmas.  I was able to get quite a lot done with some of my work projects.  I was glad for that.  Had some ups and downs at work - Christmas day was the busiest, but overall not too bad.  


DS finally had his court date after Christmas.  Has was very fortunate and the judge reduced charges and he walked out with 50$ in fines plus court costs.  We were all thrilled and I think I was more relieved that I wanted to admit.  As soon as we got home from there, we packed up and headed to Florida to visit with my parents.


The trip was uneventful, but 14 hours in the car gives you plenty of time to think (especially when both teenagers and both dogs are sleeping most of the way).  I suppose because it is the end of the year (thus the beginning of the new one), I was thinking about New Years Resolutions.  Many years ago, I stopped making New Years Resolutions because I never kept them.  It became a way to measure failures rather than successes.  During that time, I stumble upon a site called www.Myoneword.org .  Instead of a resolution, picking a word to guide you for the rest of the year is based not so much on the person you are tired of being, but rather a guide to becoming the person God sees in us.  I did this for a couple of years.  For the life of me, as I am writing this, I cannot remember what words I chose.  I do remember that I got much greater satisfaction from my words, rather than a list of "exercise more, lose weight, etc".  


So, as the New Year was approaching, I was contemplating.  Lately, I have been given a bit of a hard time at work for the accomplishment that I have made.  Kind of took the wind out of my sails.  I had a wonderful lady (one of my mentors at work) tell me that often people who are "jealous" of others peoples accomplishments will react in such a way - and to not take it personally.  I also was thinking about the 2015 in 2015 challenge where I fell 100 miles (or so) short. I did not meet my weight loss goal that I set for myself this year.  I suppose that I could go on and on with the things that I have "failed" this year.  


However, during all this contemplation I started to think about the things that I have accomplished:

  • Accepted on the Professional Nursing Practice Board at my hospital - nominated for and voted in as Co-chair.
  • Earned 2 separate National Certifications in my field.
  • Obtained ACLS certification
  • Started classes for Lactation Consultant
  • Walked/hiked/ran 1900 miles this year.
  • Hiked for 2 weeks in Sedona - including a hike into and out of an offshoot of the Grand Canyon
  • Lost 50 pounds overall (my lowest put me at 60 pounds down) and have maintained that during the year
  • Eaten healthier overall for the year (better than any other year) and continued with eating well instead of giving up

I am sure that there are more things, but this is enough for now.


So:  for the upcoming year, I thought about more challenges.  Brewer5 and I have decided to aim for 2016 in 2016 this year.  I would like to give myself some hiking challenges.  Perhaps doing some back country hiking, or an overnight hike (camping).  I also want to do more outdoor stuff than just hiking (i.e. river kayaking).  I think I would like to learn something new - I just don't know what that is yet  :P .  As far as my health:  my goals are to reach my weight loss goal (40 more pounds to go, minimum), and to continue to eat whole, healthy foods.  


So, I have a lot to look forward to - all things that make me a better person - not focusing on changing who I am, but growing.  2016 is going to be a good year!

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As I am still in Florida, I am still not doing measurements, but will start again when I get home.  I have been about 90% keto (if there is such thing - I guess keto is all or nothing) since being here.  All my meals have been on point - but then there is dessert :)  My mom made Christmas cookies and cheesecake  :blink: .  I have been enjoying them without overeating.  We have not had afternoon ice creams or fast food.  I do not feel guilty.  This is part of life - enjoy something once in a while, then get back on track.  The greatest thing is that it doesn't seem to have awakened the sugar dragon - I can pass up the cookies and sweets all day long, walking past them on the counter all day long.  I choose to have them in the evening.


I have been much more active this week than I have been for quite a bit.  For some reason my fitbit isn't synching (have no idea why), but each day starts with a couple mile walk with the dogs.  It is really, really nice to be able to just walk out the door and get some exercise without having to drive anywhere.  The days were filled with kayaking (my shoulder is really feeling it today!), then I finish the day with a one mile walk with the dogs before bed.  Today is a lazier day - no kayaking or beach today.  But, I headed out to a park this morning for something different.  Mom and Dad both (at separate times) assured me the park was only .5 miles away.  Ends up, the park is 1.5 miles away, and then the path is just under a mile.  Total this morning:  3.89 miles.  Blisters:  4 (2 on each foot - my walking sandals were still wet from kayaking yesterday).  This afternoon we are planning to go bowling together (DS wants to beat us all and gloat about it!).  I don't usually get a lot of steps in with bowling, but I think I am well on my way to my 5.5 miles for the day!



M1:  eggs with bacon or ham (this morning was leftover steak), and some combo of mushrooms/onions/spinach.  

M2:  sometimes nothing, yesterday was brats on the grill at Picnic Island

M3:  steak and salad day one, yesterday was New Years Eve snacks:  salami, cheese, deviled eggs, shrimp, veggies, guac, sour cream spinach dip....  and of course, Christmas cookies.  Tonight is going to be prime rib, asparagus, carrots and cheesecake.  


Tomorrow, we will be heading home.  I doubt I will get many steps in, but am not worrying about it too much (it's early yet), with at least 14 hours in the car.  I hope that with having to get two vehicles back, it doesn't take much longer than that. :)


Happy New Year everyone!

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Karen -- have a safe trip home!   :)  Did your parents give your son a car?!  ...If so... what a relief for YOU.

Mom and Dad had bought a new car and they have SOLD their old car to DS.  He is now a car owner - and I don't think he actually realizes all that entails :)  Just wait until he has to get the oil changed on his own!

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What's the deal with your fitbit?  I need you to get that figured out for me, please.    :lol:

After trying to sync last night and this morning, I am giving up.  I will try again when I get home.  If it doesn't work then, I will call fitbit and try to figure it out.  I am going to try to remember to write down my steps when I go to bed tonight and enter them manually if I can't get it to work....  

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Hi Karen,

I'm Sara. Nice to meet you. :) My husband and I are joining you and Brewer5 on the 2016 miles in 2016. Yay!


I had trouble syncing my Fitbit once recently. I can't even remember what the fix was, but if you google it, there is a trouble shooting section that is specific to what type device you are using.


I like your list of things you DID accomplish in 2015. For me it is very easy to be hard on myself and notice all the ways I don't measure up. Maybe you are similar? Anyway - from your list, it looks like you did some important things worth celebrating in 2015. Congrats! I celebrate with you. 

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I had trouble syncing my Fitbit once recently. I can't even remember what the fix was, but if you google it, there is a trouble shooting section that is specific to what type device you are using.

DS fixed the syncing problem by turning the Fitbit off and back on again :). Good to have a techy in the house! So glad you are joining us on this challenge.

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Jan 3


Our trip home yesterday took a very, very long time.  14 hours to Florida turned into 17+ hours returning.  I started the day well, but as I got tired, old habits kicked in and I was eating junk to stay awake in the car.   :wacko:


Anyway, today is a new day - and has been a bit of a tiring one.  Church this morning.  Then I went for a walk to get my steps in for the day.  After that, I headed to the gym to shower and change, then for the grocery store.  I parked at the far end of the lots both times.  In the grocery store, I walked up and down every aisle (and marveled at all the stuff I used to eat).  Once home, instead of getting all the bags in one trip, I only carried two bags at a time to get more steps in.  I made dinner and now am in bed - time for an early night.


Brewer - I realized today that early on last year, I made it my goal to get in 6.5 miles each day.  That way, I could have one day a week where I didn't have to worry about getting miles in.  Just in case things got busy, or I felt sick, or I just wasn't up to a late walk after working all day....  Just a thought :)


Meals today:

M1:  chicken thigh, guac, pecans and cashews

M2:  hamburger patty, onions and mushrooms with mayo and cheese curds.  Salad (lettuce, cuke, tomato and blue cheese dressing).




I was cruising the internet for some new recipes and came across "fat bombs" - what is everyone's opinion on them?

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