Whey Protein??? Can you Use this during the program?


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You might also want to look at whey protein isolate, free glutamic acid production, and how excitotoxins kill cells in your hypothalamus that suppress appetite.  Whey protein isolate is an analog to MSG, it always contains free glutamic acid.

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"So, I'm going back to the egg white protein question. What Tom said is all totally correct. We don't encourage shakes or smoothies, and we don't want you to drink your meals. And 99% of the egg protein on the market contains off-plan ingredients like sweeteners or soy lecithin, which means it's off-limits by default.

You could, however, use a 100% egg white protein powder on your Whole30. We don't encourage it, plus this stuff is hard to find, and it tastes like junk. But it would be technically approved. I've used it mixed with sweet potato and coconut milk while on the road. Again, it doesn't taste very good, but that's the price you pay for being lazy.  ;)

Hope this helps.
Melissa "

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