Green bananas


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I'm not sure where these fit in, but they were super yummy in my soup tonight! How many here have tried them? They're certainly more potato-like than banana-like, but have a different taste from green plantains (not as dry, IMO).

Buy them completely green and hard. Peel by cutting the skin lengthwise 3-4 times. I've also had them boiled, then mashed with coconut milk, salt, and pepper. (pre-W30, no less)

Tonight they went into a soup made of chicken stock, (compliant) sausage, sweet potato, peppers, and carrots. The only seasoning I added (aside from the salt used for making the stock) was a half of a nutmeg, freshly ground. It was super rich so I thought I should share. Sorry I can't share the actual soup.

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I ate a spicy soup with green banana in it recently. which a friend had made - it was really good.


Hands up if you eat a much wider variety of carbs on a Whole30 template than beforehand (pasta, rice, potatoes, rinse, repeat)? B)

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