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reintroduction and ongoing life questions


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I happened to have had my high school reunion this weekend, about a week after I technically finished my whole 30 (although I was still going strong until reunion). I made the best choices I could at reunion, but who knows what was in the gravy that was on the steak at the buffet? And then my husband accidentally put sour cream on my chipotle salad tonight and the line was so long I didn't have the heart to go back and have them re-make it, so I figured I'd do a little dairy reintroduction.

So my question is this: if you reintroduce a little bit of several food groups at once (likely wheat was in that gravy), does it totally mess up your ability to determine which foods make you feel bad? I felt fine today after the reunion meal, and so far, after the sour cream, all I feel is a little phlegm in my throat, but nothing painful or uncomfortable.

I'm trying to figure out if I should go ahead and try more dairy tomorrow to see how I feel, or go back to strict whole30 for a few days and then give it a clean start before doing single food group reintroductions.

For me, the Whole30 has stabilized my energy levels throughout the day, and that has been my most important reason for doing this. (The weight loss is nice, too!). How do I figure out if the improved energy is from

a) an overall healthier, healing system,

B) the absence of specific food groups and their related inflammation, or

c) just a general decrease in my overall carb and sugar intake?

For those of you who have done the Whole30 - did you find you can reintroduce some non-gluten grains and some dairy? Or do you have to go all or nothing? How have you proceeded after your Whole30 in terms of long-term eating strategy?

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You are right that reintroducing more than one food group at a time keeps you from being sure which might be causing problems. Phlegm from dairy is pretty common, but you might want to eat clean again for a few days before you test reintroducing one food at a time.

I think the improved energy is from an overall healthy system, but my experience may be different. I never reintroduced any non-Whole30 foods to my regular diet. I eat something off-plan occasionally without suffering, but we're talking about something every month or so, not a daily or weekly thing. I liked how I felt so much, I was not interested in going back to how I ate before.

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