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Starting on 1st September

Pedro Pinto

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I am beginning a Y Lose It challenge on Sept 1 and want to start out on the right foot with the Whole 30. I've tried the Whole 30 a couple times before and didn't get further than a week or two.It is HARD. I've read the book, and try to follow paleo, but I will need support to make it for 30 days. Thanks for starting this thread!

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Hello again team .... And greetings from the mid-Atlantic East Coast, U.S. Two weeks until Day One!

As I mentioned in first post I am in prep mode, and I am also a planner/list maker. In addition to tapering the no-no food categories, following is my checklist for the next two weeks. An X before the item means complete! I offer this in case it helps, and would love to hear what others are doing to prepare.

X Finish reading ISWF

Research this website, other forums (have done a lot, still reading)

X List my suggestions for my daily meals

Eat down fridge and pantry of soon to expire, non-compliant foods (I hate to waste)

X Determine compliance of some of my condiments, seasonings, supplements, etc.

Practice making olive oil mayo

Practice making clarified butter

Research the health food section of my grocery stores

Research what my tiny health food store has (live in small town, only one!)

X Research menus, and make list of restaurants with compliant choices (and give to husband!)

Find 8-10 fun recipes to try and print out

Make final shopping list and get started shopping

Have a couple of 100% compliant test days (when no guests are in the house, and staying in to eat)

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Was planing on an august 18th start but an unexpected friends wedding put a little side note to that so now it's a september 1st start =) I'm a member of the august facebook group (anybody interested in starting a facebook group?) I have hypothyroidism and my main goal is to be healthy and have more energy but a little weight loss would be nice =) 


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Hi everyone,

I've recently decided to start the Whole30! Starting 1st September as well.

I'm a bit apprehensive as I'm a single mother to a two year old and obviously don't have a lot of spare time to approach things the way I should.

If anyone has any advice on getting started with a toddler as well I'd love to hear from you!

I've also decided to start this as I have had problems with my skin (perioral dermatitis) and kidney, liver and gut problems.

I've been aware of the Paleo diet for some time and it was something I've been interested in.

Thank you ☺️

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I'm planning to start Sept 1st as well!! This will be my first and I'm extremely nervous. I first heard about this months and months ago, but have put it off due to serious triathlon training. Looking forward to making some connections and getting support/advice!

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Hello to all!

I have signed up today and will be starting on sept 1st, need time to shop and clean the kitchen . I love to run and get outside 3-4 times per week. Have a 10k race in late Oct and decided that this is a good goal to motive me to get on track with healthy eating.

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Hello! I plan on starting my first Whole30 on Sept. 1st as well. Thanks for creating this forum so we all know we are not alone in this!


I have been slowly working paleo into my diet and kitchen cabinets so that 9/1 won't be too much of a shock to my system (just my husband!)


I start classes on Sept. 3rd though, so that may create a challenge.. but this is a challenge and a change I welcome.


Good luck!


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Hello - I was planning to start Sept 2 but could really use group support so now I am rethinking my date. Do I really need to drink a beer on the beach Labor Day lol

My story in Jan 2002 I walked into Weight Watchers a confident person (had never dieted in the past) looking to look a little better in a swim suit. I had huge success with the program quickly lost 46 lbs and was asked to work for the company. I worked there for 6 years during the last two I started to gain all of my weight back. Needless to say I turn in my notice one day and left feeling horrible about myself. Since that day food has controlled my thoughts and I am so ready for a change and a challenge!

Looking forward to being a part of the group

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