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Starting on 1st September

Pedro Pinto

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Jenni75 - I thought about problems with Labor Day Picnic but figured my Day One "high" would carry me through... Also live at the beach, will bring my own veggies to go with the plain burger at my party. Lots of plain seltzer with lemon and no one will know what I'm drinking!

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Hello everyone, I'm a first time mum to be from Edinburgh, Scotland and have been given the green light by my midwife to do the plan in September.

My baby's due 31 October so I was hesitant to start anything new, but I've read that there are many benefits to pregnancy, and as I'm beginning to feel a little tired and sluggish figured why not?! Look forward to joining you over on Facebook!

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Hi everyone,

I've recently decided to start the Whole30! Starting 1st September as well.

I'm a bit apprehensive as I'm a single mother to a two year old and obviously don't have a lot of spare time to approach things the way I should.

If anyone has any advice on getting started with a toddler as well I'd love to hear from you!

I've also decided to start this as I have had problems with my skin (perioral dermatitis) and kidney, liver and gut problems.

I've been aware of the Paleo diet for some time and it was something I've been interested in.

Thank you ☺️

Hi Kimbamaii! 

My daughter is older but I'm also a single mother (only parent in or outside the home actually) and about to start my second whole30. 

Last time, before the whole30 started I went through every shelf, cabinet, box, bin, etc.  I read every single ingredient and put aside everything that was not whole30 compliant in two separate quarantine boxes.  One box was put away out of sight and reach while the other box was filled with things that were off limits to me but that my daughter might still want to have.  There were fruit cups, some sauces, rice and other grain foods, etc.  I also set aside one fridge shelf for the food items like condiments and holiday leftovers that would be for her only.  This made functioning and cooking during the whole30 very easy on me as I merely ignored the "quarantine" box and shelf of the fridge. 


As time went on, the quarantined items began to even be ignored by my daughter as she enjoyed all the things I was cooking and had available and didn't feel the need to add rice or sugared sauces, etc to her plate.  I did a lot of prepping of veggies and meats upon getting them home from the markets so cooking was pretty easy and fast later in the week.  I cooked large amounts when I had the time and used leftovers to either have a quick lazy lunch the next day or to remix into something slightly different at a later meal. I went vegetable shopping as often as possible but also kept my freezer stocked with frozen organic veggies so that I could always fill my plate in a pinch. 


My veggie-hating toddler niece absolutely loved the zucchini noodles I served her at lunch.  I just never told her they were zucchini and simply asked if she would like to try my noodles to go wtih her meatballs.  If you don't want to shell out for a veggie noodler/spiralizer, you can just get a julienne peeler to make some shorter noodles.


For the first time in my life, I actually make meal plans for the week so I could best strategize my time. I haunted pinterest and "liked" facebook pages for PaleoMom and NomNomPaleo plus a few others for tips and recipes.  More than recipes, I found great advice and ideas specifically about how to deal with all the cooking requirements on a busy schedule. 

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We are planning to start Whole30 on Sept 1... I'm doing it to try and resolve my 3 week "slump" of lethargy, brain fog and generally not feeling myself. I'm roping my boyfriend in as he wants to loose weight and he suffers from severe depression/anxiety/ lack of self confidence so hoping it will help with that too.


We've done IQS before which both made us feel great but after that we massively fell off the wagon! I do all the shopping, I already meal-plan (prepping will be new to me) and I am the main cook. I plan on us going paleo but I want us to start with the whole 30 first and hopefully it will be a lot easier to lead this lifestyle.


I'm in England and dead jealous of those around the world who can get their spaghetti squash and exotic fruits on a regular basis! 


Hi, my name is Hayley and I'm a Whole 30 newbie!!

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Hi all! I too am going to start on September 1st...that will be my 24th wedding anniversary! I have gained 60 pounds since i got married, and feel so lethargic & tired all of the time. I also have so much inflammation & no doctor has been able to find the cause. I am looking forward to a healthier me!

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Hi everyone, my name is Glenda!  I'm new to this program as well and I also plan on starting September 1st.  I'm really happy to have found a group that I can go through this with and to find support that is hard to find sometimes. Nice to meet everyone! 

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Hi Everyone! I am also going to start on the 1st of September. My husband has agreed to do it with me as well. Thank goodness as it would have been near impossible if he was still eating bread etc! 

I found the Whole 30 as I have a 5 month old who has a milk protein intollerance, so I have had to give up dairy and soy as I am breastfeeding. It made a huge difference for Riley, but I couldn't believe how good I felt, so I started to explore more about how diet impacts our health and found "It starts with food". Such a great book, and inspired me to give a Whole30 ago! (I also have a 3 year old, so i will be interesting to see how he reacts. I won't be putting him on the Whole30, but I think by default his diet will change, e.g. having the same dinners as us).

Meagsy I am also in Australia! So let's share if we come across any good Whole30 compliant ingredients. Since reading It starts with food, I have been looking around at a few things to see if they will be Whole30 compliant. I found that tinned Beetroot had sugar in it the other day! I couldn't believe it. Even when you think you are making healthy choices the manufacturers are sneaking added sugar in! Also, Meagsy the book has conversion tables at the back for lbs to metric conversions etc. 

Anyone else on here from Australia who has done a whole30 before and has some brand/product recommendations? Though I know most of what i'll be buying will be fresh whole foods.

Good luck all. Looking forward to sharing this journey towards better health with you all!

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Hi everyone!  I am starting on my second (consecutive) W30.  Anyone mind if I join this group?  Looking forward to sharing the enthusiasm and excitement with everyone.


Positives I've seen in the past 4 weeks:

  • Amazing skin!
  • Ankles not puffy
  • Achiness in my hands has subsided (still have some, but much less)
  • Headaches have subsided (still get them but many fewer)
  • I'm HAPPY - can't really explain it, becuase I was happy before, but now it's even better.
  • My clothes fit better.  I haven't been on the scale, and don't plan to get on one again unless I'm at the doctor's office, because I decided I didn't want this to be about weight.  


I will go have my bloodwork re-done in the next 45-60 days, and am looking forward to comparing with my bloodwork from last March to see where I've made improvements in cholesterol, sugar, etc.

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Hey everyone,


I'm starting on September 1st, another first timer.  I'm really looking forward to sharing and supporting with you guys.. and seeing what new positive health changes this program brings about. I've been eating much healthier in recent years and I feel like this will take it to the next level for me.  I'm lucky to participate in some awesome Community Supported Agriculture programs where I live... which means I get organic produce and pasture raised, 100% grass fed & finished meats.  Hardest part for me will likely be nixing dairy because I eat almost exclusively raw cheese, raw milk, and low temp vat pasteurized butter (all 100% grass fed/pasture raised animals) and I do think that is healthy, but I'm willing to take their word for it there and see what happens.



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Exciting, so many of us.  I'm starting up too.  My friend told me about this, she has an autoimmune disorder and she's I believe starting her 4th week.  I was vegetarian once for about 10 yrs.  Found a wonderful man, my soul mate, went back to eating meat and unfortunately he passed 6/1/2012 - he was a multiple organ transplant patient, and I still have a hard time with his loss.


 I used to LOVE cooking, Don was so thankful for every thing I did   My eating went downhill completely, ate out too much because it's hard to cook for one, had the grief and depression, not sleeping well, to a month ago my bp was 135/105 w/ pulse around 105 (when I just awoke from bed???)- not like I'm running a marathon here.  Back in 2007 I was 150 lbs.  Today I'm 210 (was 212 2 wks ago).  For 5'4" that's not good in the least bit.  I gained weight during my marriage too, we ate whatever he could stomach.  


Just packed up a bunch of things from the pantry to give to my neighbor.  As I was reading the book I was already getting a royal distaste for things I was doing-  coffee stinks at work so I'd hit McD for a caramel hot mocha w/ a bacon/egg & cheese biscuit.  I'd try oatmeal but was hungry shortly there after.  I knew the bacon/egg/cheese biscuit was at least staying with me longer.  


Took myself off of cheese last week and made a frittata for 4 days to use up some cheese a friend brought back for me from Amish country.  I had my last bad coffee yesterday and this week it's Early Grey mornings at work, still w/ a little sugar.  I just wanted to ease into it a little.  And I've been taking care of my 78 yr old father every couple days after work while my mom is out of town helping my sister w/ twins so she pre-made lots of food for him which I won't be eating as much of so I had to wait to start so I wasn't making visits any longer.


I know I have to do it for myself.  I'm still always one to give to others, so I'm doing what I need to do to take care of me now.  That's what Don would have wanted.  I know he wouldn't want to see me depressed, still working on that.  Me at Christmas.  UGH.  Feeling sluggish, tired too often and the brain fog I have is just excessive anymore.




Way I'd like to see myself again as I was in 2007.  Feeling healthy and robust.  Thanks for your support ahead of time.  Name's Annette.





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