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Starting on 1st September

Pedro Pinto

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So who else wants to "kill all the things"? I was definitely in that mode yesterday and it all made sense when I decided to check out the timeline today. Here's hoping for a better mood today! Also really happy to have off for the next two days so I can nap my way through the "oh so tired" phase that I know is coming. I remember it all too well from last year.

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Oh YES Nicole, I am worn out from restraining my killing urges!  It Started Day 3-4 and today seems ok so far.  I just tried to stay away from people so my extreme negativity didn't hit them.  Intense, generalized pissed-off-ed-ness.  And I still want to throw tantrums over my beloved cuppa tea which requires cream & sweetener to be PROPER.   :angry: 


On the BRIGHT side, my whole digestive system is working better than it has in YEARS.. no bloating, far less gas, no acid reflux, no constipation.  I am seeing food differently:  it no longer dominates my thoughts, no more inappropriate hunger, gave up my lifetime membership in the Clean Plate Club and never finish all of the food in a meal. :D

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Days 3-4 were super hard for me as I was battling a raging headache and fatigue. I don't remember the symptoms being this bad on my first Whole 30 go round. I feel more prepared with meal planning and choices this time but the detox has been worse. I'm nervous about going into the weekend as I can structure my eating better during the week when I'm in the office.

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Hi everyone,


Nowiswhen - your bright side is fantastic - yay for you!


Day 6 has coincided with my monthly cycle, and the Timeline prediction of Exhaustion is so spot on. Can't. Move. Off. Couch. The whole combination - and losing Shanti-cat - brought up a wave of anger/frustration for me as well this morning. So I got out into the garden and let nature move it on.

Fiorenzo made us go out for a walk, good for him. We found a tree with ripe figs so I picked a couple which we'll grill to have with our turkey tonight. 

Have put compliant comfort food - sweet potatoes - onto the boil.

Stay strong everyone!


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Good Afternoon All!


I was also a 1 September starter on my first W30.

Last week was OK-ish. I had a few headaches, and started feeling low energy levels on Friday - yesterday.

Hopefully they return soon. I am a regular cross-fitter and training to do a 7km obstacle run next month .... ( I am not a runner :( )


My husband luckily joined me this year ( I do some kind of detox every year) - it makes it a little easier.


My meals for today

Breakfast: Paleo Breakfast Muffins (Eggs and veggies)

Lunch: Chicken Salad

Dinner: Roast Chicken and vegetables


I use a Paleo food service as I only get home (after Crossfit) at 7pm and usually quite hungry by that time.


Good luck to everyone for week 2!


Cape Town, South Africa

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Hi everyone,

Welcome Mienke - how amazing that you have a Paleo food service to home deliver. Sounds great! I'm spending a good bit of time cooking, but that's ok, Im enjoying it. In the past I've always eaten dinner late - around 10pm, when I get home from class - and I'm feeling the benefits of switching to a 6pm dinner. Amazingly, I don't feel like I need to refurbish when I get home.

After several horrendous nights with the mosquitoes, we put a net over the bed. Last night I slept like a baby, and woke up before the alarm. :-)

Was feeling all smiley yesterday when we filled out our progress sheets, but today I'm feeling a bit low. Hips hurt. Lumbar spine feels like it could slip out at any time, and shoulder feels like it could flare up.

What do they say? Patience, patience...


Did anyone follow the link to the success story of Jessica Oram in yesterdays Daily? How amazing!

Best wishes everyone, enjoy your day,


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Hey everyone. Day 9 here. And besides a minor headache on day one I haven't really felt on par with the timeline... Until now. TMI warning; I'm glued to the toilet! My stomach is a mess right now. I have a croc pot curry ready for my lunch and the smell of it makes my stomach turn. Normally if I feel like this I eat toast! What to eat? (Once I can get off the toilet) :(.

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Good Morning Everyone,


I think most of you are using the facebook created but I still like using this forum.


I do alot of cooking on Saturday or Sunday for the upcoming week to help with the Whole30, this way I stay on track.

It also helps that my daughter is eating Paleo for this month.


I am back into the swing of things and the one thing that I have to remember is drink more water.

This time round I have been having a dull headache from time to time, I think it is because of my consumption of water but that is just a guess.


I started a cake decorating class, last night was my first class and we decorated cupcakes to take home. So everyone gets to taste what I make but me.

But that is ok....... this is something that I have always wanted to do but could not fit into my schedule and now after my first class, I wish I had taken it 20 years ago. Better late than never!


The good thing is that I was not even tempted, maybe when I make a cake I might be.


Well lets hope everyone is doing well...... TTYL :rolleyes:

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Hi All!!

I haven't checked in since I started.. Big Fail! But I'm moving right alone on Day 9 I'm slowing getting use to my tea without sweet in low. I thought I would be struggling more with my sweet tooth but I actually haven't that's been great. I've been feeling good until today I've had a upset stomach hopefully this passes quickly!

How's everyone doing?

<3 Melissa

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Good Morning Everyone


Day 10 on this side of the world :-)


I felt the energy loss again last night after my crossfit class - luckily i could just lie on the couch :-)


Meals for today:


Breakfast:    Paleo Muffins

Lunch:         Salmon and Avo salad 

Dinner:        Paleo Delivery Meal - Calamari + Pumpkin, Baby marrow and peppers.


Thanks for the welcome Angelina! Yes, the meal service is quite handy - I think I save quite a bit using them, but I do prepare most of my lunches and make the paleo muffins over the weekend.


Have a good day everyone!

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I was the Water Whiner.  As of yesterday, I both crave and drink big glasses of water.  AND I made a weak cuppa tea with coconut milk and no sweeteners and could actually drink it.  So glad my tastes are finally changing!!!!


Ready for some Blue Tongue?  


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Day 10 so far for me as well. the headaches finally stopped on Monday and I did get my energy back. Funny thing is I didn't workout the past two weeks and then I played my Sunday soccer game. Even without the workouts I had full energy for the game and was able to play like normal. Hmm, maybe this food = fuel really is the truth!


Meal planning is getting easier as well. I batch cooked some egg cups for breakfasts and lunches are always a salad with protein and avocado (with olive oil/balsamic vinegar dressing). Sticking to those breakfasts and lunches makes the program rather mindless. 


I got soooooo close to cheating last night with a potato chip and then I realized if I had one, I wouldn't stop until the whole bag was done. I feel like this program helps you establish healthy eating pattern and then you spend the next few weeks enforcing the new habits. I know I'm not ready to come off the program and need all 30 days. 


Meanwhile, I see the body shrinking (more like not bloated as much) so I love that! I just need to cut out my daily fix of dried fruit. I'm working on that.

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Hi everyone,


Oh man, I hope things have settled down for you guys with the tummy problems. I've been the opposite... not exactly blocked, but my body has been so used to its morning caffeine stimulus that it seems to be taking time to get into its own natural rhythm.

Hope the headaches are residing as well.


Fiorenzo is experimenting one-day-on one-day-off with his acid reflux pill - and seems to be going ok.

I'm still achy - by last night it was painful to put my shoes on or do any type of forward bend. But I slept really well, and tonight there is only a fraction of that pain and stiffness - so I'm hoping that my body is starting to recover at a faster rate. No congestion, good sign.


We're at the Bored with Eggs stage. It's 9pm and we've just cooked salmon, leek and sweet potaotes so we can have salmon patties for breakfast.


Made the most amazing pumpkin today by throwing sliced onions and cubed pumpkin into a frypan with some water, fennel seeds, a stub of cinnamon stick, a few cloves, a scraping of nutmeg and 4 chopped dates. It was so good. I've got a Facebook album going where I'm posting our day-by-day meals if anyone is interested: I'm Angelina Brazzale.


Nowiswhen, wow, such great news! Yay!!

Footy-Chic, yes that's how we're feeling... the changing habits, establishing new and healthy (and I thought we already were!)


Best wishes,


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Hi All,

Day 10 here as well!  Proud of myself that I started on Labor Day while my friends were having burgers/beer.  This is only my second time around with W30 but I completed a 21DSD earlier in the year and that put me in a similar 'cleansing' mindset.  I eat clean/primal for the most part but the summer got the best of me and I went really off track.  Glad I'm here now.


Fortunately, I don't suffer a lot of the early detox symptoms such as headaches, exhaustion, or cravings.  Last time I had a love affair with all things coconut so this time around I was mindful and limited myself.  I usually drink my coffee with just a splash of organic heavy cream but to my surprise taking it black (and with no coconut milk) is really enjoyable.  I'm adding a dash of homemade chai spice or cocoa powder and some ghee sometimes which is nice.  While I only have one cup in the morning I have been craving caffeine and treat myself to tea (caff/decaf) more and more.  I need to be careful because I see a pattern growing where I have to have one outlet - be it coconut or caffeine - something to go overboard on.  


Otherwise, I am feeling good - a lil tired in the afternoon so I might skip the gym and get to bed earlier some nights.  Had some trouble with constipation but been treating it with sweet potatoes, magnesium, and lots of lemon water.


One thing I've noticed while reading thru these threads is I need to step up my veggie game.  It's not because I don't enjoy them, I do.  I think it's the difficulty in planning and preparing.  I work in an office so I typically do the 'cook/prep all Sunday' routine.  This week I made a huge batch of Brussels sprouts to eat with my hard boiled eggs for breakfast.  At lunch I'm doing a large leafy green salad with seasoned chicken breast, tomatoes, EVOO, and avocado.  At night I'm doing a single veg (brocollini, carrots, cauli rice, spinach) alongside a grilled meat.  I know I need more variety so that's something I'm working on.  Aside from salads I prefer to cook my veggies so I guess I need to start buying/making more batches.  I tend to simplify meals so I don't stress and I honestly love simple things so why go crazy, right?  But if any of you have some suggestions for easy veggie dishes I'm all ears.


Thanks for reading.  Good luck to everyone out there.  Hope you're staying strong and happy.  

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I steamed a whole bunch of cauliflower, broc & sliced onion together until "medium rare", cooled them down and put in big container for quick reheats, sautes, etc during the week.  Thinking about prepping all veggies on the weekend and partly cooking the ones that won't be salad.  I do bake a bunch of sweet and white potatoes and keep in fridge for quick reheats and also cut up for skillet meals.  My favorite is a big meatloaf (use flax seed meal for "bread crumbs", coconut aminos, onion/galric/green pepper and small can of tomato sauce in the mix)...I do like it cold as well as hot.  It's so easy to grab & go.  Also steam a huge bag of Costco Normandy Veggies until really soft, with garlic/onion/herbs in the steaming, then use a stick blender to puree in the pot.  Add more seasonings/broth and there's a quick hot veggie soup/puree.  Always have a big bowl of salad in fridge ready for dressing and add-ins.  I MUST have food that is ready to eat or heat & eat in minutes or else I could get into major trouble.  I like to cook when I want to, not when I have to and definitely NOT every day/night.

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For getting plenty of veggies,my favorite thing to do, just takes a lot of chopping time.... Chop up whatever you have , my favorites: onions three colors of bell peppers, summer squash, zucchini,carrots, garlic, mushrooms, - could add others you like. Mix together with some seasoned EVOO. Roast in the oven for 30-40 minutes, stirring a time or two. Remember that they will cook down, so you can like them as high as the sides or careful stirring allows. They reheat great for a quick side to a leftover salmon cake, or burger, or chicken etc....I usually use my large glass lasagna pan, and have enough for 5-6 meals.

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Thanks!  I "roast" mine at too high a temp--your way will let me put them all in at the same time without constant vigilance.  

Ultimately I want to have prepped veggies raw, salads, partially steamed, ROASTED ;), sauteed & souped ready to roll Plus at least two proteins ready to heat or eat.


"Roseanne" on Home Economics:  "Cheaper than Fast Food & Faster than Cheap Food".  Brilliant goal to strive for!

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Thank you 'nowiswhen' and 'DelJan' for sharing your ideas!  I think the soup/puree would be perfect for me right now since it's cool here. I know drinking your food is not optimal but it could be one additional way to up my intake.  I definitely need to spend more time in the produce section and buy a larger variety of veggies to roast and steam this weekend.  I know with week three coming up I need to inspire myself with recipes before I get bored!  Love the quote from Roseanne - I knew exactly what episode you were referencing, lol.  Having ready-made veggies and protein in the frig is a huge help especially on weeknights.  


Looking forward to being done with day 11 already and it's not even noon!  Feeling irritable today and just want the day to be over.  Something about re-reading the timeline last night set a light bulb off in my head.  I want my reward, lol!  Anything 'off the plan' sounds good to me right now and I just wanna be left a.l.o.n.e.  I gotta look past food being the only kind of reward.  Maybe I need to go get a pedicure tonight or something tonight.  Or lock myself in my bedroom!  Grateful that I can come here to join others going thru it too.


Here's to another day!

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Hang in there Kate.  It will get better.  This must be the awkward adolescence of the Whole30: the hardest part is behind us but that doesn't mean it's easy by a long shot.  It's messing with our whole relationship with food.  It's not just breaking up with the scale..it's breaking up with food!  I KNOW I need to do this and someday we will look back and laugh but that day isn't here yet.  


After 11 days, the rest will fly by, right?

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I was cleaning out my email and ran across this that I had sent to some friends. Note the date was back in 2011 I had tried this plan for 2 months. The question that I have for my self is why did I only do it for 2 months (truth be told is I was prepping for a physical in Jan 2012 and didn't want Dr chewing me out) and drop out. I LOVED my new found energy.

Reason for sharing this is I was in it for the short term..fast forward 2 1/2 years later and now I know I am on this for the long term and it is a way of eating that we all must mentally embrace. I encourage everyone to look at these 30 days as the new beginning to a fantastic life.

PS. Just watched the documentary on Pay per view called Fed Up. A must see to keeping your resolve up for staying off sugar

Sent: Wednesday, December 7, 2011 10:09 AM

Subject: The Whole30™, Version 5.0 is the dietary plan that I am currently on

Chuck and Terri: Here is the plan that I have been doing for the last 30 days. I am attaching the website link, but copied the first few paragraphs that gives the high level view.


P.S: For me it has brought my blood sugar under control (still having to do insulin...but less) and only when I lose weight will I be able to possibly go off the insulin, but might have to still take a pill. I did lose approx 11 lbs in the first month and need to focus now on portion control (baby steps).

It is worth a try for only 30 days. Obviously I would wait till first of Jan because you have too many temptations during the holiday season and a greater opportunity to 'slip' Enjoy and take from it what you can. It seems to dovetail with what you were talking about on the movie Fat Sick and nearly dead. I will try and get it to watch.

I think what has helped me is: I am not focused on losing weight, but fighting the diabetes and it has helped me mentally not to get depressed if the weight doesn't go, but the diabetes is stablilized, because the weight will follow. I do have more energy, but it is a silent type. I just seem to want to do things without it being such a major push. It is not that I have this adrenalin rush.

Enough about me....

Also on the website are quite a few recipes that hopefully I will get around to trying.

For me who does not like to cook, and wanting to get started I basically ate the basics that didn't require preparation and stuck to those (like eating the fruit, nuts, avocados, lean meats, raw vegetables....now I am more interested in variation)

I had few hunger pangs but night time is the worst for me. Always eat breakfast (I had a slug of hardboiled eggs and usually heated up veggies from the night before)

Hope this gives you 'food' for thought :-)

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