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Food Log - Suggestions Welcome


I tried to start this, but I lost it. I've had a hard time on two previous W30 and I'm hoping to get some input and guidance on this one.


Day 1 -Auguust 11


5 am workout

6:30 to 8:30 get ready for work

8:30 Chicken & Cabbage 1/2 t olive oil, 1/4 avo (1 cup) satisfied - hot sauce

10:30 repeat 8:30 meal

11:30 yoga

1:30 Chicken & Cruciferous 1/2 t olive oil hot sauce

4:30 Chicken & cruciferous 1/2 t olive oil, hot sauce


6:30 cooking & picking...

Parsnip chips (one parsnip cooked in 1T olive oil)

Sweet potato fried 1 Cup

Chicken with cabbage and 1 T mayo

Brussels sprouts 1/2 cup sauteed in 1 1/2 t olive oil


in bed, tired 9:00


Today off to gym 4:45


Goals - to end up somehow with 3 meals - to stop thinking about food every 2 minutes - to lose 40 pounds.


Thank you for any suggestions or input.




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Welcome Back! You might want to review the meal planning template to make sure your meals fit it. I can't tell from what you posted.

The whole30 suggests that you eat within 1 hour of waking so perhaps a pre workout meal before your 5 am workout.

You might want to eat your starchy veggies in the morning and see if that helps with cravings. Also if you are eating within 2 hours you might want to ask yourself if you are really hungry or maybe your thirsty. You should be drinking 1/2 your weight in oz of water per day.

You should fast for at least 12 hours every 24 hours. So if you eat breakfast at 5 am your last meal of the day should be at 5 pm. Your body needs twelve hours to detoxify each day.

One last thing, chicken is very lean so you may want to eat beef in the morning and see if that helps. I would also increase your veggies.

Here is to a successful whole30 Good Luck!

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Great input folks. Will try some ground beef and see if that helps.


This am 

coffee 24 oz water

5am elliptical and weights

coffee 12 oz water

9:00 am Chick & veggies, brussels sprouts & 1/3 or so cup of fried sweet pots 1 T of Mayo and prob 2 T of olive oil in cooking.

coffee 12 oz water

Lunch scheduled for 1pm.

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okay, I just don't feel good eating anything before workout.

I'm not a morning eater, but find I am actually hungry at 8. How detrimental will this be?

I will follow the 12 hour fast, which sounds helpful.

I will increase veggies, sigh.

I will try beef.

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coffee 4:30am

5am workout

8:30 breakfast, brussels sprouts, sweet pot, chicken & cabbage w/EVOO (2T)

11 watermelon

1 smoked salmon with mayo (2T), capers & onions, chicken & cabbage EVOO (1T)

6:30 chicken & cabbage (1/2 T oil)

9:00 2 eggs 1t oil

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That's a good point. But I'm not sure how I would drive to the gym without it...I know I'm supposed to get there, was not the day.


4:20 alarm - exhausted, went back to bed.

5:30 had coffee

9:00 Spag squash, ground chicken, broccoli, onions, parsley, garlic. 1toil

10:00 Chicken  & cabbage, 1toil

1:45 salad with grilled shrimp 1 T olive oil

2:45 watermelon

3:30 cashews (I gave them up because of itching...)


I'm feeling antsy and snacky. Have a 6pm meeting. It's one of my wonky days. I'm feeling anxious about the choices I will make. 

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Hi Miki- On the eating first thing in the morning thing, if weight loss is your goal I would put some more effort into making that happen. You can have something small, since it is pre-workout. A single hardboiled egg works well for me. Basically you are conditioning your body to be hungry when you wake up and signaling that there is enough food supply to go ahead and use some fat stores in that workout. Hunger in the morning is one sign that hormones are balancing out properly (no hunger in the morning: you guessed it: out of balance hormones). Exercise also helps with morning cortisol, so if you weren't working out in the AM we would be pushing harder for a full breakfast right away.


Can you explain the logic of your meal timing a little more? Have you tried doing three meals per day and you keep finding yourself hungry? or have you not tried that part yet? If you find yourself hungry between meals, try to make it a mini meal of protein, fat and vegetables. Just nuts or just fruit are not recommended, and, as you have experienced, they will likely lead to more snacking though out the day. Snacking messes up hormones.


Did I mention that balanced hormones are critical to weight loss? Yeah. Getting that stuff in proper order is key.


EDIT: oh and i noticed this is in "troubleshooting" not the logs section. I won't move it until you tell me you want me to, but do you?

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Oh...okay, I mean for it to be in the logs...yes you can move it, I just hope that I can find it.


I will try the egg before workout.


The full breakfast after, could it be at 8:30, after I get to work? Just out of time.


Yes, If I eat a full meal, I feel hungry in about 2 to 3 hours. I can stuff more in at the meals, but I don't like to push past my normal fullness...I hate the feeling of full.


The hormones make sense to me as does the convincing the body there is food so it can burn.


I will make a much better effort! Yes, snacking yesterday was a disaster for me, not proud of myself.'ll help me find this after Miss Mary moves me? It will probably help me to check out other people's logs.



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Still not sure how I got here, but happy to have made it.



Day 4 of the whole 30


4:30 coffee

5:00 1 egg in 1t 00 (hungry)

5:25 workout (a little quesy, but workout went fine, quesy went away)

6:42 not hungry

8:30 brussels sprouts, small sweet potato, cabbage & ground chicken, 1/4 avocado, 1 1/2 T mayb, watermelon (starving).

10:30 hungry, trying to tough it out, someone brought mango to my office ate 2 pieces.

11:30 headache...want to eat - two handfuls of cashews (after having sinus issues and sore, itchy ear that I am currently attributing to nuts, sigh.

12:30 couldn't wait anymore, had lunch. Chicken, Cabbage, Brussels Sprouts very small (4oz) sweet potato, 1/8 of an avocado, 1 1/2 T of mayo, 1/8 small watermelon, handful of cashews (wow, highly addictive for me).I feel full and lethargic now.



Finished cashews and now there are no more in the office.

7 pm dill pickles & saurkraut

9 3 eggs with avocado and salsa


I definitely ate more than I needed today. Tomorrow should be much better as I'm off. I did go for hours this aft without thinking of food.


I still feel like I need the comfort of food before bed.




I think I'm in that early whole 30 dazed and tired stage as my body looks for easy man made carbs. Will get to bed early tonight.


I think it's just withdrawal, but having a hard time releasing it.

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Also at top right of page if you click on "follow this topic", it will e mail you every time someone responds, so you can find AND follow yourself. 



I was worried I couldn't find myself, but luckily I did....


                                                                     D30 PaleoCats 2014




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Meadow...bookmarked too!


6:30 woke - coffee

7:30 - an oil change for Ms. Naughty

8:30 - trader joes

9:10 breakfast (I KNOW...working on it) 2 eggs cooked in OO- chopped raw carrots, celery, green pep, jicama, broccoli with a 1/4 of an avo and OO, 3 strawberries and 10 blueberries. I feel full but not stuffed, happy and full of energy.

Note to self- drink water. Shooting for a 2:10 lunch after the dentist. then a 7:10 dinner after the gym...I will try a part of my dinner before (prot & fat) and then the rest after.

Lunch at 3:30 - turkey patty, cruciferous cooked in lemon OO, 1/8 avo, mayo (1T) little tom & lettuce  WEIRD sneezing attack after...not sure why.

Gym 5:30 to 6:30

Sashimi at 7:30 with kids.

9:09 Canteloupe

Feeling good and exhausted, but I don't think it's unusual after a day like today.


Tomorrow I have a party at my house. I have a lot of things that are whole 30 compliant so that will help.







Cheers, Jeers and Input welcome.

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August 16, 2014


7:00 am egg

7:10 gym

8:30 1 can of tuna mixed with mayo and chopped carrots, jicama, cabbage, bell pepper, onion, celery, brocolli at 1/2

1:30 lunch ate other half plus canteloup (1/8)

5:00 arugula salad with carne asada, avocado, onions, lettuce &  salsa (had a second helping - probably didn't really need). Drank a D30 Mojito (bubbly lime water with muddled mint & basil). What I didn't eat that was staring me in the face, you ask? Aunt Cheryls weenies (sugar and bacon, basically), Cheese, sour cream, choc covered raisins, reeses pieces, beer or martini (a little tempting).

9:30 orange & left over carne asada with mayo (I wish I hadn't eaten this...not hungry, just alone and I think sometimes that is hard for me.)


Third day in a row for a headache. Once I get past what I call the 7 day detox, if I'm still having headaches I'll ask doc to check BP...sometimes I don't need meds when I'm living clean. I feel very thirsty in AMs and I drink all night long, so not sure what that was all about.




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August 17




8:00 One egg

9:30 to 10;30 walk

11:00 1/2 can tuna mixed with chopped veggies, arugula and mayo & steamed veggies

2:30 other half of tuna

3:00 gym

5:30 sliced beef, mayo and avocado

8:30 canteloupe & veggies

9:30 beef, mayo and avocado.


I still want to move away from the night eating...that is my main goal this week. Perhaps I just need to set up a routine that doesn't allow it and muscle through, we'll see.


I still feel better, lighter, my skin is clearing up and I'm feeling hopeful that I could make this a way of life.

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