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Day 29 and exhausted

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I am just so, so tired.  I drag through my days and can't get out of bed in the mornings, despite having slept for 8 hours or more.  I tried adding in more starchy carbs but it doesn't seem to make a difference.  Honestly, I am starting to get really depressed because I'm tired all the time.  I can't drag myself to work out and the whole world is starting to seem difficult and a drain.  I'm trying to think back on times when I felt a lot more energetic, and the only thing I can think of is that I was eating small amounts of quinoa and wild rice, and I was running outside (which I can't do now due to an injury).  I honestly don't know what to do.  I can't keep going like this.


Yesterday's food:


Scramble of mushroom, spinach, and three eggs in ghee


Salad with beets, avocado, and chicken, plus some strawberries and raspberries


Cauliflower, chicken, tomato, and a small handful of olives, plus a nectarine


I'm not very hungry throughout the day and after each meal I feel stuffed.  Help!

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What do you have happening in your life beyond food?








Health, such as thyroid, and vitamin D



As far as the food, it looks like you are light on veggies.  Any chance you need a fourth meal if you aren't able to get enough in at one meal.


I'm guessing others will be along soon with other tips.

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I think I could try increasing my water intake, I know I've gotten a little bit lazy about it lately.


The injury is a sprained ankle that's taking forever to heal.  It's been 7 weeks and it still bothers me and is still a bit swollen.  I REALLY, really miss running outside.  The gym is dark and hot and stinky and it doesn't make me motivated to work out at all.  Honestly I think that's a big part of it.


Stress is high due to a lot of stuff at work.  I'm trying to manage it with journaling and epsom salt baths, also I see a therapist once a week.  I think I'm doing my best, and I haven't let it steer me to bad eating or alcohol like I sometimes do.  


I know that in the past I've tested very low for Vitamin D, so I'm starting up those supplements again.  I also have a lab slip on my desk waiting for me to go do a blood draw.  I also have thyroid problems in that my body doesn't efficiently convert T3 to T4.  I think I really need to discuss with my doctor how to handle that, because I'm tired (literally) of living with it.


Such a tricky puzzle to sort out.  I want to continue to live as close to whole30 as possible after tomorrow, but I also need to ensure that my energy levels are balanced so I am happy and functioning well.

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I'm not too familiar with thyroid situations, but I found this series that may be interesting if it applies to you.  http://chriskresser.com/low-t3-syndrome-i-its-not-about-the-thyroid


I think it is important to know that food is a good foundation.  Other factors may prevent you from feeling great, though.  Sometimes, thyroid situations require an AIP instead of just Whole30.  I did it last Summer and survived.  There are a lot more resources out there daily if you think this may help. (Your call.)


Your body may need rest, not time in a gym.  It sounds like the gym distresses you more than the exercise helps you.  (Your call.)


Taking baths, taking yourself to your therapist, and journaling instead of drinking: those sound like big non-scale victories.


It is a tricky puzzle.  Know that eating good food is part of the solution, not the problem.



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I think the likely culprit here is under eating, coupled with general life stress.  I know you mentioned you tried adding in starchy veggies and it didn't help - how much did you add and how long did you experiment with that?  My recommendations would be at least 2 servings each day for a week to see if that helps. Then, you could cut back from there if that's more than you think you need. You may try cutting the fat back slightly to see if you can get in the right volume of food at each meal.

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I would like to cut back on fats.  I think I have trouble digesting too much fat.  This morning I had a medium sweet potato with breakfast and then beets again for lunch.  I'm still trying to have more starchy veggies, but since it's summer it's hard to get things like squash, and I don't like white potatoes, though maybe I should eat some anyway.  


Nico, thanks so much for the link to the article!  Honestly, I've been dealing with this for a long time and my doctor keeps giving me various supplements but nothing has helped long-term.  I'll check out the AIP too.  


I am happy that I'm taking care of myself otherwise and having lots of non-scale victories, but it also makes it even more frustrating that I seem to be doing everything right and I'm still so tired.  


More tweaks ahead...

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dlgallian, I feel your pain, i am feeling the same for over a week now. draining!! i feel ilke i am running on low energy all the time. 
I too have some stress at work but i think im handling it well.. 


I hope things improve for the both of us. I ate some potatos today with lunch.  feel slightly better..


good luck!  

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