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My 2nd Whole30 - Lets do this!


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Captains log - Day 2.


My first Whole 30 was started on May 19th or 20th - I think, I'd have to go check my old log - ugg. Been doing pretty good for the most part - lately Ive have several slip ups - its hard when you get sick and want comfort foods. Almost 90 days later and 30 pounds down, I can say that I feel soo much better, even if I have had a few mishaps...


What I have learned - Ice cream isn't worth the huge stomach upset that it causes and grains make me really sleepy. I miss good cheese and lettuce wraps aren't quite the same - but they are fun to eat! lots of napkins needed!  Sugar is in everything - and thats really quite ridiculous- why does spicy sausage need dextrose!  It doesnt! (hoping to make my own sausage this fall- heres to learning new things!) Sometimes I really want cream cheese and ham - sometimes I remember that my bowels do not want me to eat that (in fact I haven't had cream cheese  at all since falling off the wagon - what a bummer) I have had pasta 1 time in the last 90 days - and it wasn't worth it. Felt like my stomach was going to explode - and it made me all sweaty. I love sautéed spinach with eggs for breakfast

I love meat - all the meat! And fresh from the garden veggies. I love having energy at night and not falling asleep by 8:30pm. Here is the personal stuff - I love that my sex drive is back!!!


Yesterday started with breakfast - something I have been skipping since school has been out. Breakfast really helps. So I had breakfast again today - just need to train my self to be hungry in the mornings. Over medium eggs with sautéed spinach and garlic - who knew that could be so good? Although I do remember from before that I got really tired of that about day 15!  NTS - The breakfast "muffins" were a big hit at my house - Ill make those again too.


Later Ill make some fresh from the garden salsa and put it over bbq chicken with grilled zucchini. Yummy!


Lunch can be leftovers of carne asada spinach salad with nectarine. 


Also, I finally (just now??!!) found Whole30 Paleo Poor - that was a huge help - as I can not always afford the best of the best!  So I figure that eating almost best is better than not trying at all!  


So here's to day 2 (the second coming) and looking to the future for a sexy Halloween costume - that I will be able to rock!

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