So so thirsty


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I am a big water drinker and drink lots and lots of water.  I sometimes drink a little seltzer water (plain, with citrus, or with apple cider vinegar), and sometimes coconut water - but not every day.  I feel like I'm drinking a lot of water, anyway.


I feel soooo dehydrated ALL THE TIME since I started the Whole30.  As an example, I drank 5 pint glasses of water between 730 and noon, and then another giant mason jar (24 oz) during my workout.


Does anyone have any ideas as to why?  Am I not actually drinking enough?  


OH, and I did drink one cup of coffee today)

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It looks like you are drinking enough water, roughly 105oz a day.  Maybe you feel dehydrated due to low sodium intake?  I used to have high blood pressure and when I switched to a low sodium diet (<1500mg per day), I felt thirsty all the time.  I ended up needing to drink more "smart water" with electrolytes and coconut water.


Also, it wouldn't hurt running it past your doctor, it may be a sign of something non-diet related!

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