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Day 2--I'm hungry and tired


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Excited about doing Whole30. Have needed a system reset for awhile. While losing weight was my primary goal, after reading the book, I feel it's more about better quality of life. I'm 52 years old and I'm hoping for good things. Any hints or ideas would be appreciated!

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Tired is pretty normal for day two.  Check the timeline for a rough guide to what you may experience over the next month.


Hungry is not normal. Do you have a copy of the template? Make sure all your meals follow it.


While snacking is not encouraged, if you are truly hungry (if steamed fish and broccoli, or something equally bland and unexciting, sounds good), eat -- but eat a mini-meal with at least protein and fat. Don't have more food because you're bored, or because you always have food in the evening while watching tv, and don't have just fruit, or just nuts. But you shouldn't ever be hungry, unless it's just before your next meal.


If you continue to be hungry and tired, make a post in the troubleshooting section of the forum with a list of a couple of days' worth of food, water intake, sleep patterns, and any other specific worries or questions, and people in the forum will happily suggest things that you could tweak to try to help. Usual culprits are not eating enough in general, not eating enough fat, or going too low carb (not eating any starchy vegetables).


It does get better, hang in there! 

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