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So, a couple months ago I tried Whole30. I was on it for weeks, and for weeks I. Felt. AWFUL! My hypoglycemia (which previously had only been around during pregnancy) went raging crazy and weeks later I'm still trying to get it back under control. And I pretty much stopped losing weight on it. I know you're not supposed to check the scale during the 30, but my starting weight was over 300lbs (had a baby 6 months ago and for some reason gained way more than I usually do in pregnancy) and I *need* the weight gone, like, yesterday.

It all got so bad even my husband told me to stop and go back to my usual diet (calorie counting). I finally did, and lo and behold, the hypo instantly got better (still there, but I don't feel like I'm dying every day like I did on whole30) AND the weight started coming off again.

Why? What gives? What could I have possibly have been doing so wrong? I ate well. I exercised. I tried so hard.

Why didn't it work?

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We would really need more information to tell you what went wrong -- some idea of what you were eating on W30, how much were you exercising, how much water did you consume, and how much sleep did you get, and maybe what you are eating now while counting calories and feeling better.


If you look around the troubleshooting section of the forum and the Whole30 logs, one of the things you'll notice over and over again is that most people who report not feeling well or who are having issues while doing their W30 are not eating enough. Sometimes not enough fat, or not enough protein, or not enough carbs in the form of starchy vegetables, and sometimes just flat out not enough. Especially coming from a history of calorie counting/restriction, it's hard to wrap your mind around how much you're being encouraged to eat on this plan. For an example, check out this post about how many eggs are in a serving of eggs. And when the template says fill the plate with veggies, they mean it -- 1-3 cups of veggies at each and every meal. And that can include starchy veggies.


Maybe that isn't what's going on with you, it's just a common theme I've noticed while reading other threads on the forum. Definitely tell us more about what you were doing and I'm sure you'll get a lot of suggestions to help you try again and feel better.

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