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Day 4!


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Seems my original pst didn't make it ! It is day 4 and am experiencing a headache ( caffeine withdrawal suspected). Woke up very early and had a cup of warm water while reading the day 4 newsletter. That helped set the tone for the day. It will be a good one starting with a massage this morning!

Yesterday was a challenge. I invited someone for dinner forgetting about day 3 tiredness and crankiness! Got through it and only snapped at my husband a few times. Rode my bike with a friend for an hour then had a circuit class at lunch for 30 minutes. It was a challenge to know what to eat between. I had a PWO meal after the ride and then my regular lunch after the class and that seemed to work. For dinner I made the Peruvian chicken from nom nom paleo and had roasted new potatoes, fresh tomatoes and a mixed green and beet salad. It was delicious! We had some melon for dessert and I thought that such a large amount/variety of food would carry me through! Oh, well!

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