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Day 1 of the rest of my life


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So... I did it!  It wasn't perfect (I accidentally had some alcohol one night, after my friend informed me that the "refresher" he made me had "just a tiny bit of rum in it"), but I decided not to restart, and I'm ok with that even if it means I didn't do a "real" whole30.  But I stayed away from the things I know I don't do well on (dairy, grains, sugar, legumes), and I feel really good and am no longer bloated, and have lost a few pounds and am sleeping better, and just yesterday finally got a surge of something I could call tigers blood.


This morning on my way to work I thought, I'm going to treat myself to a latte!! but then I got to the coffee shop and thought, wait... I'm not hungry.  I don't really WANT a latte.  So I passed.  I decided I'd save it for this Saturday, for the drive up to my friend's bachelorette party in Napa.  When I can really enjoy it and savor it and get it from the cafe I know I like, not the one where the lattes are hit and miss.  Small victory!


Honestly, the only thing I plan on changing is having a glass of wine or a cocktail with friends, and a latte maybe once a week, plus some other indulgences that are really, truly worth it.  I will stay compliant at home, always.  


Anyway, just wanted to shout it from the rooftops!  And you can sure bet I will enjoy the heck out of that chilled glass of rose tonight.

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