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Log, by Blammo (Re-intro)


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Looks like this re-intro is more of a modified Whole_InsertDaysHere project. I finished my 1st Whole30 on Aug 6th, but am continuing to eat this way Mon-Thurs with some reintro activity on the weekends.


Last weekend, I nibbled a little cheese, had some plain yogurt, that kinda thing. I've had a little cheese during the week with meals too. Had sinus pressure on/off all week & hot flashes in wee morning hours. Not sure if the symptoms are related because everyone else around me has also had sinus issues (allergies) and my hormones seem to be changing frequently. I know diet can affect hormones - so there is some possiblity for interpretation there.


I decided to forego dairy yesterday and today to see if sinus issues are better. It has been mild & gone away within a couple of hours. But I'm very uncomfortable with it as it reminds me of the days years ago where I woke with migraines every few days & had such horrible neck pain. Funny how you live with something for so long you get used to it, but the minute it's gone & you realize what you don't have to deal with - you can't stand the least little bit.


Anyway, have kept to my promise to myself of no diet cokes & no wheat. I may have a few corn chips at dinner tonight, but going to skip the margaritas. I don't need to help my body store fat, and I feel like with my predisposition, alcohol does exactly that.


Sweet stuff - It's really sinking in to me what sugar has done to me and how it has ruled my life for so long. My mother was a Type I diabetic who poorly controlled her blood sugar during her pregnancy with me. I was born a month premature (in 1968!) and still weighed 10lbs 9oz. Neither of my parents or their families were unusually large folks. I have always been bigger than my peers, whether height or size. That I haven't been diagnosed with Metabolic syndrome is kind of surprising to me. Alas, maybe this is the wake-up I've needed.


Getting moving - Took a big step and went to Yoga in the Park on Tues. It's FREE. I love free. I was afraid it would be full of college prisses & 20 somethings bending into pretzels. It had its share, but it also had real people and even a few gray-haired folks out there doing their best. And it was a gorgeous evening with animals nearby & a beautiful sky to look up at during the cool down. I am going again. It's a hassle to get to, but for free I figure it's worth the gas (which is still cheaper than a class in a studio). I could not do most of the poses fully, but I could do a few & got better as the session continued. Also went to the dark park last night and did a lap. I would like to increase but can't seem to get there early enough for any daylight. My legs have been achy but manageable. Hoping this exercise will help.

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County Fair on a Saturday night.


Yep. That was a high risk environment if ever I've seen one. The only thing I've re-upped since finishing my 1st w30 was dairy in the form of full-fat plain yogurt and/or cheese. No ice cream, no yogurts with fruits & sugars. Stepping onto the fairgrounds with all the smells & the fried everythings - OMG. I wanted all of it! My thrifty side one out, however, and I avoided the Italian Sausage & Onions on a bun, the fried oreos, the funnel cakes, because they wanted too much $ for them all.


I've got quite good at budgeting, AND apparently at making food choices based on nutrition, because after 5 hours on a Saturday night, I managed to leave that place having eaten only 2 pieces of chocolate covered bacon (YUM!) & 2 scoops of Purity chocolate + strawberry ice cream (in a cup). No conscious wheat or corn, & minimal frying oils. I drank only water - the frosty diet cokes everywhere didn't even tempt me.


BUT...afterward? OMG. We left the fair & had 'breakfast' at a Waffle House. I slid by with ham chunks & cheese on hashbrowns. Lesser of evils, & still felt kind of like fair food, but much cheaper & probably better for me overall.


As punishment - All of yesterday I craved sugar something fierce. Grocery shopping was hellish. I wanted sweets like I haven't wanted sweets since my 20s! It was like PMS x10. I might be PMSing for all I know, but I haven't had such strong cravings in years. It was awful. I ended up making homemade mini pizzas out of the 3-ingredient-naan break recipe & that was satisfying enough to shut the damn cravings up for the evening. But OMG I wanted something sweet. It showed me how easily it is to wake the 'sugar dragon'. I will say I enjoyed every last drop of that ice cream - it tasted better than I remember ice cream tasting. But was it worth it? ...I suppose it was now that I look back, because I didn't lose my s**t the next day. If I'd come back from it devouring everything bad until I was sick at my stomach & in pain, definitely not. But I held it together & 'beat' the sugar dragon back into it's cave until next time.


Hot flashes have come back in wee early hours, even on the weekend. I believe it's the dairy. I can do without cheese/dairy, so not a huge deal. I'm going to experiment the next week or so to see if I can narrow it down to how quickly I eat it will I get a reaction, etc.


As an aside, I tried my hand at making my own ghee last night. (I also seasoned a bunch of iron skillets also, but that's neither here nor there.) It did not look like Alton Brown's version, I will note. It wasn't beautiful & golden like honey. It was kind of dark. I haven't checked it this morning after it hardened. I did not have cheesecloth but I have super fine strainers...I think a little of the milk solids got into the mix but they should've settled to the bottom of the container. I hope at least. It took longer than I expected & I wasn't sure of what I was doing, even though I followed a recipe & looked at pictures online. It's cheaper than $13 for 36oz though, so I better learn. I do enjoy cooking with red palm oil too - wonder how well that would season up a skillet.

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Sugar Dragon has shut up somewhat, but still been a battle. But hey, I feel like I have a better grip on what will happen when I ingest it - payback for a few days in the form of cravings for more. Like a junkie.


Hot flashes at night have decreased - it's been 2 days since I had dairy. Can't figure out the time lapse here exactly. I have not been sleeping as well overall as I did on w30...but is that menopause or food or both?


New wonderful discovery - plaintains & green bananas. Publix had some for a good price. They are delicious fried up in coconut oil. I sprinkled salt on one batch & cinnamon on another - both ways it was good. I was worried I would overeat these but found that they filled me up very quickly so that I could not consume as much as my taste buds wanted. This is a good thing. I am excited to try making baked fries with them in the oven over the weekend.


Only managed yoga 1 day this week. I want to do more but have lacked motivation & time. When I'm eating dinner at 8:30 at night, it's hard to do much of anything else after clean-up & regular laundry, chores, etc. Trying to eat earlier but life keeps happening after work, or I get home & find myself in a cooking/exploring mood. The pork chops I cooked earlier in the week were divine, btw. Frozen greens with turnip chunks + sauteed spinach in bacon fat were da bomb also! Good, good stuff & hoping to do that once a week. Brussell sprouts were also delicious.


Have been reading about dandelion greens and would like to try something. I don't like the tea, but maybe I could bring them into a meal for some added nutrition.


I have a nagging feeling that I'm not losing any more weight, which is discouraging. I am eating mostly paleo, with a little primal, which is way better than most people I see my size/shape eating. I am reminding myself that these things take time...that changes are occuring for the better inside me that do not immediately show. Also trying to focus on how I feel & what I feel like doing...is my energy & motivation improving? It certainly did during the w30, and it has stayed pretty consistent since.


I guess that is it - perspectives have changed. I'm looking at adding yoga into my weekly life, and have already gone OUT IN PUBLIC to do yoga twice in the last 2 weeks. Something I would not have done before. Plus, leisure walks with the dog at the dog park. It's small steps, but steps.

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