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Hi All. I'm pretty new to this whole Paleo thing. Until recently I was mostly Vegan. I started researching and playing with Paleo a couple of months ago as an experiment, and have been pretty amazed. When eating vegetarian, I ate way too much pasta, rice, crackers bread etc. I was always hungry and didn't lose weight. I did a two week Whole 30 (Whole 14?) back in June, and felt great. I wasn't hungry between meals (I'm normally a huge snacker), my energy was good, and I lost a couple of pounds. Life got hectic though, and I didn't continue. Going to try it again.

I'm pretty healthy. I run and do yoga most days. I don't have much weight to lose (10 pounds would be good, 15 would be awesome!). I love to cook, but I'm a busy single mom of a 10 year old girl, have a full time job and teach yoga on the side. To say nothing of the fact that my daughter and I have very active social lives! All this leads to sometimes making food choices that are less than optimal. I love the Weekly Cook Up from Well Fed. Saves time and energy on busy weeknights. The toughest part for me will be giving up wine. I'm in the wine business and really enjoy my glass (or 2!)  each night.

Looking forward to chatting and getting support.

Full disclosure - I may not do this perfectly. And if I slip up, I probably won't start back at day 1. (I'd be on the Whole 30 for the next decade!) I hope I won't get kicked off the Island for saying that ;)

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We won't kick you off the island, but to seriously learn about your food sensitivities, you have to achieve full compliance for 30 days. Or you could follow my example. I've just figured out after 4 years of eating Whole30-style that dairy erodes the quality of my sleep. 

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