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Finally got the tiger blood!! 2 days AFTER my Whole30!


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I'm two days past completion of my first whole30, and I feel like hugging everyone I see.  Finally!  I struggled throughout, to be honest.  I had trouble eating enough carbs to have energy, had some digestive issues, and really, REALLY missed alcohol at social events.  But I made it, and today I feel spectacular.  My victories:


A lot less bloating.  I don't weigh myself ever, but my pants certainly fit better, and it's almost all in my stomach.

Almost NO PMS, aside from a little bit of irritability and bloating and fatigue.  I barely even recognized it as PMS.

No cravings.  Yay!

Making a lot better food choices.  Last night was my first post Whole30 dinner.  I went to a mexican place.  I wanted to get pork belly tacos, because man, I could have pork belly tacos!  But my gut told me to get the beautiful watermelon salad (that had no cheese in it) with a grilled chicken breast, and the whole time I was eating it I was like, oh man, I really made the right choice.  This salad rocks.  And afterwards I felt light and great.  

I saved money by not drinking!  I was a cheap date.

My peers and coworkers have more respect for me, I was honest about what I was doing and they all really were interested and gave me lots of credit.

I'm falling asleep better and sleeping through the night.  This morning I woke up naturally a little bit before 7 am and didn't want to keep sleeping.  I struggled with mornings a LOT during my Whole30.

Emotionally, I'm way more optimistic about my life.  I can change my life to be who I want to be.  In this arena and in any arena.



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