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Orthorexia - when healthy eating goes too far

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Just read a really interesting article about Orthorexia - when healthy eating becomes disordered. 


I did 3-4 Whole30s last year, and for the most part they were great. I still eat mostly paleo, and I find that my relationship with food has changed over time.


However, recently, I've tried to be more mindful with food. I eat when I'm hungry, and try to stop eating when I'm not hungry. 


In the past, I feel like I'd eat even when I wasn't hungry, because that was the time I was "supposed" to eat. Or I'd eat small / random foods when I was out and couldn't find healthy food.


While I'm really grateful I did the Whole30, I think ultimately, balance is what works.


Be kind to yourself people! Eat healthy, but try not to obsess over it :)

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