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What am I doing wrong?

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18 days in and no difference except clothes are looser. Still not sleeping great, still have headaches, still moody, still so tired during mid afternoon... So, I am thinking I am doing something wrong with my eating. Here is a typical day:

Breakfast: 1 spicy chicken sausage (Trader Joes)

3 eggs

1 sweet potato

Tsp olive oil

Cup of black hot tea

Lunch: 2 cups mixed greens

1 cup ground white meat chicken cooked with a TBS olive oil with chili powder, garlic, onion, pepper

12 cherry tomatos

1 mini wholly guacamole spicy cup

Handful of blueberries or a peach

Dinner: 2 cups mashed cauliflower with a TBS of Ghee

1 Chili lime chicken burger (trader Joes)

1 mini guacamole cup (I love that stuff)

1 cup green beans or side salad

I am still getting the mid afternoon slump so I have a cup of decaf green hot tea at that time.

Why am I not feeling any better than I was prior to Whole30?

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Your diet looks pretty good to me (but of course I'm just learning so don't put too much weight on my opinion). It's possible that it's just taking a little longer than you'd like.  I'm on day 12 and don't feel a lot different either.  A little more energy and clothes a little looser.  I count those as pretty major successes though. Hopefully the tiger blood with find you soon.  I've read a few posts about people not feeling much of a difference until the end of the 30 days (or beyond).


I hope you stick with it. Even if you aren't noticing big changes, you're helping your body by making healthy choices.


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Your meals sound like you may be good on protein and maybe fat, but you appear light on veggies. You could stand to up the volume of veggies considerably to meet meal template standards.


If you are working out 30 minutes per day at high intensity, you probably need to be eating 4-5 times per day. The three main meals and then at least some post-workout protein and maybe some starchy veggies for energy. If you are eating just 3 times per day and exercising hard, you may be undernourished. Not eating enough slows you metabolism, makes you tired, and slows fat loss. 



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