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Started August 5th!


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Hello! My name is Jessica!


I started my Whole30 August 5th and am loving the new changes already! I decided to start eating Paleo after many attempts to have Weight Loss Surgery and finally being denied by my insurance because I wasn't 'fat enough'. So I said eff it I'm not giving up I will do this the natural way!


Would love to meet some people who are also on the whole30 and eating Paleo. Not many people I know are doing this challenge or Paleo so it would be nice to hear tips and tricks. 


Can't wait to chat! 


Jessica  :)

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Hi Jessica,

I also started my W30 on August 5th. I had been eating Paleo about 80% for 5 months prior and lost 12kgs.I looked at the W30 last year and told myself No Way could I do that for 30 days, in particular No wine (my biggest downfall) But then I thought sod it...I CAN do this so here I am on Day 12. 

Had a few days of feeling quite unwell, in particular days 3 - 6. My energy levels are definitely up now but I broke my toe the day before I started this so cant keep gym shoes on for long........very frustrating!!!

I had a party to go to tonight but have cancelled as the thought of standing around in a packed bar on a Saturday night nursing a soda water while everyone around me was trashed just sounded like torture lol Better not to be tempted at this stage.

Good luck with your W30 and look forward to seeing your progress.

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