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My very first Whole30!


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Hi there! I'm excited, terrified and hopeful for this whole 30 journey! A little background on myself, I'm a mother of 4 children (we're like the Brady Bunch)...I have some awful hormonal issues (ovarian cysts, fibrocystic breast changes, extreme PMS) and I am terribly in love with food. I have battled depression with a fierceness and now, I'm looking to move on up in my life. In an act of desperation (due to immense pain that I'm in on a daily basis) I found the whole 30 program and thought "well, what have I got to lose?"...my motivation for this is to get into a better frame of mind. A few years back I was in the best shape of my life! I was doing CrossFit with my husband 3x a week, Zone dieting and hitting my own PR's (life and box) like it was nobodies business! Then, the death of a loved one crushed us both. We quit the box, drank and ate heavily as a coping mechanism. I went from a size 8 to now a size 18. I attempted a vegan diet in hopes of helping my hormones better but it backfired...here's to hoping this will help me be pain free, take away my mental fog and increase my energy! I'm ready to feel in control of myself again!


Today was DAY 1!!! Last night I spent pre cooking meats and veggies so that way I can grab and go :)

Breakfast-   small handful of cashews

                    sliced banana

                    coconut flakes

                     eggs and sauteed spinach


Lunch-  chicken thigh with heaps of broccoli and a large handful of olives



Dinner- a lovely whole 30 friendly chili topped with chopped onions
             handful of kale chips
             white peach

             a few cashews (chili had coconut oil in it, but was unsure if it would be enough)


I've done well today (at least I think I did...)! A friend of mine had our family over to sing happy birthday to her daughter. I refused the cake (even though I wanted it...BADLY!) and instead drank a cup of black coffee. My husband surprised us and told us to go out to the movies (something I haven't done in a year) so we went to see Guardians of the Galaxy! (loved it!) She had a giant bowl of popcorn (smelled amazing) but I said "no thank you!" and again...had my water.



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Today went fairly well...



  cubed potatoes with spinach and eggs


  shredded pork with sweet potato (drizzled a delicious moraccan sauce ontop (recipe from theclothesmakethegirl))


  more shredded pork with a huge pile of green beans and salsa

  apple with almond butter (only a wee bit...yes, moderation for this one)


Hangover phase is in full swing for me. Headaches, agitation, and cravings are coming on strong. I had hopes to cope better with this, but the only thing to do is ride it though. One day at a time, right?  

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