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Carbs/Performance Advice Please

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Hi, I am on Day 9. Since Day 4 I have been pretty tired. My time on My WOD day four was double everyone else's in the gym. I literally had no energy and it was everything I had just to get through the workout.

Day 4 was Thursday, I took Friday off and as of today am still not feeling enough energy to get back into the gym.

I think I may need to add more sweet potato type carbs - the problem is I don't like sweet potatoes or beets. Is there anything I can eat to add in some more healthy carbs besides these and stay whole 30 compliant?

So far my meals pretty much consist of protein, fat, and veggies. Have only had a little fruit here an there - not much to shake a stick at.

Any suggestions are welcome - I am really ready to get back into the gym!!!!

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My guess is that you are not eating enough overall... it's a common problem. And carbs are useful to active people. Besides sweet potatoes you could eat any of the root vegetables - turnips, rutabagas, carrots, parsnips. And then there is yucca, butternut squash, pumpkin...

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We don't like liquid food like smoothies unless it's a last resort, for the record...

In addition to what Tom listed, You could also cook up some tapioca (no milk, sugar or vanilla...so it's way less fun, but it's almost 100% pure starch.

Try the real veggies first, then resort to tapioca if you need to

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Thanks everyone for your helpful suggestions. When exactly should I be adding the startchy carbs? Morning, night? I went to the gym yesterday and was a little better but still nowhere near what I am accustomed too. Also have a little cold so feeling particularly drained today :-(

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morning: - 7am ish

2 eggs - cooked in bacon grease, 2 bacon (whole 30), veggies - something like spinach, bell pepper, cucubmer

lunch - 1-2 ish

protein - mainly chicken or steak ~6 oz

veggies - something like - spinach, bell pepper, cucumber, onion, tomatoe, artichoke, cauliflower

advacado or olive oil

dinner 7-8 ish

~6oz - same as lunch - sometimes sub shellfish for the meat or chicken

sometjmes snack on a few bites of protein and some veggies around 5:00

drink - grean tea; water

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