Pre/post WO meals for sporadic exercise?


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I'm on day 16 of a whole45, and been eating paleo for over a year now. When I do long bouts of exercise, I tend to eat either a pre or post workout meal, because the other side of the workout is usually M2 or M3.

My sport of choice is dog agility, and I have a competition coming up, my first since starting this whole30. Usually a competition will have 3-4 runs spaced throughout the day (5 minute walk/jog to warm up, 30s-1min all out sprint, and 5 minute walk to cool down (warm up and cool down mostly for dogs benefit)), and potentially 1-2 periods of 30 mins walking.

I am usually wiped out at the end of the day, and have previously snacked randomly through the day in addition to meals, but part of my focus this whole30 is to curb meaningless snacking. I am also starting a new dog, so instead of 3 runs in a day I will have 6, plus walking as specified earlier.

So I feel like I should have some sort of pre/post workout food in there, but each run on its own doesn't feel like enough exercise for a whole (as per template) sized pre/post WO meal.


I will play around a bit with spacing and timing, but does anyone have any suggestions for how I should start things off? Right at start/end of day? Just eat bigger meals to compensate? Tiny pre/post meal with each run?


Thanks for reading all this, and I'd love to hear any suggestions

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I guess it depends on the timing of each run, but could you work it so that you have 4 proper meals for the day (rather than snacks here and there)? So, for example, if you had 2 runs in the morning, have your normal meal 1, and then an early-ish meal 2, then another 2 runs followed by meal 3, then another run followed by meal 4 (dinner).

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Moving meals is definitely an option, and these are all good suggestions. I was also curious about the composition of various meals, as I know there are reasons for the low carb pre workout and low fat post workout meals. Should I try to make my meals less fat and more carb-heavy as the day goes on? Or doesn't it matter too much?

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