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Australian starting Whole30 tomorrow, 19 August.


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Hi everyone!

I'm Karoline and I'm committing to starting this life changing ride tomorrow.


By the end of my Whole30 (or 60 or 90 if that is what it takes), I hope to:


- really, truly, completely understand how to fuel my body with healthy food;

- not have a security team in my stomach that cries and holds each other when they see the next meal coming;

- have confidence that I can put the best food for my family on the table every day, day after day, for years and years;

- look hot; and,

- dance on the grave of my sugar dragon!! (She's a doozy and will not go down without a fight)


I have heaps of questions so I am off to trawl through the forum to find some answers.


Good luck to everyone! May your Whole30 bring you whole health and happiness.





PS thank you so much Hartwigs! It Starts With Food has changed me forever. You've educated me on a topic that I have avoided learning about for many years. It's early to call it but I'd say you've extended my life and definitely improved the quality of it. You made me giggle while skooling the heck out of me. I love your tough love. 

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I just finished my book yesterday and been stalking this site for the past month or so. I am also ready to start a new me and re-wire my brain. I have this love and hate relationship with sugar is crazy, i know i have to let her go but she feels so good.


The hardest things in life are :

#1 breaking up with your hair dresser

#2 breaking up with sugar!

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haha run_smile. At least you can hide from your hairdresser. Sugar is EVERYWHERE.


She has got you by the short and curlies.... you'll have to just tear her off in one swift movement! I hope you'll get started soon. I don't think there is a perfect moment. Next time you're feeling desperate for a change - just commit. It's only 30 days :)  


So, I am at the end of day one and I think it's been okay. The food is great but I have felt pretty fuzzy in the head and quite cranky pants. I thought about what sweet treat I could eat approximately every 1.46 seconds. I really hope that eases off over the next few days but I imagine it'll take a bit longer. I didn't feel like my willpower was ever really tested today though. 1 down, 29 to go.

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