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This is the new thread for my fellow Dirty 30 crew who are going on their second, third, and even more..... Whole 30 Programs. We are a group that has been around for several months and have grown very close. We know the rules (we don't fight them), we learn, we have fun, we love adding members to our ranks ONLY if you know what you are doing. If you have done at least one program....come on in! We are fun, open, supportive, (mostly nuts), but ready and willing to pull each other thru another successful program. Our group has a recipe of the day, chore list, exercise requirements, and even music and movies of the day. We encourage everyone to take advantage of everything that the group offers and appreciate max participation in the discussion threads. Our last two threads had thousands of posts and views. WE ARE THE REAL DEAL! Welcome to our mess!



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OMG I want to do this with you!!! I've been looking for a group like this....it's a sign!  I've done 3 Whole 30's last year and a Whole60 Jan & Feb this year.  My problem - which isn't really a "problem" is I'm doing a Half Ironman in 3 weeks and leave for Paris and Italy in a month.....do I dare do this right now!?!??! Can I do it?!?!  Probably but....decisions, decisions.....was planning on doing another Oct 6th after my trip....

thoughts!?!  Help me decide....

Don't want to set myself up to fail especially with Half IM coming up....

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We are a family oriented, loving group.  If you want support and a good time, this is the place to be.  Dave is an amazing leader and a great person.  You will not be disappointed. 


I have done several whole 30's and this is my second one with the Dirty 30. 

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Hi everyone! I will finish my 1st W30 tomorrow...and I have seen/felt differences, but due to my autoimmune disease (Hoshimoto's), I feel I would benefit from a W30 + AIP. I would like the motivation/encouragement from others doing this program/have done this program. I had thought I would start fresh next Monday 8/25. Would I be able to join this group then? I know you are starting 8/21. Deb C. recommended this group to me! :-)

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Dawner and Outdorsgrl, welcome to the Dirty 30 Paleo Cats. We are serious about having fun, living healthy, sharing our truths, tough love, emphasis on love. I started a week ago as I have a trip planned, but I have to be with my peeps.


Dave, thanks for taking another stab at "Cat Herder".


Meadow, Laurie and CC - nice to see you in our new home.


Hugs and Goodnight from MamaMiki

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Thanks for the kind words.........but you know I don't do this because I like any of you......I do this for the money! Please make sure that everyone sends me a check for $5000 made payable to me. This will go towards your uniform, work out leatard, fancy hat, puppy, and the all you can eat pinecone and dirt buffet.


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I "think" (which I probably shouldn't allow myself to do) is I need to wait until after my trip  :( Mainly because I have been training all summer with gu and clif bars and it would be difficult to change my body system in really 2 1/2 weeks to get my energy from another source by race day.


I also, was able to get all my energy from sweet potatoes, squash, all that yummy stuff when I did this prior, but tough to eat on the course :wacko: Like I said, I'm sure it can be done but to switch it around that quickly, not sure.


I will get clean after my trip, plan is to start October 6th again, but going to clean up my eating starting now.  

Thanks for all the encouragement, I absolutely love this program and hopefully can hook up with you all soon.  


I'm keeping your posts so I can check in and see how you are all doing!  Dave, your group sounds like a blast, my check is going in the mail today! ;) Cannot WAIT for the leotard, can I please please have leopard print!??!?


Good luck to all!!

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Oh silly Cara, you remember, the leotards are for Dave, It our LOW (Leotard of the week). Each week he posts his "new leotard shoot", I can't wait!


Dawner - please stay with us. Some have been with our group through (non-compliant) whole 30's, we just keep our chatter to the straight and narrow as not to entice or mislead our group or any who "check in on us to see how to do it right". We have become a close-knit group and I for one would enjoy hearing about your training, exercise and "on-plan" eating. We will understand what you are doing. We all try to be perfect on our W30, but if you don't do the cleaning Dave assigns or watch the MOW (Movie of the Week) that meadow assigns or cook the IOD (ingredient of the day) that Deb assigns, there can be trouble.


My current W30 (I started a week early due to a trip but will hang here with my peeps). I'm starting to move past the withdrawal stage and seeing a hint of pretty skin and less bloat, wahoo. I need to cook my cauliflower rice...I just resist the process so. I think I need to treat myself to a bigger food processor and get over myself! My niece purchased and loved one of the zucchini twirlers and noodle makers. I just use my spag squash. Rosann is going to teach me to make an authentic Italian W30 Sauce...can't wait. And one day I'll make one with her in Italy.


Laurie - Hopefully you'll get your card on Wednesday (US MAIL willing). Hope Steve is starting to turn the corner, that's what we're hoping for!


I will post a picture of my fancy hat once Dave sends it to me....checks in the mail...


And so the dirty 30 is off and running.


MamaMiki...make that Hot MamaMiki

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Great!  I'd love to stay on board if you'll have me, I admire you all for sticking with a group, I want to be involved in it, so here I am!!  


I swear my best tool I have purchased (well two) is the julienne peeler that I use to make zucchini noodles and sweet potato strings.  The other is my Vitamix, love love love it!  I'm def interested in the Italian W30 sauce!  What part of Italy does Roseann live, I will be there soon!?


Look very forward to the cleaning, movies and ingredient of the day!  


Training today includes a 1 1/2 mile swim and 90 min bike with hills, nice and sunny, hot & humid today in Chicago, can't wait to get out there (unfortunately have to earn my pay at work first) my training starts to taper next week, kind of sad   :( but up to me to set another goal and keep moving!


Tomorrow I start paleo (except for my training snacks, which I won't overdo)  I need to be accountable, I have a feeling this sugar dragon is going to be tough to slay this time, I've been a baddd girl, time to get f'n serious!  


Thanks for allowing me to stick around on my half ass plan  B)


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I am on break and just popping in. I am in class with Dr. William Smith from George Washington. University and what an Incredible instructor. I am learning so much. I will write more about what he says about weight loss........he says it not possible! But he explained why and how to defeat it........it hit a chord and I totally agree with his thinking. I am getting smarter by the second.


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I would love to be accepted in this group, this is my second Whole 30 and in need of the support.  Hashimoto's and thyroid cancer survivor, and EMOTIONAL eater, that is my main reason that I need the moral support.  Looking forward to start tomorrow, but much better on 8/21 to get the shopping and preparedness out of my way. Thank you! :-)  Captain Dave.

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Hi you crazy D30 kids and our newbies, welcome!!


I will be posting an ingredient of the day (IOD, I know it sounds funny) and associated compliant recipe links every day. 

The idea is not to stress about having to buy, use, or even cook with the IOD, all you have to do is be aware of it. 

We simply want to expand our food horizons and remind ourselves every day that even within the W30 guidelines, food can be creative and delicious.  But if you DO want to buy, cook, or do anything else with the "IOD" (Dave get your mind out of the gutter), please do share your findings, cookings and eatings, with us. 


To get an idea of what I'm talking about see this link for our last round's IODS. 



This reminds me that for those who DO want to shop I had better get on and post the IODs for the upcoming week!!

Watch this space - I will do that ASAP. 


As the lucky recipient of an auto immune diagnosis myself, this will be my second AIP W30 (third W30 total) and I will try to post an AIP compliant recipe for each IOD as well, or at least suggest modifications if they aren't obvious. 


Here's to another great W30 with the best group on the forum - the D30 Paleocats!

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Allright here we go. The Ingredients of the Day for the upcoming week are listed below. I will post a selection of recipe links the day BEFORE each ingredient's day. 


A good selection for Week One, I think, thank you Miki for the inspirations! Please send on over any more suggestions. 


THURS -  White Potatoes - they are allowed!!

FRI -         Asparagus

SAT -        Radishes

SUN -       Artichoke

MON  -     Lamb

TUE -        Spaghetti Squash

WED -       Fish Sauce 

Get this fish sauce:  http://whole30.com/2012/06/red-boat-fish-sauce/

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Thanks Deb, this will be awesome to stay on top of what I am eating and changing it up!

I'm going with this delicious recipe for Thursday, I'll let you know how it is: 

Pesto mashed potato recipe

Serves 6, as a side


  • 6-8 potatoes, peeled;

2 tbsp paleo cooking fat like coconut oil, butter or tallow;

2 cloves garlic, minced;

A few splashes of heavy cream or coconut milk;

4-6 tbsp pesto;

Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste;


  1. In a large saucepan, boil potatoes until soft. I always cube my potatoes prior to boiling because they cook faster and are easier to mash afterwards.

Once soft, strain the potatoes. In the same saucepan over a low heat, melt the cooking fat and add the minced garlic. Allow it to sit for a few moments in order for the flavors of the garlic to diffuse into the cooking fat.

Place the potatoes back in the saucepan and begin to mash. Pour in the heavy cream or coconut milk as needed. Be sure not to add too much, as it is very easy to dilute the other flavors. Alternatively, you can also simply use more of your chosen cooking fat instead of cream or coconut milk, it’ll make for an even richer side dish.

Once fully mashed, add the pesto. The amount will depend on how strong you would like to the pesto flavor to be. Finally, season with salt and pepper to taste.

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Deb ...are you here now?   I thought we were saying Goodbye to the other thread and starting anew with new folks.  Hey there, y'all.  Welcome.

Meadow I'm going to go back and forth for the next couple of days! Then transition fully on the 21st. 

I will spill my guts on the other thread and be more polite here so the new people don't think I'm crazy too fast  :D  :lol:  :P  ;)


Dawner that recipe looks great! It has been interesting looking at how controversial white potatoes have been in the paleo community. 

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