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Dirty 30 8/21 Start

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Ann - remember that YOU should be the only one that has the ability to influence YOU! Wake up. smile, be thankful for the things you have, smile again, look at your best friend in the mirror, say something nice about them, smile again....and start your day ...on YOUR terms! If you are going to be shitty you will have to sit in the luggage compartment on this flight!


Miki - I thing it is soooo cute that you think people don't notice the 126 pound crush you have on me! It's's ok!


I have walked, I have played my favorite game "Find....MY.....CRAP" which is played every weekend as I search high and low to see where everyone has put my stuff instead of where it should be. I am a bit of an organization freak....ESTJ on the Myers Briggs........don't hate my extraverted genius please! I made breakfast, did some work in the shop, did upper body work out, walked the dogs........then woke up "Miss Beautiful" and told her she only had about an hour and a half before her lunch with her girlfriends. Made her some coffee and bacon and booted her ass to the curb. Told the boys to start vacuuming the house and mom's van needs washed. Going to try to get the yard mowed and weed whacked before the rain comes in this afternoon. Then I have my good friend ( you girls would eat him up) over for dinner. He went thru a nasty divorce with a cheating wife. And he's a fireman (actually Fire Marshall). I have included a shirtless pic of him just to appease the masses and give everyone a smile.


You are all very beautiful people (that's the way this flight was booked....only beautiful people...... inside and out). I want everyone to look up a song......."She's a Beauty" by The Tubes.........dedicated to all the lovely women on here.




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Meadow - I had clicked on her and I SAW THE BISON!

I had no idea this even existed - thank you so much!

I wish I had known about it when I had to miss a family vacation there due to work - I could have seen the rest of the family seeing her!  :huh:

This is just too cool! 

Thank You!

I only share secrets with my closest friends on a very, public forum.

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Laurie - Thanks for the kind words (sticking my tongue out at Miki)....I hope you are getting some positive reports regarding Steve. This must be a very exhausting time for you both (and family) and you have put all of us "Dirty 30'ers" in your cheering section to help rally Steve back to fighting shape. Remember what I said about static and dynamic can only do something about the dynamic ones so don't dwell on anything in the past. His sickness is static...his health and your combined love is dynamic! Smiles to you both.....prayers and well wishes also. 


Ann - I keep track of everything, but,.....I don't track what I eat. I try to eat "in the moment" meaning I make sure what I am eating is compliant but once it's over.....I erase it from my memory. It sounds as if you are USING your past meals as a "yardstick" for how you feel which might be a perfect way for you to maximize the best food for you. If this helps keep you focused on what works and what doesn't...I say..."you go girl"!


Off to mow......................up ...up and away!




Added the newest picture here also so that you could see a close up. This was when my boys were young.......and me too!


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Dave said: Ann - remember that YOU should be the only one that has the ability to influence YOU! Wake up. smile, be thankful for the things you have, smile again, look at your best friend in the mirror, say something nice about them, smile again....and start your day ...on YOUR terms! If you are going to be shitty you will have to sit in the luggage compartment on this flight!

Wait... WTF? I'm happy, I'm doing the deal, what??? Ok, maybe I'm not eating quite enough veggies, but that's it. Perhaps you have me mixed up with someone else?


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Hello you crazy kids,


Dave is as always a great coach, leader and motivator. Dave sweet pic.  I did a search for "military" and "marines" on my dating site to see if there were any single Daves out there. Came up empty  :lol: Love the hot Fire Marshall, I personally love a tattooed man.  Like Luther Billis in South Pacific "there is nothing like a daaaaaame" I love that movie/show. It is cute that Miki is always pulling your hair  :P I will be playing "Find My Crap" today for sure. There are gremlins in my house and I am missing a sweater and a pair of favorite earrings. I've torn the place up looking for them but no dice. Maybe today. Dynamic thinking, yes. Its mandatory in my work world. Don't get stuck, move forward. Problem solving, how can we do it better now. 


Congrats to all for using and telling us about the ingredients of the day!Higs and CC sorry about your average dining experiences. It really pains me to post recipes that I have not personally tested and approved! I do reject ones that I don't like look of. Higs how about frozen boar bolognese with zoodles or spag squash? OR Nom Nom's slow cooked pork stew with the boar? I made wild boar bolognese last time I was in NZ (they had sausages and I opened them up to get to the ground meat) and it was SO GOOD. 


Miki I did post a few daikon recipes in the bunch so that folks could try that too, also some for watermelon radish. I see a lot of peeps on Instagram using watermelon radish; I've never actually seen it - maybe at the Farmers Market. The recipe for watermelon radish carpaccio looked really good I thought. I've never eaten a cooked radish so that is my plan today!!  Did anyone do anything fun with carrots? (resisting dirty joke here). 


Meadow, love the dance. I used to go to dancing meditation all the time. Need to get back to that.

Joni, now I'm watching Old Faithful too, when is she gonna go? Did I miss it? 


Laurie I agree with you on the asparagus pee smell (sorry Meadow) but I didn't realize til I did that post that that is genetic and not everyone gets it!! Simple is good! Fruit is good as part of template! I hope Steve will have a good day today. What is the poor man doing all day? Hospital is soooooo boring  :(


CC did you ever make your chocolate flip flops? Is that for today or tomorrow? Would love to see pics! I hope the birthday parties go well! Bike ride sounds amazing. I've sort of lost track - will you and Rick be reunited tonight?


Dr Tracy, nice to see you. 


Ann I would like to keep a food log to see effects of different foods on various symptoms etc, as yet have not been successful at that. I'm sure there's an app for that though!


Dawner grass fed sausage sounds sooooo good. I am interested in your Aromatouch. I use essential oils daily as I am allergic to perfumes. I have different ones for different days and moods - but have not really explored the use in a medical way. Sounds super interesting. 


Allright dirty peeps, our flight continues! Tomorrow's in flight meals will include a new special ingredient - ARTICHOKE!!! Stay tuned for a selection of the finest compliant artichoke recipes. 


And Miki I am excited for MY big jacuzzi and card making date tomorrow! Tell those cats  to fasten their seat belts. Dinner in bed  ;)  :P


To anyone I've missed, much love and light. Rose/Rosann, its like the potato famine over here, except with roses. 

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Tomorrow's Ingredient of the Day is - ARTICHOKE!!!


First of all we need a step by step guide on the basics of cooking and eating an artichoke. 

Find that here:


Did you know that the total antioxidant capacity of artichoke flower heads is one of the highest reported for vegetables??

Or that the artichoke is a variety of thistle? I did not know these things! Wow. Remember you can also buy artichoke frozen and pre prepped for you. But then you'd be missing half the fun  ;) 


Ok, on to our recipe round up!


Roasted Baby Artichokes


Braised Chicken with Artichoke and Onions


Artichoke Lemon Pesto Chicken "Pasta"


Chicken Puttanesca

Sub fruit juice, chicken broth or vinegar for the wine 


Avocado and Artichoke Heart Dip


Garlic and Artichoke Stuffed Chicken


Whole Artichokes Braised "Roman Style"


Artichokes and Garlic Aioli


Stuffed Artichoke with Dill Dip


Artichoke Fennel Salad


Sauteed Artichoke Hearts with Roasted Tomatoes


Spinach and Artichoke Frittata


Artichoke Stuffed Artichoke


AIP  - many of the above dishes are or can also be made AIP compliant


Sweet Potato Artichoke and Bacon Bites


Shrimp Spinach Artichoke Stuffed Mushrooms


Braised Artichokes with Crab and Cultured Ghee


Grain Free Cous Cous Salad with Baby Kale and Artichoke Hearts



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There is enough diversity in the fish world and enough ways to prepare fish to do 30-days in a row with fish as your protein source. You can get different experiences roasting fish, stewing them in marinara sauce, stewing them in coconut milk. You can do tuna salad, salmon salad, herring salad, smoked kippers, sardines, crab salad, octopus salad. The key is not to try to live on a handful of recipes, but to live on at least 30 different recipes. And really, you can probably find 90 different recipes based upon fish if you put your mind to it. 


By the way, if you consume foods rich in selenium, you have nothing to worry about regarding mercury in fish. Many fish are high in selenium. Personally, I eat 2 brazil nuts per day as a selenium supplement just in case I ate fish low in selenium.

Thank you very much.  I promptly ate 2 Brazil Nuts.

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