Dirty 30 8/21 Start

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Morning Kids,


Meadow, It was a blessing to cook for more than just me. we each have left overs for the week as well as the kids.


Rose, It was amazing how comfortable I felt with Deb. It was also fun to ask all the questions that my fingers can't muster and be able to hear large parts of her story and journey.


Rosann is without Internet kids, so she's aways off for now. I have a big week ahead.


I'm not one to encourage Daves behavior, but I think we all agree the he and nakid Joe could "clean up politics". I'm not sure the masses would support this behavior though, and the with his propensity for the naked truth, at all times? Perhaps Colonel Clean of the Dirty 30 is more rewarding!


Laurie, Deb gets full credit for that lovely card INDEED, she is quite the talent.


Well, Jacuzzi guy has asked me out for Friday night, prime time, interesting.


FYI, Deb has the most enchanting accent and such a charming way of looking at life and the world. I now want to fly to Ireland, up to Portland, off to Maryland and the Island with Kelly and Dave.  All in due time, all in due time.


Okay - I won't be around a lot and can't beat myself up to "catch up" will just do my best. Plan, Prepare and Party Dirty! (PS, in honor of Deb's visit I made my first Dirty 30. Remember Deb invented that drink with I was missing my Dirty Martini on round 1 or 2 and it was bubbly water and olive juice. In creative theory it was awesome...in practicality, Deb and I will wait till we reintro alcohol!)

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Miki and Deb:  yaaaaayyyyy!!  It is so fun to see the two of you together, our first real-world D30 meet up.  Great photos, lovely food, the card is the bomb and the two of you look fantastic.


Rose, hooray, you're back.  I haven't started my FCOD yet - !  This damn tooth has knocked me on my butt and i ended up feeling pretty crappy all weekend.  I decided to go ahead and quit with the coffee while I was already not feeling good.  Meadow kept me company and cheered up all day yesterday.


CC, I love the flip flop nutterbutters especially.  I had my first nutterbutter in many many years on our float trip last week (I was off roading, after all) - actually I had more than one, I think I had four.  They are exactly as remembered.


Laurie, you get to see Steve today.  Keep sending those good-news updates!


Gang, it's back to the workaday grind and I will be doing my best to keep up here - it is so BUSY on this forum (notice our Mods haven't made any appearances?  Do they just let us go now?).  I'll be starting my morning workout routine tomorrow, I hope, tooth permitting, which will cut into my computer time.  But I will of course be thinking of you all and chiming in when I can.


Love to all!

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Um, not sure what I said that made you think I was being shitty.....??

Dave, this was the last thing I posted - don't see anything but gratitude to you Dave, but if I gave off a different perspective of being "shitty" please let me know:


Thank you Captain Dave, I needed that! I have low self esteem and I'm working on it. All of this helps! You guys keep it real and keep it fun, I'm loving you all! Off for the day, eggs, grass fed sausage and a TON of yummy veggies, red peppers, mushrooms, spinach, kale

I'm treating my best friend GOOD today cause she's worth it, yay me!!! Thanks again xo 

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Good morning to all - having a hard time keeping up with you!  Such good comments and suggestions and once this race & trip are over I will hopefully have more time to stay on top of all of it :)  


Yesterday was 56 mile bike and 4 mile run.  Last super long workout before race, it's taper week!  Started training January 1st and the actual half IM training started 4/21 so I have prepared as best I can with two bum knees, but it's time to finally hit my goal this year (goal "shape" and goal race)

Down 70 pounds in 5 years.  I'm happy to be here, grateful to be alive, and to be living a simple live full of family, work, recovery & love.  

Higs - I also made the Creamy Avocado Asparagus dish and it was ok, little bland but when I reheated next day for lunch with a sweet potato it sweetened it up and tasted delicious - added a little more sea salt also.


CC - I used your idea and brought 2 babyfood pouches - spinach, pear and apple & Coconut & berry - what a great idea, thank you so much!! I will be using them for the race, yippee!   


Wasn't able to utilize the other IOD's.  I did make the pesto mashed potatoes and those are pretty good! 


Have to go back and see what the today's is, I can't remember :)  

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Meadow, Miki is the hostess with the mostess and the salt of the earth. I too felt like I was with an old friend and if she had a 4th bedroom I’d be trying to move in (I looked). Or maybe I can put my own Tiny House in the backyard. ;)  I am excited to eat some of our yum dinner leftovers for breakfast. We are also sisters in margaritas and chips and salsa . One day, one day, one day.  I love how Miki and I are talking about each other in the third person.


Miki Mik you are amazing and I slept so well last night full, happy, Jacuzzi-ed. Thank you so many more times for such a wonderful time in the South Bay.


Rosie Rose, so very good to hear from you like rain in the desert. I have learned the hard way to write all my posts in Word and then cut and paste them into the forum.


Sorry to hear that Roseann's internet is down again. That must be hard when she has orders coming in too. 


Laurie I am SO happy to hear about Steve’s good news and progression. Yes LOL we were very excited about the watermelon collage find!! I think you are seeing Steve today, can’t wait to hear the report.


Higs its like back to school for you today as well! I hope it goes painlessly in all ways!


Joni that is very interesting your reaction to coconut oil. I have heard of people having issues with it but mostly stomach related. Do you have the same reaction to coconut milk or other coconut products?


Dawner glad you are doing well – 56 mile bike ride? I just had to sit down. Amazing stuff. Todays IOD is lamb! 


Dave YES run for office. You and Naked Joe. You'll have to go through this forum and delete all your dirty posts  :lol: 


Cara, hope alls well with you my Aussie friend. 


Ann and Kat, hope its a great day for you too! 


Nanny D, hope alls well with you too! 


Working from the couch for me today and I still have to er, begin my commitment to yoga 3x a week. There is a yoga class I really want to go to at 230 today its called Urban Zen.  I need some urban zen these days here in the middle of noisy Hollywood!! Maybe I will make that my goal. 


Stay tuned for recipes for tomorrow's IOD - SPAGHETTI SQUASH!!

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Hey, guys, getting through my stressful moving week before I join you.  That said, I had compliant bacon and eggs  with sweet potato hash for breakfast.


Take a look at this fun Taylor Swift video.  All about having fun and not worrying about perfection and accepting yourself.  (Or, in other words, "girl can't dance").




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1 hour of "catching up reading" here, hope you all had a great weekend, busy for our family, and Capt. Dave would be proud with all laundry, cleaning, and cooking made :-) Visited older son at UH and went grocery shopping with him, does it count like a little mini walk, right???? hehehe


As you had noticed already, I did not connected over the weekend, easier for me during the week, since I am seating all day in front of a computer.


-I will look for AIP Cookbook, and forgot who gave me that advise, but THANKS


-Deb/Ann/MeadowLily Essential Oils are WONDERFUL, have to make sure you are using pure oils because of the effect in our system with synthetic ingredients. Not fun. Any time you want an advice on that area, I am here to help, but shout it out, I do not want to be giving unwanted advice... just saying ;-)


-Geminimik - Hi!


-JGuldy, I learned that word a couple of weeks ago "lurking" that is what my husband says he looks like it at the gym, and he put a crazy face when he tells me about it.


- CCLaymon, that will be great to connect with your friend, feel free to give her my email under my signature here :-)


- Laurie, I am a watermelon freak! My grandfather grew it and I loved it, we could eat have of a big long one in a seated time, and then peeeeee all night long.


-Captain thanks for the smooth flight. 2 kids in college, one in 8th grade, today was the first day of class. :-)


- Twin I am trying to get more and more paleo to my kids, specially my 13 years old that has some allergy issues like his momma


Everybody else I am missing, have a great week! No lamb or artichokes for the IOD will catch up on that next week, overlaping ingredients.


Much love and a great evening.


Blessings and may the weather treat all of us nicely, no more pour downs and earthquakes.

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Tomorrow’s IOD is  - SPAGHETTI SQUASH!


I am a total convert to this noodly veggie. This, some sliced chicken, and Leon’s Miracle Sauce (Nom Nom Paleo) http://nomnompaleo.com/post/31668858279/leons-caper-and-anchovy-miracle-sauce and I am good to go. Definitely a good thing to have handy in the fridge for a quick meal.


And here’s the recipe round up!


Roasted Spaghetti Squash



Microwave Spaghetti Squash



Use up those artichokes!

Artichoke Lemon Pesto Chicken Spaghetti Squash



Chicken Florentine Spaghetti Squash



Pistachio Pesto Chicken Spaghetti Squash ( I think this is CC’s fave)



Spaghetti (Squash) and Meatballs/Meat Sauce


Make sure your Worcestershire is compliant




Spice Pumpkin Spaghetti Squash



SS  Breakfast Bake



Pesto SS



Sausage and SS Bake



Mediterranean Chicken SS



SS with Walnut Saffron Pesto



SS Fritters




Carbonara with SS




Garlic Shrimp SS



Indian Beef and SS





Chicken, Bacon, and Mushroom Alfredo with SS



Italian SS Saute




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Joni - what could I not live without now?  A few things: ghee for cooking (I was such a butter girl!!), butternut squash, and coconut milk for my coffee. Have you tried that? Rick (my husband) was bulletproofing for a while - no reaction like you mentioned. He gave up bulletproof for this Whole 30. He likes it black anyway, so I never understood the point of it!


Dawner -  I love hearing about your training - remind me - when is the race? Glad the baby food worked for you!


Higs - hope you're feeling better soon. Can't wait to hear your report out on FCOD. Remind me - what does that stand for?


Rose - Rick and I enjoyed your post this morning, and love your writing style. Thanks for the shout out. Funny when you mentioned the thing about us not knowing everyone's names - I'm actually Cassie - like I've attempted ANY semblence of anonymity here, LOL!


Sam and I drove from VA in record time today (7.5 hours). I then kicked him out the door for marching band practice, ran to the grocery store (we're only home for two days - it's so hard to shop this way!) and now I'm headed about an hour north to see some clients tonight. I don't think I'm going to be working tomorrow! Good thing Rick isn't here to see that!  ;)  For the new folks, Rick is my husband, greatest supporter, and also my boss. We actually own our business together, but he's the CEO so the buck stops there :)


Deb and Mik - so envious of your get together and glad you shared the pics! Now I'm off to work!

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Hi all! I haven't had time to read through all the posts in this forum...just glance quickly. I started my 2nd W30 today...only this time with AIP. I found it relatively easy to cut out the two big things I was continuing to still eat during my 1st W30...and that was eggs and nuts/seeds. So far so good! I think my biggest problem is I still like to snack between meals. I will typically grab some fruit or my latest addiction...which is coconut manna (puréed coconut). It is easy for me to grab a spoon and enjoy 1tbsp...sometimes 8 or 9. I know I should not consume that much...must be I need it, or the sugar dragon has it's claws in me. Other than that...I follow the W30 with AIP.

A little about me: I have intestinal permeability and autoimmune thyroid disease. I am looking to heal my body with nutrition/food and exercise. That is why I am here doing my 2nd W30 with you fine folks! I run 2-3 days a week...typically 4-5 miles each time...with a long term goal of running a half marathon next Fall. I am also going to start a program to cross-train between runs...and it's called PiYo...which is a combination of pilates and yoga. Supposed to be good for toning, and building core strength. Thank you for letting me come along on this "flight" with you! Much W30 success to everyone! :-)

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Hi outdorsgrl welcome, good to see you here!

There are whole threads on the forum about coconut butter/coconut manna.

Strangely it is not a no brakes food for me (I guess thank goodness!). Sometimes I will have some on an apple. 

Your exercise plan sounds good! And inspiring to the couch potatoes among us (I think I am representing that very small group  :D  :D  :lol:

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Hey gang! This is a blogpost I wrote this morning for our client newsletter and social media outlets. Thought it might be helpful to some of you...

Staying Out of The Gap

Last night my wife CC took me for my first open water swim in preparation for my first triathalon in October. I have been training hard and enjoying much success in the pool at the YMCA over the last month and expected to continue that in the lake. What actually happened, though, was quite different. First, I couldn't see the bottom or where I was going at all, nor did I have any sense of distance. As a result, I set out at far too fast a pace, quickly lost my bearings and continually veered off course, exhausting myself with trying to navigate all of these unexpected challenges. All of a sudden, completing an October triathalon seemed like a daunting task! Talk about frustration!!!

CC, being an experienced triathalon racer (and my biggest cheerleader), knew exactly what to expect and what I needed to be training for. Without her guidance and encouragement I could have easily fallen into The Gap. The Gap, according to Dan Sullivan the founder of The Strategic Coach, is a mental construct we tend to use when measuring our success against the ideal result, which of course is unattainable and an ever-moving target. This leads to nothing but frustration, discouragement and even sometimes defeat. The Gap is a dangerous place to be!

What CC correctly reminded me of is how far I have come since swimming my first lap in her parent's backyard pool back in July. It took me many hours with lots of rest between laps to get in a total of 1/4 mile that week. Now I can cover that in about 18 minutes at the YMCA. Soon I will be doing it in the lake too if I keep my focus on making continual progress and building upon those wins each time out... Progress, not perfection, keeps us out of the gap and is the real measure of success towards attaining all of our life goals!

Stay out of the Gap!

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Stress Addiction


Lies We Tell Ourselves - Dallas and Melissa Hartwig


"People typically don’t brag about their dedication to cocaine, or their disciplined daily alcohol consumption. These behaviors (excessive drug use or drinking) can bring upon bona fide addictions, and literally destroy health, happiness, and quality of life.

But what about other addictions—unhealthy obsessions that masquerade as conscientiousness, dedication, devotion to something “healthy?” How often do you hear people proudly telling others about their obsession with the gym, their ever-progressively restrictive dietary protocols, or the fact that they’re tied to their Blackberries 24/7?

stressaddict1.jpg Stress and Justification

“It’s called discipline.”

“I’m more driven than the average person.”

“Obsessed is a word used by the lazy to describe the dedicated.”

These are the things people will tell themselves when their behaviors around food, exercise, or work creep from healthy dedication to unhealthy obsession—and even addiction. They may use these pithy statements or pieces of “fitspiration” to justify their behavior—behavior you suspect has crossed the line from healthy to damaging. They do so because the stress levels they have created feel so good they can’t fathom not continuing this behavior at this pace. (These are the people who would never voluntarily take a week off from exercise, take a vacation without their laptop, or indulge in a slice of cake at their sister’s wedding.)

You may even fall into the trap of admiring these people—looking up to them, because their actions and justifications suggest that you should.

stressaddict4.jpg Don’t Be Fooled

“Jenny is amazing—she’s had a cold all week, and still shows up for the 5 a.m. workout.”

“Chris has worked every single weekend for the last three months straight—he’s such a superstar.”

“Jessica is so committed to her diet—she’s not even eating fruit anymore, because of the sugar. I wish I had her willpower.”

What you have to understand is that this behavior is not healthy, it’s not admirable, and it doesn’t make you stronger/better/more dedicated. It makes you sick. It makes you a stress addict, with disrupted hormonal and inflammatory feedback loops. (We’ll explain exactly how this works in future articles.)

This is not healthy behavior.

And don’t be fooled by the smoke-and-mirrors these folks will use to make you feel bad for even questioningwhether their behavior is healthy or not.

Because chances are, if you’re in the middle of this cycle, you’re not willing to admit it. At all. In fact, you’re probably pretty angry just reading this article. You probably think we just don’t understand how truly dedicated/devoted/motivated/tough you really are. You probably think that because you’re getting fitter, losing weight, getting promoted, that all your hard work is paying off—and normal people just can’t comprehend what it’s like to have the discipline to work as hard as you.

“You’re just jealous. You wish you could stick to your diet like I can.”

“Days off are for lazy people with no drive.”

“You sleep nine hours a night? Imagine how productive you could be if you weren’t sleeping in so much!”


The Vicious Loop of Stress Addiction

Of course, you’d be wrong. You’re not super-human, or elite, or gifted with an uncommon amount of willpower. You’re just stuck in the vicious cycle of a stress addiction loop. Because for a really long time, the stress you are creating for yourself feels really good. Which makes you think that what you’re doing is good for you. But it’s not, because your behavior is creating inflammation in your brain and disrupting your brain chemistry, adrenals, thyroid, and probably sex hormones, too. And pretty soon, you’ll be in a position where the only way you can feel normal (not even happy, just normal) is to create just a little more stress for yourself. And then more. And then even more. (Does this sound like an addiction concept called “tolerance?”) And the more you perpetuate this behavior, the more your health, happiness, and quality of life take a sharp decline.

You’ll be depressed, or barely keeping the depression at bay. You’ll be anxious. You’ll be irritable and irrational. You’ll start feeling like things are moving too fast, that you’re barely keeping up, that it’s all unraveling quickly. You’ll feel more isolated, so you’ll be less social. And the only thing that will keep you feeling even remotely like yourself is more of the same stress-inducing behavior.

Because at this point, you need it.

stressaddict2.jpg Practice Real Dedication

We’re not saying that everyone who exercises, works hard at their job, or tries to eat healthy is obsessed. Just like not everyone who has a glass of wine is an alcoholic, there’s a line that some people cross and others do not. But we do take serious issue with these “fitspiration” gems that suggest that addiction or obsession is to be admired—and that those who don’t push themselves to that extreme are simply not dedicated, motivated, or tough enough.

Real dedication is taking time to rest and recover when you need it. It’s creating a healthy relationship with food, such that you are able to enjoy a night out or a special meal without guilt, remorse, or  punishment. It’s finding a balance between furthering your career, and enjoying the quality of life that your job affords you and your family. Real dedication is knowing when to ask for help, acknowledging when you’re in over your head, and admitting when you need a break. That’s real dedication—and the kind of behavior that we all should be encouraged to emulate.

Do you fear your own behavior has gone from healthy dedication to unhealthy obsession? Do you know someone who needs to slow down and change their behaviors, but hides behind a curtain of “dedication” and “devotion?” Share your thoughts in comments."


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Hi, all. As I finish up my first W30, I am more convinced than ever that 30 days is not enough ... so I'm glad to be on board here with Captain Dave and all of you. No Tiger Blood, lots of fatigue, and my chronic headaches have returned... BUT, I am persevering for the next 30 days, and looking forward to trying more of Deb's IOD recipes. Thanks again for letting me join your group; it isn't easy to let new people join an existing group, especially one as well-bonded as the originals here, so I want to say I appreciate the extremely gracious welcome you all have provided (even though I fully realize that some of it is just because you are enamored of my leopard Snuggie).


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