Dirty 30 8/21 Start

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Hi Dirty 30.  I haven't posted in a few days.  Sorry for my lack of involvement.   Even when I'm not posting, you are all in my thoughts.


Deb and Miki - I received the cards.  Love the new cover (watermelon girl)  on the original card and the collage card is amazing. 


Steve asked me to thank everyone for the cards and well wishes.  


Deb - IOD - melon - this was my IOD for several days last week and my choice of melon was WATERMELON - very big portions.

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Dave - so happy you are back in full force!  I love tomorrow's assignment to do something for someone else.  By the by, Rick and I are headed to your neck of the wood in early October. I will be off the Whole 30 so maybe we can all schedule a meeting with the Captain!


Deb - I bought the bok choy today, but didn't have a chance to make it yet. I went to Whole Foods and asked about gizzards. The butcher said he gets them at ShopRite! I went to ShopRite and they were out, but they told me where to find them when they are stocked. I promise to keep my eyes peeled so I can fulfill my IOD commitment!


I went for a 4 mile run this morning. I can't believe that my race is only a few weeks away! Rick's getting me a new bike for my birthday! It's pretty snazzy so I'll post some pictures when it's ready.


Laurie - I can tell you're struggling so I'm assuming it's slow going with Steve. We are all here cheering you on!


Young Sam is off to high school tomorrow. WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE??

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Hey everyone! Hope you had a great holiday weekend! Day 9 of my W30 w/AIP. Over the weekend I craved blueberries and coconut manna. I just couldn't get enough. My menstrual cycle is next week, and I always seem SO hungry the week before...almost bottomless. I stayed within W30 foods, but I know I had more blueberries and coconut manna than the template allows. The sugar dragon seems to have a grip on me. I can see the inflammation in my stomach. I am thin, but by evening I look 3-4 months pregnant. I think I need to go cold turkey and stop eating the coconut manna. I think it's a BIG culprit...but hard to say. Dang SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) too. Ugh...I have a LONG way to heal! Lots of great people in this group...and I will read more of your quotes, etc. Great support system here! Have a fantastic week!

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Hello friends, ducking in quickly right now to tell you the IODs for the rest of our journey! 

We're moving into international week! So it won't be ingredients, but collections of recipes themed to the country/countries of the day. 

Just mixing it up a lil. 

I can't believe we're already on Day 14 (tomorrow)! Amazing stuff!! I will be back with recipes for tomorrow's IODs - Endive and Radicchio - meantime, here's the rundown. 



Endive and Radicchio


Mexican/Southern American


Asian (Thai, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese)


European (French, Italian and more)


The Colonies – Australia, New Zealand, UK




All American














Turnip and Rutabaga


Whole 30 Holidays!


Cook with love!





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Allright, ENDIVE AND RADICCHIO, here's the recipe round up:


Blue Crab, Avocado, and Mint in Endive Spears



Endive and Pear Sautee



Pork Crackling Joint and Creamed Curly Endive (chicory)



Braised Belgian Endive (use ghee)



Curly Endive (chicory) and Orange Salad



Belgian Endive Mash Up



Braised Endive with Leeks - use olive oil and ghee



Wild Sardine and Grapefruit Salad in Endive Cups



Wilted Radicchio with Shallots (use ghee)



Balsamic Bacon Radicchio



Lemon Basil Chicken Salad in Radicchio Wraps



Radicchio Salad with Frisee and Apples



Pickled Fennel and Roasted Radicchio with Tarragon



Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Sauteed Radicchio, Kale and Grapes



Beet, Orange, Fennel and Radicchio Salad



Stone Fruit, Radicchio and Pine Nut Salad




Tuna Salad Endive Boats



Salmon Bacon Burgers with Radicchio Cucumber Salad





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Did everyone see this article in the New York Times today about the benefits of low carb eating?



  Deb-  Interesting article and lots of other chatter on the news outlets today about the study.    I couldn't get the actual paper but here is the free patient guide with a few details :   http://annals.org/article.aspx?articleid=1900692


I dont think we are as low carb as this study, especially when we eat on the high side of the template for fruit and veg.   It will be interesting to see if Dr Wahls is able to do a bigger study with an eating pattern that is more like Whole30. 

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Hey gang,


Thanks for your kind words meadow. Joni nice to see you. Laurie, hang in there honey, glad you got our cards! Deb, I'm TOTALLY excited about international week!


Outdorsgrl, I have to look up the SIBO.


CC - congrats on your wonderful husband and that new bike that is coming your way, you so deserve it..


Off to bed, 4:14 is early, but I'm loving my workouts!


Hugs to all you wonderful folks.



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All - good morning! I am glad to see that I have some followers doing a few minutes of exercise ....as instructed! Please continue with some form of exercise and the daily tasks of cleaning or whatever crazy idea I have you do. 


Today is do something good for someone else. I am making a veggie tray for my coworkers....TA DA!


Tomorrow is "do a crossword...COMPLETELY" day.


Friday - Let's clean those rides (cars, bikes, motorcycles, scooters, pogo sticks, goats, boats, airplanes, space ships) for the weekend.


Deb - is there a day for "Redneck", "Trailer Trash", and "Road Kill" recipes or does that just fall under "American"?


Deb/Miki - great picture of the both of you.......I guess it's true that all the pretty girls go to California........that's why I stay on the East Coast!


Laurie - Your note was quick and to the point so Im sure you have a lot going on....keep strong...and Stem Cell ON!


Outdorsgrl - My menstral cycle is also next week........keep your sugar dragon on a leash!


CC - let me know when you get closer to an arrival date and we can see what we can do.


Joni - congrats on day 33.......keep it up....actually, take it to the next level and kick up your exercise which will boost your energy.


Meadow - Please make sure you are handing out MORE than the recommended daily allowance of Tiger Blood to everyone on here..........and thanks for my recent resupply.......I'm going a million miles an hour right now......wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


School work is very heavy right now, so is work.....and I am getting orders like crazy....busy bee!


Grab today by the back of the neck and smack it upside the head!




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Dave - on my way to the gym to give you 45 min of elliptical and planks, crunches, girl pushups..(can't do those man ones at all - whatever) butt pops, hip exercises, etc. Yoga on lunch our...see, I listen. Ooh Rah.


It is 4:30 CA time and thinking of all you darlings as I head off to the gym.


Eat well. Today I have an egg before workout, then 2 eggs over wilted spinach and sausage. Lunch I have chicken and arugula salad. I need to get a spaghetti squash because I hwant to try spag squash with a clam sauce, sounds too yummy but not sure how it will turn out. I used to make a sauce with parsley, garlic, clams & the juice I think. I'll look for a real recipe but that sounds amazing. Added to that will be endive boats with avocado mash, capers, onion & smoked salmon.


I'm out of mayo, again so I'm procrastinating even though it is so easy to make. I'm thinking I want to make a basil, pesto one.

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Hello everyone! As I have been stalking you all, both on the previous thread and now this one, for the past three weeks, I thought I'd pop in, introduce myself, and see if I can finagle an invitation to your amazing group.  I don't have the 5 grand, but I did fill out the credit app and sent it to Dave. 


I've been hanging out on the wing while I finished my first Whole30.  And now, Day 31 is…. TODAY!  What an amazing adventure it has been.




Pre-Whole30,  I was lost and had no idea where to look for a way out of the hole I had gotten myself into. It's not that anything was horribly wrong (yet)… it was more of a malaise.  A big BIG malaise. I ate relatively healthy (so I thought) and moved my body from time-to-time, but I felt completely spent all the time. Like my psyche had been drained and I was left wishing I could just have a little spark of interest in anything.


The first week of the Whole30, I thought I'd died and gone to hell… and then… the veil began to lift. My heart began to open, my thoughts began to clear, and an enthusiasm that I haven't felt in years started to peek around the corner (maybe not Tiger Blood yet, but close!). This was about the time I found ya'll.


In addition to the regular Whole30 stuff, I found myself cleaning (my ceiling fans never looked so good), using the IOD (wow Deb, your ideas and recipe links are amazing!), laughing and learning from each of  along the way. I've chuckled at the MOD, SOD, etc., and am currently reading the books  (CC, your book recommendations are perfect!), and have grown to look forward to your posts, updates, advice and struggles (Laurie, Higs, Geminimik, Ann, et al. I love reading your thoughts).  In particular I appreciate that wherever I found myself on the forums, there was support (special thanks to you Meadow!)


I'm going to wait to start the reintroduction until Friday (I'm anticipating some tummy troubles and would rather be free to fully revel in them in private over the weekend) and then sticking very close to this way of living with occasional intentional off-roading.  Although I won't officially be doing a Whole30 (or more) with you, I'd sure like to tag along.



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Tuni, as you know, Dave's the cattle boss around these here parts.  There's hard work every day.  We take care of the cattle and horses, feed the crew.  We have the Chief Camp Cook, that would be Deb.  We have fun at the bunkhouse and if you don't have a sense of humor....well, then....I just can't say!








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Tuni - of course you are welcome. The ladies have somehow cast the perception that I have some kind of say-so whether someone can join or not....far from the truth. I think we all just want people that are coming in with a great attitude, willing to work hard at the program, have fun, leave the drama and arguing behind.....and succeed. If you can do these things....the $5k is waived!




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Tuni - welcome to the family.  This is now your "home".  Congrats on getting your $5K membership fee waved.  You must be very special because Dave usually does not waive the fee.


Meadow - I love the bunkhouse - it looks so relaxing and stress- free.  Let's all meet up there this weekend.


I feel lots of anxiety.  Trying to reach for the next rock (thanks Deb) without sliding down the mountain.  Whole 30 foods and exercise keeps me semi-same.  So much on my mind.  Unfortunately, I can't write about some of it on here because it is public and you never know who might be reading.  Luckily, I have my mom, sisters and therapist for support.


Steve is improving.  I see light and life in his eyes.  Steve has lost 23 pounds in 27 days.  For all those who want to drop weight, please send that weight to Steve.  The stem cell process definitely broke him down.  My goal is to build him up. 


I need to work on me.  Steve will be sick for a very long time and I need something (within myself) to hang onto - to make me emotionally stronger, happier ...........


"Challenge" -  is going to be my one word for the year - from Sept 6, 2014 through Sept 6, 2015.  

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