Dirty 30 8/21 Start

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Ha ha...thanks for the laugh Dave! Totally needed it! I am going to do whatever it takes to tame my sugar dragon. That is why I am here on this flight with you fine folks! Thinking of everyone...and hoping you having a good week so far. :-)

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Tuni - Congrats on completing the Whole 30. It's so fun to add new people to the ranks! So glad you're enjoying the book recommendations.


Mik - I am SO PROUD of your for going to the gym at the hour of the morning. Maybe your word it TENACITY!!!


LAURIE - your word should be something you want MORE OF!! Not challenge! How about STRENGTH or PEACE or FAITH or something!! Can you hear how panicky this word makes me?  :D


Deb - I just want to take a moment to tell you how much I appreciate the IOD. I'm a little off this week - that bok choy is waiting for me! Although it's a labor of love, you're doing a yeoman's job (Dave I don't know how to spell that).


Dave - So glad you got your round of tiger blood, as if you needed it!  How is Kelly liking the job? Kudos to her for taking a risk!


I have to go pick Sam up from school - he had 6 hours of band practice after school, which means it's a 13 hour day for him (every Wednesday). Let's see how long he can keep up the enthusiasm for this!!

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Hello peeps!


How is everyone? Hope everyone is rocking and rolling on through. What's working for everyone? What's hard? 


Tuni, welcome, so happy you're here. And congrats on Day 31!! Love the giraffe pic lol. 


Lynn, Meadow does like to bait and switch with the pics!! Love the quote about contentment. I don't do guided dreaming but in dreams where evil spirits come to me I am definitely lucid and consciously tell them to get out and go away. 


Meadow/Dave - roadkill/campfire/chuckwagon/trailer park/redneck cooking will all be included in our "All American" day!


Meadow your dream! So interesting. I love trying to analyze dreams. 


Dave I've sent a bunch of "hellos" out to some good friends today AND tidied up my garage! 

Also, Dave, if you're gonna have a cycle, I think you should learn to spell menstrual. 


Miki Mik I have no idea how you get up that early. That is so impressive. Love the idea of you doing crunches in the boss's office!!

Tiger blood FOR SURE! Spag Squash with your clam sauce sounds compliant and delicious. 


Laurie, I am so glad you got the cards. Love that you have been enjoying the watermelon. And also loving that you are acknowledging that this is a long haul for Steve and you need to focus on you.  Yes Yes Yes. Big love and double oreos to Steve.  I am relieved to see CC speaking to you about "challenge", I too went into panic mode. I don't think you want to manifest more challenge for yourself. 

Peace is a good one. Joy, also. 


CC, thanks for the kind words!!! SIX HOURS of band practice!!!!! Wowowwwwww. 


Outdorsgrl glad to hear you are trucking on! I use the coconut manna for salad dressings, great way to use it up. 


Ann, how are you doing, how are those cute dogs? 


Nanny - how are you? 


Win, any more good dreams? 


Dawner did we lose you? 




Joni G , CONGRATS! That is a great win. When do your knife skills classes start? That is a GREAT skill to learn. I work in food tv and competitors on the shows are always being yelled at for bad knife skills. Also always cutting themselves! 


DrTracy what's the haps? How is it going? 


I'm going to try my hand at AIP scalloped sweet potatoes tonight. Had a dandelion salad for lunch - delicious. 


Allright my friends, coming up in just a minute is our IOD for tomorrow. We are moving into International Week!!! Tomorrow's recipes will all be from Central and South America! Get ready for vacation! ! 

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Allllrightyyyy who's ready for our trip to Central and South America??!! Here it comes!!




Mexican Meatza



Mexican Hash Egg Bake



Mexican Chicken Lime Soup



Mexican Breakfast Bowl



Chicken Mole



Tropical Tacos with Jicama Slaw



Oven Braised Mexican Beef



Venezuelan Chicken Avocado Salad on Tostones



Grilled Butterflied Peruvian Chicken (omit honey, sub fruit juice)



Paleo Peruvian Green Sauce

(if anyone loves Peruvian green sauce like I do,  how great is this?)



More Peruvian Roast Chicken with Aji Verde because IT IS SO GOOD



Feijoada (Brazilian Stew)



Slow Cooker Brazilian Chicken Curry



Brazilian Fish Stew



Chimichurri Sauce



Argentinian Steak with Chimichurri



Costa Rican Ceviche


(bet you could use kombucha in this)




Guatemalan Green Chicken Stew



Patacones (aka tostones)



Yuca Fries



Ecuadorian Shrimp Ceviche



Ecuadorian Coconut Fish Stew



Guyanese Pepperpot

Note: it would be hard to find cassareep/compliant cassareep – but if you can, or can make a compliant version, have at it!



Trinidad East Indian Beef Curry


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The only cycle I'm talking about is the 




  1. a medieval singer or musician, especially one who sang or recited lyric or heroic poetry to a musical accompaniment for the nobility.
    I don't talk about body functions.  Toity probs and all of the rest.... :P  :P  :P
    I cruise on by those out there in the foyer. :D 
  2.   If I should be tempted to read,  the gag reflex kicks in.  I hold nurses in high esteem.

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My grilled radicchio was fab.  We had that with the leftover meatloaf that was stuffed with greens from yesterday's IOD.  There are so many options for tomorrow.


Deb - I've thought about that dream, too.  The old lecherous boss chasing girls and the cardboard car hoist.   I could feel the cardboard give way and I was drooped over the hoist like a frog.

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Dear Melissa,

I know the Whole30 says not to snack, but I'm on Day 4 and I'm ravenous between meals. If I snack, do I have to start the program over on Day 1? --B.T., Billings, MT

Dear B.T., 

There is a difference between the Whole30 rules and our recommendations for success. The rules of the Whole30 are all spelled out right in the program itself--don't consume sugar in any form, alcohol, grains, dairy, legumes, or the three additives we spelled out; don't Paleo-fy baked goods, desserts, or treats; and don't step on the scale or take measurements during your program. That's it. 

Now, we make a lot of recommendations to help you maximize your Whole30 success--but these are just suggestions, and aren't an official part of the program. Some recommendations include not to "drink" your meals; to avoid fruit smoothies or juice; to avoid snacking; to buy pastured, organic, or grass-fed animal protein sources; and to eat breakfast within an hour of waking. But you could drink an all-fruit smoothie every day, eat constantly from morning to night, and buy all your meat conventionally and you'd still be doing the Whole30. Chances are you won't see all of the stunning results you're hoping for... but you'd be technically 100% compliant.

The "no snacking" thing is about giving your hormones a chance to work the way they are supposed to, and allowing your body time to digest and your blood sugar to regulate. (See Chapter 5 in It Starts With Food for details.) But in the beginning, as your appetite regulates and you're trying to figure out how big your meals should be, it may be hard for you to eat just three times a day. If you're really hungry (and not just craving), then have a snack! Just make sure it contains at leats two of the three basic macronutrients (protein, carbs, and fat), and keep it small so you're hungry for your next "real" meal. Eventually, your body's desire to snack will subside, and you'll get your perfect portion sizes nailed down.

Best in health,

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Good evening friends!     


I had an early morning appt and I really  missed reading all of your news over coffee!  I am going to try to catch up very quickly over Brussel sprouts, salmon and endive w/cauliflower hummus.   


Welcome Tuni!   This crowd is very, very embracing-  the bunkhouse rules are easy and the scenery changes really quickly due  to meadow!    Some things (like Huckleberry????)   I still don't understand but I am just going with the flow.   Congrats on finishing your Whole30!  


Laurie- Maybe there are some nuances to the  "Challenge"  word that could take your thoughts in  a different direction.  Some definitions I found .. "to query as to the truth of something"    "to test the abilities of ".      It sounds like you will be using this year to query into the truth of your inner strength and to test your ability to both support Steve and to find your emotional balance.   I think you are up to the challenge, but when you need help come back here and we will circle the wagons!  


Dave-  an extra set of squats and push-ups just for you.     Did my car send you a message? it has been asking me for weeks to clean it out -  I will let it know that Friday is the happy day.    I didn't have any specific nice thing to report so I jumped over to the Success Stories page and replied to someone who had 0 replies...  (amylong1985 "Not stopping" if anyone else still needs to be nice today!)    


Deb-  my pushups were Hindu pushups in anticipation of the India day of International week-  I can not wait!!   I miss my Tikka Masala chicken but have not had the motivation to find a Whole30 compliant recipe-  yipee!!    I have a jicama on hand so I am going to do the tacos with jicama slaw tomorrow (although I may need to revert to Melissa's other taco meat recipe since I love it SO much)


Miki-  I exercise at 4:30 too...  but on the PM side of the day!!  Wow that is some dedication!  


Joni -  congrats on the belt and on the chiropractor stealth weigh in!   I love that your head went right to "that makes the case for continuing"  instead of "ok, good I deserve a treat".  And thanks for the mayo recipe!!   I have been avoiding making any mayo because drizzling etc sounds so complicated.   "dump  it all in and blend" I can handle


Meadow-  not sure I can handle the tents but the cozy chair on the porch with a blanket looks like heaven...  I am ready for some blanket  weather and campfire weather!      


Off to find a crossword puzzle .. not my usual past time so I need to be prepared for tomorrow!



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Ah - one other thought - actually a request for help.... 


I am traveling with my 22 year old daughter this weekend for a baby shower.   I would very much like to share Whole30 with her , but she and I have a bit of an tense relationship when it comes to me "encouraging" her to make healthier choices (I call it encouraging, she call is something different).   I have tried things like talking about how much I love my trainer... and offering to pay for one for her if she is interested... but nothing has inspired her.   


I haven't told her anything about my Whole 30 .... but I will be showing up with a cooler full of  compliant food to make it through the weekend... and I have lost a noticeable amount of weight since she saw me end of July...  and we will have 4 hours each way in a car together, where i am going to be very tempted to "encourage"    


Any ideas on how to play this?     

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bummer....  this used to be an actual picture of the crossword squares....  I guess the forum doesnt like the format or else I wasnt really allowed to post it....  I will add some details to the clues below



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1. where we gather for fun and support  (9 letters, featured in pictures recently)
2. the best lifestyle program around (10 letters because crossword programs cant handle numbers) 
3. what Dave assigns to the group (6 letters....  and its not exercise since that is 8 letters) 
4. the best group on Whole30  (11 letters... again  because crossword programs cant handle numbers and just to keep you on your toes) 
5. inspiration for cooking!   (3 letters ... or 18 letters if you want it to be and there is no more crossword squares to say it should be different)   


6. who we see in the mirror  (10 letters ... and 4 are in bold, capital,underlined or any other way to give emphasis that you can think of)  


(answers will be posted late tomorrow) 



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Jump4life - loved your idea to lend help and support to someone else on another (if not inferior) thread. GREAT JOB......love the crossword also!


Deb - my spelling was correct for a man's cycle..........duh!


P.S. - the photo of the girls from Carnival......YES PLEASE!



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CC, Deb, Jump - all your comments on my "one word" are appreciated.  Thanks for the advice.  "Challenge" is not the right word for me.  It could create a sense of failure rather than serenity.  I was putting more on my plate when my plate is already overflowing.  "Peace" is my word.


Deb - I realize that if I don't do more to take care of myself, I am going to break.  I am a Dirty 30 member and must have strength, courage, peace, and love in my life.  I need to stand up for myself, recognize and voice my limits and even use my tiger claws (once I get the tiger blood)  if necessary.  Those claws will be filed down so that I don't hurt anyone but I need to protect myself. 


Steve had a CT scan yesterday of his abdominal area.  He is still in so much pain and dilaudid doesn't do much to relief the pain. This could be due to the effects of chemo but the doctors ordered the CT scan to rule out any other problems.  Steve has been confined to stem cell transplant prison for about 30 days now.  He has been living in a controlled environment with 24/7 care.  It is almost time for Steve to enter the real world which comes with a whole new set of issues.

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Good morning friends!  


Last night had me thinking about "one words" again ...  I am still using AWARE for the rest of this Whole66 and have been mulling around from a short list for the long term.   I revised my possible list a bit 


Present/Intentional/Engaged-  I have decided that these all have the same foundation, and I will choose only one if I go with this theme..  or I will use PIE as my word, which could have very interesting nuances!   


Authentic-  this one can be really hard for me, I think I tend to show up as who I think I "should" be instead of who I really am-  especially at work.   So it might be exactly what I need to choose.  I am happier when I am showing the real me.


Contented-   I love this word! but I am not sure if it is an attitude or behavior or outcome?  it might not be the push that "one word" can be




This one I have  added from a book I just started reading last night-  Essentialism- The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, by Greg McKeown.  I found my self nodding and wanting to highlight and comment on almost every paragraph of the first few chapters, and the simple graphics are very powerful!   I am going to finish reading before I start contemplating  how the word could be my "one word" 



Laurie-   "Peace"   I can feel it already working.   



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