Dirty 30 8/21 Start

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yeah anne and nanny are back in the bunkhouse!  Meadow I love the new avatar!  


Jumping in the car  soon to head up to my daughters-    I am feeling really good about the trip both for being prepared to be compliant and for being present with her in the most loving way I can.   


I might lurk around and read but probably wont be chiming in ...  I do not like typing on my phone!   


Have a great weekend!  



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I can't keep up on this thread! I have young kids who occupy my time (as you all understand, I'm sure)!

I. can't. stop. eating. blueberries. I think I am going to turn into one. I am wondering at this point if I have fallen off the W30 bandwagon?!?! I may need to restart once I can get a grip on this. I completed a W30 recently with no problem. I wasn't eating this many blueberries...it's like my body needs them! I wonder if it's because I don't eat eggs and nuts/seeds anymore with AIP. I must not be getting enough of something.

CC: I did see you are doing a triathlon. Super awesome! Good luck! You are inspirational to people like myself who run. I saw your post as it was the first one when I logged on...then I lost track.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! :-)

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Deb - I usually would skip on the Asian food, but I'm going to try the Asian Chicken Salad. Finally I'll get to use the Fish Sauce (Miki and I are on the same page with the cooking).


Bike picture attached! I went for a 23 mile ride today with a new friend. We joined another group from the bike shop. They wanted to stop and take pictures with horses, and go to the bathroom and get snacks....   My 90 minute ride took               3 HOURS!!!  By the time I got back, made lunch and took a shower, it was almost time for Sam to be home from school! Not a productive day.


Also, Sam took a quiz in history class today to determine his political affiliation. He got communist dictator. Dave, where have I gone wrong?  I told him we will be sitting down to discuss each of these questions so that he actually understands them!!!


Tonight Sam, Kai and I are going to listen to a local band. There will be food for purchase, but I ate ahead of time to avoid the temptation!


Not sure we can do the 50 mile bike ride - Sam has marching band that Saturday, as every Saturday, from now to Thanksgiving. It's not a milestone birthday year - 46!


Rick and I do goal setting every year, and last year we decided we wanted to do a 50 mile bike ride together. A bottle of wine prize is just icing on the proverbial cake!!


Not sure if you've seen the big Whole 30 giveaway. It ends tonight!  Go here to take the survey. I would love for a Dirty 30 to win it!!  Whole 30 Survey

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Sleek! I like the bike!

(Also, I'm sorry but I laughed -- more like a huge HA!! rather than a ladylike giggle -- about "Communist dictator." I'd like to think it means Sam's teacher has a great sense of humor and will be a wonderful teacher... but perhaps I live in fantasy land.)


Not sure why the bike picture didn't post?dsc02640_med_hr.jpeg

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Meadow...it's not the 21st yet.


Nanny, so sorry, hope you're feeling 100 percent now.

Yep, there's a little over 2 weeks left.  I was just shooting the breeze with the Universe.  :D 


Congrats to CC.   

Missing all of the Bunkhouse crew.  Guess everyone's making hay while the sun shines.  If they don't have their hay in by now, well...I just can't say.   It's already turning into winter.   We didn't have a spring and it looks like we'll go directly to winter.   It was 37 degrees this morning and going to be colder next week.   Probably the first freeze.  It's off by a month. :P  :P   So enjoy your warm weekend.  I'm taking snickerdoodle for a walk.   I  wore two coats last evening.


I hope Nanny is alright out there.   Hey to Ann, Miki, Deb, CC...anyone milling around.

Time to 'Nut and Bolt'. 

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Ann - great to see you back!!


Nanny - SO sorry to hear about your reaction! That is super scary. Glad you are feeling better! 


Meadow - mothball breath noooooooo!!!!!! Can't believe its so cold already for you, wow that was fast. 


CC - that's a gorgeous bike!!! Your 23 mile tour that is funny that it took so long with all the other peeps. 


Joni  - love the farmstand - I don't think I've ever had a lemon cucumber - you'll have to tell us how it is. 


Laurie - hope you are hanging in there. 


Dave I have been cleaning and organizing the last two days, you would be proud!


Outdors- blueberries made me giggle and think of the girl in Willie Wonka!! Maybe your body needs them! 



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Allright guys, tomorrow our plane touches down in EUROPE!!!

Here’s the recipe round up!!


French Onion Soup



Beef Bourgignon



Julia Child’s Classic Roast Chicken



Souffle Frittata – use ghee



Balkan Sausages



Schnitzel with Potato Salad



Bratwurst and Potato Salad



German Sweet Potato Salad



Kielbasa with Broccoli Slaw and Cabbage



Polish Hunters Stew



Polish Sausage with Peppers and Onions



Spanish Chicken and Rice






Frittata with Sausage



Spanish Omelette



Slow Cooker Spanish Pork



Spanish Pork Loin Roast



Mushroom Risotto



Meatballs with Tomato Sauce



Italian Tuna Salad



Baked Eggplant with Italian Sausage (make sure sausage is compliant)



Italian Baked Eggs



Tonnato Sauce



Slow Cooker Osso Bucco Stew











Moussaka (use coconut milk)





Greek Salad



Portugese Kale and Sausage Soup



Portugese Mussels and Shrimp



Swedish Meatballs



Danish Meatloaf



Danish Crispy Skin Pork Roast




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Yesterday, I open the door to Steve's hospital room.  The room was dark, the man in the bed was sleeping curled up facing the opposite direction of my view. This man looked very small and fragile.   My thoughts "this can't be my Steve, I must be in the wrong room".   I leave the room and check the room number.  It is room 408 and this man is my best friend and lover.  I wish this was a dream but it's reality.  My word is "Peace" but how can I achieve peace when the person I love is extremely ill.

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Oh Laurie, I'm so sorry to hear your pain. What are you doing today, for you, to bring peace to your spirit? It's the same thing we hear on planes: put your OWN oxygen mask on FIRST, and then assist the people around you. Bring peace to yourself first, then to Steve and the others around you.

I've been thinking about the One Word thing, for the coming year (I always feel like September is the beginning of the year... years of being the child of academics, now the employee of academics, I guess :-)). I find that NOURISH is the only word I hear and see in my mind. So, although it isn't original with me (thank you, CC), I'm going with "nourish." So many aspects of my life need to be nourished, in healthy ways: food, obviously, but also my creativity--poor abandoned craft room needs attention; my self-care, which falls by the wayside awfully easily; my need to laugh and be silly with friends; and more. I'm not doing very well at explaining this right now, but all of me needs healthy nourishment.

Laurie, I wish healthy nourishment for you, too, to soothe and comfort and strengthen you body, your spirit, your mind... all of you. Let's do all we can to nourish ourselves, and then ask for help when we can do no more alone. We're all here for you, and for each other.


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Hey, Joni.

Free HBO/Cinemax is perfect for unpacking and organizing!

A couple of months, ago I sorted through EVERYTHING in my craft room and gave away SEVEN big boxes of stuff. So I totally sympathize.

Here's my method for organizing household detritus:

1. Get the small shredder out of the back room and plug it in near my chair in the TV room.

2. Gather all the unopened mail (there are a lot of big piles).

3. Turn on something good on TV.

4. Sort, shred, watch TV! Sort the recyclable stuff into one pile, make another pile for items to save, and shred everything with my name or address on it.

5. After all items are sorted, put the recyclables in the recycle bin, and put the "to save" items on my desk.

Similar method for unpacking tons of boxes:

1. Put something good on TV.

2. Identify some spaces, or actual containers like laundry baskets, near you, for unpacked stuff going "to bedroom," "to kitchen," "to give away," etc.

3. Get just ONE box at a time, open it, sort through everything, put things in the appropriate laundry basket. Everything in the box must have its destination identified, but you don't have to actually take them to their destinations yet.

4. Go get another box... lather, rinse, repeat. :-)

5. When all the laundry baskets are full, run around and put stuff in the appropriate rooms.

Repeat through the end of the TV show. :-)

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Laurie, I am thinking of you and my heart is breaking for you.  It sounds like it is going to be such a long, difficult process for Steve.  When I think of you the word that comes to mind isn't "peace" but LOVE.  You show such love for him, and I know you are working on love for yourself.  For you I also think of gentleness, nurturing and care: for YOU.  I wish I could give you a great big hug and I hope that you can feel me sending it to you virtually.  Hang in there, sweetie.

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Laurie - sending love and peace from California.


Joni good job on the frig.


Deb - German Potato Salad? OH BABY


Ann - great ideas.

That's exactly the one we picked to go with the pork roast recipe.   :lol: 


Great ideas, Ann!



  I listen to movies and clean closets.   If it's a really good part, I go watch for a few secs.  I do love the movies.  Great distractions until a Chinook blows in.  Do you know what a Chinook is?  When it's 30 below zero...

Along the eastern slopes of the Rockies, the Chinook wind provides a welcome respite from the long winter chill. Few people spend very much time along the eastern slopes without experiencing these wonderful warm winds. The change can be dramatic. 


Whatcha doin', PawPaw?   "Oh, just waiting for a Chinook".   Movies pass the time vs.  going outside for a case of  frostbite.  



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Laurie, sending you love. Such a difficult time. I know you can be strong for you and for Steve.


Higs - I hope you are well - I've been missing you!


Ann - great unpacking tips!


Today was a busy, but productive day for me. It was too hot for a bike ride or run, so I dragged myself to the Y for a swim. 72 lengths of the pool in 34 minutes. The best part of the swim is when it's over!


Mik - what's your weekend exercise routine? Or do you take a break because you are planning some hot dates? ;)


Deb - I finally made the bacony bok choy tonight!  I liked it!  It called for 1tsp of red pepper flakes. I don't like things that are too spicy, so I cut that in half, and it was still too spicy. I would cut back on that a bit, and then I would definitely try it again!


My big project for today was making a baby quilt. I'll have it finished tonight and will put up a picture.  Ann and Lynn - send your extra craft supplies my way!!


Tomorrow bike ride/run/church/cook up! In that order. Young Sam is at his dad's for the weekend, Rick's on the road so I have a weekend ALL BY MYSELF!! (I am missing Rick though!)


I'm a little confused at this point who is on Whole 30, who is finished, who is starting. Captain Dave, can we do a roll call to see where everyone is?


What is your biggest challenge so far? DISCUSS.

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Good question, CC... biggest challenge.

I'm on day 30-something (Joni? What day are we on??) of a planned W60. My biggest challenge has NOT been what I thought it would be: cheese, sugar, and bread. I was sure I would have a TERRIBLE time giving them up... but no. No cravings at all, really, which surprises me. My biggest challenge has become eating enough food.

At day 30, I looked back at my 30 days of notes and saw some useful patterns and info. Then, on day 32 or so, I decided to stop keeping the food-and-feelings-and-symptoms log; I'll start it up again during reintroduction.

So here's the problem... I'm finding myself waiting waaaay too long to eat, and then, when I do eat, I'll eat a big serving of protein and some fruit. Veggies no longer appear in every meal. Maybe once a day ... NOT GOOD. And surprise... I don't feel great. Duh.

So... help, please. What's the deal? Self-sabotage? It isn't food boredom, because when I do eat veggies, I love them! It is an old, old feeling of not deserving to feel good, not deserving to eat lovely fresh food, etc., etc. I want to stress that this is very old behavior, not anything new. I thought I had left this behind me some time ago, but apparently not. And, I didn't have this at all during the first 30 days.

I guess part of it is that I'm really doing this, really making some healthy changes and choices, and there is still a part of me that does not want this to succeed.

To sum up this long whining post: I think I am having an emotional, rather than physical, toxic reaction to new healthy foods. Just like a sugar dragon can get stronger just before it gives up, I think my inner beast (what shall we call it? My martyr monster? My give-up gremlin? My you-suck succubus? My deserving demon?) is in its death throes, and I need to persevere.

Good grief, that was way too long, and way too much information... thanks for reading this far, and thanks for being here.


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Ann - I've been experiencing the same thing. For me, I think it's simply that it takes more planning and it takes longer to make vegetables and they aren't as portable. When I'm rushed or just falling back into my old patterns of grab and go, fruit is easier. I've had to start getting very conscious about making myself eat vegetables right now.


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Busy Saturday for me, so much accomplished....so many gallons of sweat came out of me.....yuck! I am getting ready for my fourth shower of the day. I ate light today.....I always do after being in the heat for a long time. Hope everyone is ok......keep the faith Laurie...prayers to Steve!


More tomorrow




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I can't keep up on this thread! I have young kids who occupy my time (as you all understand, I'm sure)!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! :-)


Ditto.  I am so excited to have found this group of people - it is what I have been looking for all year of joining monthly threads.  That said, i am so busy right now that I can't even participate with all of you to the level I want to.  Hopefully things will calm down.  I signed a contract and officially now have one full-time job rather than three trial full-time jobs. The other places still want me to do shifts for them.  It's a weird concept after four years of accepting every shift I could possibly accept, to consider going down to "only" full-time.  Our family got hit pretty hard in the financial crisis, my husband and I both lost jobs we thought were going to last the rest of our careers.


Did ok food-wise - scrambled eggs, bacon, mushrooms and a handful of my kale/spinach mix that I keep frozen in the freezer.  I actually had that for breakfast and lunch because I made too much.  Dinner will be chicken and veggies.

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