Dirty 30 8/21 Start

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Deb - how was the Asian chicken salad?



Deb, how do you not know SNOPES?




Seriously how do I not know SNOPES? I've never even heard it mentioned! I have to ask around my posse. 


I ended up making Asian Bison Salad and it tasted like a**. KIDDING IT WAS SO GOOD. I could drink fish sauce with a straw. My palate is a bit jaded lately and it was great tasting all the herbs in the salad. We are suffering from a lime shortage here in CA so I was happy to taste lime too. 

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Good morning friends!  Just a moment to say hello on a beautiful morning.


It has been wonderful to be on my sisters farm.   It is amazing to help pack out the wholesale harvest and then see the tomatoes I packed in the co-op later that afternoon.  Or to eat ground pork, kale and squash, all from the farm and then go feed the pigs. It puts a much different spin on how grueling the "work of survival" -  raising food- really is.  I now understand why they go to sleep by 9:00!  I need to figure out how to get a dose of this closer to home on a regular basis.  


I know who Sissy13 is-  looking forward to the family reunion!


CC- I also have watched many seasons of Biggest Loser and thought-  "oh I am going to do this this season!"  only to end the season with no personal transformation.   I think this show fueled by scale addiction.   I am so glad to have this group and be work on powerful internal transformations.  


Deb/CC-  I am officially afraid to open my Red Boat fish sauce now.


Meadow-   "Crickets have been around longer than Snopes"   Hilarious!


To everyone-  have a beautiful day!    



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Ladies and gentleman.................we are only a couple days from landing this wonderful W30 program. We should be starting our decent shortly.


Hang in there....the weather at our destination looks .......warm and sunny......a few clouds.....and light winds out of the southwest. So.....sit back......relax.....and we will have you home shortly!




Capt Dave

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Hi all,


Finishing stretch for some, right?  I lost track of days but I'm pretty sure this is Day 24 for me.  I'm planning to continue on until my birthday, which will be Day 58.  I'm going to celebrate with a really nice bottle of wine and that will be my only reintro.  Going strong here, just got back from a 7 mile training walk and my hiking boots are breaking in nicely.  Thawed some chocolate bison sweet potato chile for lunch with a fresh peach for dessert.  Next weekend I'll be backpacking for three days!


Sorry I haven't been posting much but I've been trying to follow along when I can.  Too too busy these days!


Miki:  have a FANTASTIC time in Baja!  I can't wait to hear about your adventures.  Live it up, adventure girl!

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Our IOD today is PUMPKIN! Yes kids, its fall even though at 100 degrees in Hollywood it sure doesn’t feel like it.


You all know pumpkin dontcha? Yessir! Lets get to it!!

(strangely limited on the recipe front - apparently we think of pumpkin as primarily a sweet ingredient - most of the paleo recipes are full on SWYPO!!)

Pumpkin Curry



Beef and Pumpkin Stew



Pumpkin Soup



Roasted Japanese Pumpkin



Pumpkin and Sweet Potato “Gratin”



Bacon Pumpkin Soup



Pumpkin Hummus



Pumpkin Chili


sub apple juice for honey


Pumpkin Coconut Soup



Japanese Pumpkin and Arugula Salad


(rocket = arugula)


Chicken Bacon and Pumpkin Salad



Roast Pumpkin and Red Onion with Rosemary



Pumpkin Avocado Salad



Spicy Pumpkin Seeds




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I made Pumpkin Avocado Salad and Spicy Pumpkin Seeds for my sister.   She traveled over 500 miles today to see us.


I also made a Whole 30 kit.   She wanted a book, so I took Deb's advice and added coconut products, spices, macadamia nut oil, cans of Natural Sea tuna, teas, hazelnuts and brazil nuts.   I told her to eat two brazil nuts a day with her can of tuna.  :D 

I gave her some lemons...she's fixed.   She'll have to add a truckload of eggs, vege, proteins and fruits.  I will load her coolers with offal or anything else she wants from my freezer on the way home.







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Our IOD today is an easy one – APPLE!!


Here’s the recipe round up:


Bacon Apple Smothered Pork Chops



Curried Apple Chicken Salad



Mulligatawny Stew



Apple and Bacon Stuffed Pork Chops



Apple Sausage



Sweet Potato, Apple and Pancetta Hash



Sweet Potato, Apple, Sausage and Egg Hash



Homemade Apple Chips



Bacon Apple and Balsamic Chicken



Bison Burgers with Balsamic, Bacon, Apple Chutney



Pork and Apple One Pan Fry



Chopped Apples and Pumpkin Puree with Pulled Roast Beef



Tangy Apple Slaw



Apple Butter BBQ Drumsticks with Guacamole Slaw



Apple and Cabbage Baked Chicken



Almond Apple Pie Scramble



Sausage and Sauerkraut



Kohlrabi Salad with Apple Ginger Vinaigrette



Plantain and Apple Fritters



Sweet Potato Apple and Avocado Salad



Sweet Potato and Apple Mash (use coconut milk)



Apple, Pear and Walnut Salad



Acorn Squash and Apple Soup



Curried Apple Butternut Squash Soup




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All - we all have to get to Friday! Friday will be the day that we can weigh ourselves and start posting about our success. Be strong, we are so close to our goal.


Had a great weekend, went to a wedding on Saturday and went back to the little bar where Kelly and I had first met. No drinking for me, but what a great walk down memory lane.


Yesterday was spent cleaning, fixing, mowing, etc. Good weekend!


Next weekend we are going to the Oyster and Wine festival at Stratford Hall (where Robert E Lee was born. I helped an older gentleman out about a month ago and he was nice enough to send me two free "tasters" tickets so it looks like we are going to be drinking some wine.


Have a great Monday!



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Wishing everybody a great week and neat finishing of your WHOLE30. I am on day 8 of my second trial after falling, survived my daughter's 19th bday, no wine or chips or silly food or cake wohoooo!!!


Will try some of the apples and pumpkin recipes. 


Class was excellent on Saturday, except for bad headache, I used my oils, and I was stinking, and still the stubborn headache there. I got a accupressure massage from a classmate and a drink made of ginger, lemon and cucumber, and thennnn finally the headache was gone.


Rock this week, happy flight!

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The next time you look into the mirror I want you to realize that you are looking at your BEST friend. You might think that someone else is your best friend...but they aren't! Nobody supports you or wants you to succeed more than the person staring back at you. The person staring back is the one that you have said horrible things to, thought horrible things about, treated terribly.......things you would have never done to the person you think is your best friend.......if you had, your "best friend" would have left you. But the BEST friend in the mirror is still there. That friend is already at the weight you want to be.....but has been kind enough to carry the extra pounds that YOU gave it....and not complain. That friend is more than ready to assist you, encourage you, and smile back at you as you move through this program and get healthier. Realize your BEST friend and watch your life and health change!

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I will be out of town starting Thursday so my weigh-ins and results and such will be waiting until next Monday.  I'll post then.  Deb, a huge shout out to you for once again so tirelessly sharing all those recipes!  Dave, thanks for your able piloting!  I noticed no moderators have joined us on this round - a vote of confidence in this group, no doubt!


Here's to great success in our final stretch.  I hope everyone is feeling amazing, energized and accomplished.

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Good morning friends!     A slow rainy morning my last day on my sister's farm-   I am "singing as I watch the rain" as I sit at the kitchen table with a warm cup of coffee!   

This has been a lovely break from my hectic, decidedly not farm centric suburban life.    Fabulous food, mostly farm harvested or raised, or raised nearby.   They grow certified organic  vegetables for the CSA shareholders and raise pigs.   They have partners who bring milk, eggs, and pastured chicken and beef to the the farm store for shareholders to purchase.  When dinner time roles around, we "forage" in the fields and barn coolers and freezers to come up with wonderful healthful meals.  It was so easy to fit a Whole30 lifestyle here...  I will miss the ease when I am back home, but I am well fed in body and soul during  my trip here.  We have decide it must be an annual event for me to visit when the farm is active...   prior to this most of my visits have been during deep winter.      


The forum seems to have slowed down and everyone is busy as the Friday close date is approaching.    I am going to continue through Oct 5 to make it a Whole66 but I will weigh in and report results on Friday.    


Dave-  did the crack in the windshield get fixed?   My husband is mourning the start of rain and cold as the 68 Firebird convertible sees less of the road...  we need a lovely long fall so we can enjoy the colors with top down, sweatshirts on!   


Deb-   managed to get most of the IODs in over the course of this farm interlude- not on the assigned days but still rocking it. My fennel citrus salad had fennel literally pulled from the ground, washed and cut!   I am taking more home to make the fennel mint salad.    I am also going to take a pumpkin home to make the pumpkin avocado salsa that Meadow made for her sister... that sounds amazing! And I am adding a butternut squash to make the curried apple butternut soup.  My suitcase will be so heavy!   My sister and I were discussing "if you could only have 10 non-local foods for the rest of your life what would they be?"   Mine are avocado,  coconut milk, coconut oil, macadamia nuts, salmon, wine (!), pistachios,  coco (chocolate), coffee, cumin.   


CC-  countdown mode to the tri-  4 or 5 more days??  I want to hear the stories and live vicariously through you ( I dont run, but I am considering  a row, bike, swim sprint tri next summer)     My son is also slammed with homework-  he is a senior with a bunch of AP classes -   and just told us he plans to wrestle this year!   This is out of the blue b/c he has never wrestled-  he was a swimmer for 9 years and last year decided not to do any sport.  Since he had so much more time he  volunteered a for a group called Miracle league (baseball for kids with challenges), started  to learn sign language to communicate with some of the kids, decided to play piano and is rocking lessons--   and got a job as a docent at a local sculpture park!  I think when we let loose the reins he took of in directions we would never have expected-   cant wait to see where he goes  next!  (although I am not looking forward to being a wrestling mom...  "dont you  hurt him!!"    is probably not the right thing to call out??!!?


 Miki-   I saw Cabo got a direct visit from Odile!!!!   Hope all is well in your world and that the sun is now shining again.  BTW,  I want in on  the SoCal Lettuce Show!  


Laurie-  I hope you have had a new fruit to celebrate for Steve's second release?      NOURISH yourself even if his release is delayed. 


Meadow-  the universe... the Rockies...   a quiet forum...  you can shoot the breeze anywhere, anytime!   Were you always like this or is this a Whole30 side effect?  What is Sorel weather?   I have been knitting something here-   my niece taught me again-   I am not quite sure what it is yet but maybe a scarf for your Lil Soph?   For a great song look up Tracy Chapman "Cold Feet".      


Sissy13- .... you are modeling after Meadow with the stealth posts!   Was it a reveal or did I miss something really juicy???


Nanny -   it is averaging about 40 degrees here...  I guess I am splitting the difference between you and Meadow.  Hope you beat back that cold before your cold front came through.  My daughter is also college age-   it has been great forming a more adult relationship with her.   Have you shared your Whole30 with your daughter?


Higs -  enjoy your trip -    is this the backpacking expedition?


DrTracy, Anne, Win and all others-      hope all is well in your world!



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Jump4life - windshield gets replaced this Thursday. I'm going to drive it to work tomorrow just because the weather is redick! I'm in training this week (tues-thur) and taking Friday off since I have to drive to Baltimore (two hours) to pick up supplies (duck decoy stuff) that are being held in customs. Saturday is a wine and oyster festival (and beer tasting) so i might have to sample a bit (maybe). If I do, I will be back on the wagon on Monday but I plan on moving my comments back to the Dirty 30 forum so I dont have to keep bouncing back and forth.


Anyone heard from our little Hurricane Sprite?



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