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Dirty 30 8/21 Start

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Great stuff, Meadow. So good of you to archive some Best of Tom the Mod right here.

I tried BP coffee for a while and it was no bueno for me. Attempting IF got me right back into the dreaded dieting mentality, and I think it wreaked havoc on my hormones, especially via beating down my adrenals.

Real food is where it's at.

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NannyD - tell your sister "Life is hard, being unhealthy is hard, cancer is hard, being handicapped is hard, thinking (for me) is hard...Whole 30 IS NOT HARD!

I will be in Corpus Christi area!


Dawner - the next time you look into the mirror I want you to realize that you are looking at your BEST friend. You might think that someone else is your best friend...but they aren't! Nobody supports you or wants you to succeed more than the person staring back at you. The person staring back is the one that you have said horrible things to, thought horrible things about, treated terribly.......things you would have never done to the person you think is your best friend.......if you had, your "best friend" would have left you. But the BEST friend in the mirror is still there. That friend is already at the weight you want to be.....but has been kind enough to carry the extra pounds that YOU gave it....and not complain. That friend is more than ready to assist you, encourage you, and smile back at you as you move through this program and get healthier. Realize your BEST friend and watch your life and health change!


Jen B - welcome aboard. Please push the Stewardess button found on the overhead and ask for a TALL glass of water and take some Ibuprofen before going to bed. This might take care of your morning headaches.


Glad the Mysterious LadyM was able to make it down our concourse.


Rose - glad you think the flight crew is hot...sorry about the cavity searches......that was my idea....I didn't want any Snickers bars, cupcakes, etc. brought onboard.


For those I have not said "Hello" apologies and "Welcome!" There is a lot of good with this group and it will only be better if you add to it.


I left work early today is dumb! Anyway, I went to lunch and then decided to go shopping (I never do this) and I came out with two new dress slacks, 8 new shirts, a new belt, sport coat, and new dress shoes. I tried everything on, was in and out in 40 minutes. My wife tends to pick things out (hours) and bring them home...try them on...and take them back because they don't fit. Men ROCK at shopping. We are hunters.....we hunt...find...kill....and drag out! I killed all of my clothes in record time. My wife will be so happy that all of my shirts are SHIRTS and not T-shirts!  Go Me!



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Thank you Meadow Lilly,


Those posts touch me in a personal level.  Autoimmune Hashimoto's and Thyroid Cancer, helped me to get a non working very painfull gallbladder that was take out July 14. So it has been a little challenging with digesting fats. I have to say though that digestive enzymes really help. I cannot eat fry foods, at all, but I can eat a little avocado, olive oil, no nuts, not yet, it is too much gas and pain if I do. So here is another challenge on the Whole30, but I will go through this! :-)


Hang in there people... I need to get on board to eat super breakfasts. So far I had gotten by eating coffee with protein (crazy but yummy) and veggie/fruits smoothies, (that I am not sure if Whole30 compliant). Will start adding more ingredients to my breakfasts...

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My daughter just left today for Texas A&M in Corpus, I must confess some tears came to my eyes, my little baby girl is all grown up.  Have fun, if ever in Houston, you have a family friend where to stay or visit! And yes, my sister is in her own world, it will come the time, will pass the message though...

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Joni - welcome! I hope the group has not been intimidating and kept you from speaking up and posting. I know Higs, Rose, Deb, Miki, Meadow, CC, Laurie, Roseann are all blabber mouths and can be very ....well......judgmental! BUT NOT ME! I am very quiet and reserved.(don't ask any of them...they lie a lot too). Anyway, welcome (again?) and hope that you will join in our goofy group!




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NannyD - congrats on kicking your daughter out of the house! I have one at Maryland (sophomore) and two in high school. They grow up very fast......but know that you were successful in "Raising Adults"! You don't want to raise kids .......because kids turn 18...are still kids....and live at home! Go Aggies!



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Dave - fashion show please!


Joni - welcome!!! So glad you are speaking up! Join the madness!

Jen B good to hear from you! Hang in there. 


NannyD, congrats and Godspeed to your daughter. That will be bittersweet for you. You have been through a lot healthwise. 

I know a lot of peeps with Hashis have had success with the Auto Immune Protocol (AIP) including Mickey Trescott who wrote the AIP cookbook. The fat thing will be hard for you with no gallbladder so good for you for persevering. 

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Tomorrow’s IODs – well its Two Root Saturday!


Radishes and Carrots!!

Both of these crunchy kids come in all different shapes, sizes and colors.

If you don’t like the standard red radishes, look for daikon, or try watermelon radish.

And I must say that I’ve never roasted a radish but damn if that doesn’t look super tasty.

Both of course are full of nutritional amazingness and provide that satisfying CRUNCH that us chip lovers love so much.




Bacon Balsamic Roasted Radishes


Herb Roasted Radishes


Radish and Cucumber Salad


Herbed Sirloin with Sauteed Radishes and Leeks


Roast Chicken with Radishes and Rosemary


Pan Fried Radishes


Guac with Radishes


Lamb with Marinated Cucumber Radish Salad


Napa Cabbage and Radish Salad

omit the honey, add apple juice instead or leave out altogether


Crunchy Radish Salad

make sure your mustard is compliant!


Arugula, Strawberry and Radish Salad


Spicy Daikon Radish Rice with a Fried Egg


Grilled Chicken with Radish Salad


Daikon Radish Cappellini Salad


Spicy Daikon Salad


Watermelon Radish Carpaccio


Chilled Radish Soup – looks interesting

(omit the vanilla unless yours is alcohol free, or anyway, I don't get why its in the recipe but the overall concept intrigues)




Carrot and Cardamom Soup


Cabbage Slaw with Carrot Ginger Dressing




Roasted Carrots


Carrot Puree

Sub bacon, duck, or other fat if you like


Fermented Ginger Carrots


Cultured Carrots (no Dave that doesn’t mean they go to the museum every week)


Carrot Parsnip Puree

Sub ghee or other fat for butter


Gingered Carrot Mash


Carrot “Pasta”


Bacon Zucchini Carrot Fritters


Roasted Carrots with Dill


Moroccan Carrot Salad with Raisins


Loaded Carrot Salad


Simple Beet and Carrot Salad





Roasted Radishes and Carrots


Citrusy Carrot and Radish Salad


Watermelon Radish and Carrot Salad


Daikon Rice with Carrot and Thyme




Many of the above recipes would work or could be adapted for AIP as well.


Radish and Jicama Tabbouli


Carrot and Sweet Potato Chili


Grilled Steak with Carrot Ginger Rice


Parsnip Carrot Mash with Lemon Zest and Thyme


Radish Mint Salad


Radishes are the new potato!



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Meadow, great posts, a hard act to follow  :P I had to up my IOD advertising  ;) 

Great reminders of what this is really all about. I don't like a lot of cooked veggies so that is a tough one for me, the mountain of veggies on the plate. Speaking of mountains of veggies .....


What is everyone making with their asparagus today?

Do share the delish.


Meadow, pretty sure Dave asked you if you were addicted to crack. I do love the image of you dancing in the yard for Sophia. Your descriptions of fall coming are lovely. You are really up high for it to happen so early. You are our resident rules and spirit of W30 guru I love love love it. 


Dave! You misunderstand my sentence structure. Must be that Queens English that I speak. It is all PG at my house with the ex. Here’s a typical pic of a night in with him, from last night. I ignore his rock star aspirations but Le Grand enjoys the concert. Yes, LG is on the coffee table. Very unusual.   :rolleyes: 

attachicon.gifIMG_3247 2.jpg

No seriously we both enjoy a singalong. 


Rosann Rosanna danna I hope you are macaroning away and walking the town!.


Rosie Rose, we jones for your posts, the drip feeding doesn’t work, it’s a banquet, a feast of Rose we need after that famine! (no pressure   :) )


CC, you sound GOOD. I love judging people’s baskets at the store haha. I make up whole life stories for them based on what they have. The other day I had 2 gifts to buy – bday present for my boss (the man who has everything) and thank you for a co worker. I bought 6 bars of 70% chocolate (he loves) and a bottle of wine (she loves). That’s all I bought. The cashier looked at that and then looked at me and went “Good for you!!” And I was like WHAT! NO! NOT FOR ME! I also look to see if anyone else might be doing W30. Love that your pork was good!! And the cauli popcorn…yeahhhhhh! I love that you are sticking with the IOD!


Higs it is truly so good to have you back. Sorry about that tooth! Gold is the best, they say. Wow, fall in the air, I love your and Meadow’s descriptions. Here in LA, October can be one of the hottest months of the year, so we are nowhere even close to that.  But we do get our boots out come November and act like its fall! When I lived back East October was always my favorite month – just getting cozy and the anticipation of fun social holidays coming up. Definitely not the same here. 


Miks, boredom eating, I feel ya. I have been known to just wander into the kitchen and stand in front of the fridge staring hopefully. These days there’s nothing enticing for boredom eating, which is good! Someone sent me a card at the hospital and I never got it  :(  Maybe we should send one to Laurie’s address as well to be safe?


Laurie Lou, I am glad Steve’s Mom is there 24/7 (although that might kill me personally faster than anything else  ;) ). I feel privileged to be sharing this journey with you and Steve and inspired by you both. I’m hopeful that he starts to feel even a little better very soon. I can’t even imagine how he feels, I’m sure that your mutual love is one of the things keeping him going.  I LOVE THAT YOU WROTE TO YOURSELF! That is a good exercise for us all, to speak to ourselves as we would a good friend. You are absolutely 100% good enough. ALWAYS. 

Yes, John and I are fortunate with our friendship but we have definitely had our post divorce ups and downs, arguments, long stretches without communication, and plenty of therapy along the way. He is a different person than he was in many ways, also 36 instead of 23, it helps  :lol: .


Cara, how are you and how is Mum?


Dawner, you go on the 11.5 mile run! And, what you said to Laurie.


Jen, Outdors – how is it going? Any good potato/asparagus or other stories?


WELCOME ANN we love stalkers. LOVE THE LEOPARD SNUGGIE. I couldn’t buy a snuggie because I would wear it every single day. Sounds like you have your head on straight about Whole 30. How good is toast? I miss it. BUT the feeling better is worth it. Peeps on this very group have seen dramatic changes in their bloodwork etc just from eating this way. It will work.


Nanny, my empathy for the sugar beast within. I have been gf since 2011 but managed to capably translate all my favorite sugary treats into gf df marvels made with coconut sugar. I feel ya. W30 has cured that by its grain free nature but dates ohhhh dates.


As for me, I am a lil bit all work no play right now, but still planning to stick to 3 yoga classes a week, lots of meditation and working on seeing auto immune diagnosis as a gift. Those are my big W30 goals this time around. I just had a big salad for breakfast, lots of chicken, greens, herbs, so good. I am SUPER excited for my rendezvous with Miki on Sunday!!!!


All right my friends, so far only some minor turbulence on this 30 day flight, good flying Captain Dave.

Deb C, yes, I see all my diagnostic and disease as a blessing and a purpose, first for me to heal my body and my soul, second to help my kids to grow healthier (they always have think their mom is a health nuts, lol), and third to help others along the way to heal as well.


I studied and graduated as a Medic in Chinese Medicine back in my home country, Venezuela, but 12 years ago, new immigrant with 3 kids to raise and an almost broken marriage, I did not have the time or money to go back 4 years of college and get certified here, so I was a clandestine doctor, to my own family and to very close friends, just to avoid legal affairs.  In this journey I had been living the past 5 years, I got in touch with essential oils, that got me rid of a Gabapentin prescription for good, than I became an advocate last November, and went back to school now to be a Naturophatic Doctor, perfect timing. I am doing AromaTouch, and helping people heal their lives, and I am healing mine as well. Just have to nail down the nutritional part, and that it why I am here, a work in progress. Loving this flight to health. Thank you Captain Dave and all the Cruise :-) You ROCK!

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All - today is bathroom cleaning day! Get to it.......inside, outside, floor, walls, ceiling, drains, clean the "brite work" also (shiny stuff).


Deb - no fashion show....ya pervert!


Miki - where the hell are you at? If I find you in the aft bathroom with one of the passengers (Jacuzzi guy) I am going to be return to your seat!



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Ann - So glad to have you aboard! I was wondering to myself on bike ride this morning if we were too overwhelming for new folks to join us. I'm glad you jumped in!


Higs - do you know that the new rage is CRICKET FLOUR?  To be marketed to the paleo crowd. LORDY!!

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Ann - my apologies for taking so long to acknowledge your presence on this thread. I have been having communication problems while trying to reach the tower. I needed to get confirmation if a Snuggli is acceptable within the group. I mean......I am ok with it....but I don't write the rules......I mean.....I would let you in if I could, but........what? .....Snugglies are allowed? Ok.........uh......I guess you can have a seat. BUT.....don't get comfortable and don't think that because you are in a Snuggli that you don't have to clean or exercise or eat right! And I better not find out you smuggled snacks onboard inside of that thing!


Meadow - take a downer and get the in-flight movie set up please!



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