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Where is Wildwood Meadow??  Sounds like an amazing place with lots of peace and serenity.  Want to hear more about grizzlies :)


I'm hungry, I know it's mental....or maybe not, swimming yesterday makes me super hungry next day....


Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs, spinach, 1 piece grass fed pork bacon, blueberries, coffee - need to hold off for at least 2 hours before lunch.  

Have a 30 min swim and 30 min bike tonight, easy one mid week, tomorrow will be a tough one, need to be sure I get lots of sweet potatoes and protein for a 2 hour run and 30 min bike tomorrow.  I find it better for me to look ahead so I know what I need.  


Any ideas on high energy acceptable foods besides squash and sweet pots?  Almond butter?

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All  - I am still putting in very long hours today and tomorrow and am taking a quick lunch break to write. Sooooo....this Dr. that I have been learning from says that if you tell yourself that you want to lose 30 pounds.....your sub-conscious brain stores that and will later try to find what you lost (weight gain). He claims that studies have shown that people who say " I want to weigh 195 pounds are more successful because the sub conscious brain continually tells them things like, " don't eat those cookies, a 195 pound person wouldn't do that" or " go to the gym because that is what 195 pound people do"! Something to think about.


Miki - be glad I am busy right now.....you are in BIG trouble Miss thang! (Panties comment)


Tomorrow is the start of our next journey so I need everyone here....on time......manning the rails......properly equipped......with the right mindset.....and ready to go. NOBODY will be left behind!


Now the chore list that you all have been waiting for:


Tomorrow - BREATHE......and you can do this by cleaning the vents and the ceiling fan blades. The fan shouldn't look like 5 cats on a spinning wheel!


Friday - clean the bathrooms


Saturday - clean the yard, prune bushes, pick up sticks...etc


Sunday - stop being selfish and do something for someone else! Pick up trash along your street (WHILE YOU ARE OUT TAKING A WALK!


That is all for now.....I am running on borrowed time.


Make mayo, lick dirt....eat pinecones!


See you all tomorrow!



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Good one, Dave.


I'm going to clean that ceiling fan.  I will turn it off first and not try to clean all of the blades at once with the feather duster...letting the dust bunnies fly everywhere.   Then more dusting, vacuuming and chores.   I like and need the chores.   Everything in my clothes closets are on the bias.   I can't reach tall shelves...so I throw things up there.   When you open the doors, everything falls out because of that bias.


Be sure to let me know when it's clothes closet day.   I'm going to wait until you say go.  

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Meadow, you are en fuego! Some golden quotes from you today! I might have to start adding to my signature. 

The coach falling over is my favorite. I also thought with the crown that you meant Higs would come back as Queen of the River. 

I too would like to know even more about the mysterious Wildwood Meadow  :)


Dave YES. Its the same principle as the positive affirmations. So we should simply say "I weigh 145 pounds" and then literally feel, in your body, EMBODY, how that would feel. Light, positive, joyful, and visualize how you look. I have done this with great success with jobs and other life events. I've imagined my office, decorated it, etc etc. Worked. Quantum physics is real. 


Dawner I'm gonna leave it to resident fitness guru CC to talk about high energy foods. Almond butter makes sense. What about plantains? Its great to have another big fitness inspiration in our midst!


Miks is that your boss lady in your new pic? I am not doing any ghee at all right now  :(

LOL don't worry about the IOD queen because she's not a big artichoke gal!!! But you should definitely go for it! 

Can I say that I so psychically feel Crossfit in your future? I don't know why, I just do.  I have been following this thread and its quite interesting: http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/20704-advice-for-crossfit-beginner/


Rosie Rose. I am with Meadow on the wildflowers. 


Higs we are counting down til your return!


Laurie, you are sounding so good. I am so glad Steve is hanging in there and getting the right meds. On the Wahls Protocol (super intense AIP) she allows only berries. I'm gonna attempt that on this W30 but not beat myself up for an apple or some melon here and there. 


Now did y'all see that Melissa Hartwig is beginning a W30 TODAY? I think we should ask her to join the D30. I'm gonna PM her fo realz. 


Guys, I know you're excited for the beginning of our IODs and after this I will be posting about WHITE POTATO DAY. So hold onto your hats! 

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Tomorrow's IOD is THE WHITE POTATO !!




Since white potatoes are now allowed on W30 I thought we could celebrate them on Day 1 of our W30.  I know that some of us may choose to avoid them for a variety of reasons (for example, they are nightshades and not permitted on AIP) but should you choose to go for it once in a while, here they are! It has been interesting reading through the white potato/paleo controversies and information while looking for recipes so I will share some of that here too, for those interested. It has also been hard to find recipes for white potatoes that are labeled “paleo” so people are still obviously shy about embracing this. Obviously lots of your regular potato side dishes would work if you sub ghee for butter, coconut milk for any dairy…and etc.


Some good potato info (read more here http://www.primalpalate.com/paleo-blog/are-potatoes-paleo/)

Important things to consider about potatoes:

  1. Peel the potato! White potatoes are in the nightshade family, but unlike most other nightshades, most of the anti-nutrients are in the skin. This is because the skin of the tuber, in addition to the stem and leaves, is where the plant has defense mechanisms. Glycoalkaloids are the primary toxin in potatoes (almost all plants have toxins – please note.) Age of the potato, skin damage, and exposure to light can increase glycoalkaloid content in the tuber as well – so buy fresh, undamaged potatoes and keep them out of the light. Again, most of the glycoalkaloids are in the skin of the tuber, so peel those potatoes
  2. Always Buy Organic potatoes. In modern times, potatoes have been used in cultivation as a means to pull toxins out of the soil. (Potatoes are #9 in the “Dirty Dozen”)
  3. Avoid green potatoes, or potatoes with green spots – they contain saponins (which are also toxic).
  4. Potatoes break down to glucose. They are a big source of carbs – 26 grams in a medium potato, on average. Potatoes are not recommended for consumption by people who are trying to lose weight.
  5. Potatoes have a high glycemic index / low glycemic load. The GI number can vary highly from mid 50′s all the way up to the high 80′s, depending on the type of potato and how it is cooked. (see chart) – Got this clarification of GI vs. GL from Free The Animal, good stuff Richard.
  6. Better bowel function? A portion of the carbohydrates in potatoes do not break down in the small intestine. For most people, this produces a fiber-like effect and helps improve bowel function. For others, the insoluble starch will promote IBS-like symptoms. Be mindful of how you react.
  7. Potatoes contain some miRNA’s, even when cooked, which seem capable of interfering with human gene expression (Andrew ofEvolvify writes a compelling argument against potatoes, rice and wheat – making some logical predictions based on micro RNA (miRNA) studies with rice. Read his outstanding post here.)




Classic Potato Salad



Tuna Stuffed Potatoes



Rosemary Garlic Potatoes


Sub ghee or olive oil for butter


Pesto Mashed Potatoes



Simple Potato Fish Cakes



Pressure Cooker Crispy Potatoes and a chat with Nom Nom Paleo about white potatoes



Red Potatoes Two Ways



Chicken Quiche made with Potato Zoodles and a discussion about resistant starch



Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes



And a couple of sweet potato recipes for the AIP crowd:


Sweet Potato Salad



Sweet Potato Casserole



Sweet Potato, Apple, Pancetta Hash



The best gravy you’ll ever have





Here are the IODs for this week. There is no pressure to use them, but if you do, please do share any recipes, tips, enjoyment or otherwise! 


THURS -  White Potatoes - they are allowed!!

FRI -         Asparagus

SAT -        Radishes and Carrots

SUN -       Artichoke

MON  -     Lamb

TUE -        Spaghetti Squash

WED -       Fish Sauce 

Get this fish sauce:  http://whole30.com/2...oat-fish-sauce/

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Ha ha I tried to find her eating potatoes that's as close as it got!!!


You want a blue plate special early bird dinner in SoCal hmmmmmmm we might have to drive to the desert.







Now there's a great MOD!!

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Looks like we'd be eating a dirt sandwich out there.   :D  :P 


Looks like the old wind swept streets of Laredo.  That's an old song.


"Streets of Laredo"  also known as the "Cowboy's Lament", is a famous American cowboy ballad in which a dying cowboy tells his story to a living one. Members of the Western Writers of America chose it as one of the Top 100 Western songs of all time.

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Deb, what can you have for a flare? For flair you would need 'bling'.   Bear was reading up on the AIP..glutamates.  What does your doc think about them and why does this happen to folks.  Any thoughts about what causes it?


I wonder if Higs will be here tomorrow.  

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Ladies and gentleman.....we are finishing up our boarding and ask ....uh .....everyone to take their seats....uh....as we await push back.


Preflight checklist:


Thrust Reversers   - Set

Engine Area - Clear

Generators - ON

Fuel Pumps  - ON and positive fuel flow

Flaps - set for takeoff

Engine 1 start switch - ON and pressurized


Engine 1 - online, stable oil and hydraulic pressures, EGT stable

Engine 2 start switch - ON and pressurized


Engine 2 - online, stable oil and hydraulic pressures, EGT stable


"Whole 30 Tower...uh...this is Dirty 30 requesting push back and ground taxi clearance"


"Dirty 30 this is Whole 30 Tower....authorized departures from gate 7 ...proceed to taxiway 23, hold short of runway 69er....maintain comms"


"Roger Tower......departing gate 7, proceeding to taxiway 23 and will hold short."


Let's finish the checklist:


Anti-collision lights - ON

Landing lights - ON and extended

Flaps - takeoff setting 20% with visual confirmation


"Tower...this is Dirty 30 requesting takeoff clearance on runway 69"

"Roger Dirty 30...you are cleared for departure on runway 69.....climb to Angels 2000...turn to right heading 110 and maintain..."

"Roger Tower ......Dirty 30 departing ...climbing to angels 2000 with right course change to a heading of 110 and maintain"


Throttles - power set to 90%

Release brakes - brakes released

Gauge sweep - All pressures good

Airspeed - approaching 125 knots



After Takeoff checklist:

Landing Gear -  up and locked

Landing lights - stowed and off

Flaps - set to 0% and visually verified 


"uh....ladies and gentleman.....we will begin climbing to our cruising altitude shortly and then we will level off and let you move about the cabin. Our flight should take .....uh.......about 30 days......it looks like we have good weather and a great crew aboard to help you out ..uh.......along the way. Once we get settled....uh....the crew will bring the beverage cart down the aisle.......so.....It should be a fantastic trip ....so ....uh....kick back and enjoy the ride........thanks for flying Dirty 30 Air!"


Capt. Dave

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Hello everyone!  I'm trying to finish up my birthday baking tonight so I'm not tempted by it starting tomorrow!


Deb - I am going to start with white potatoes tomorrow. It feels a little scary because I haven't had them in so long, but I think this is an excellent first step in adding new things in!  I think I will make a hash in the morning!


Dawner - bananas!  I don't think I mentioned it here before, because I'm sure it sounds bizarre, but for my longer training sessions I found organic baby food pouches - very portable - and easy to digest. I tried sweet potato/pear/banana last week. Consistency is a little unsettling at first, but it worked well!  Thanks for that training plan - I haven't been too happy with the one I'm using.


Dave - Glad to be a member of your flight crew!


Miki - I will see Rick on Sunday, then back to NJ, and then I will see him for Labor Day weekend.


Rose - Sam is fully embracing his nerdiness with these high school kids. He is so confident - I'm not sure who he gets it from!  I gave him a couple page of patterns to look at because I wanted to make him a new hat (school colors) for marching band season. Of course, he skips any of my recommendations, and below I have attached a picture of his choice.  I tried to talk him out of it, and he said, "Mom I know you're worried that I'm going to be judged - but don't worry, I'll be ok."       Dave - I'm so worried he'll get the crap beat of out him, but everyone seems to leave him alone!


Laurie - I can't wait to hear how Steve is doing today!


I'm ready to start this party!!!


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Short update tonight.


Jacuzzi date cancelled as he had to work. Requested Saturday but I'm booked the rest of the weekend. He requested Saturday the next weekend, but I told him I might have to work - so we'll see where we go from here. It's a weird second date anyways, especially when the first date Happened June 30th or so. I don't even remember if there was much chemistry, we definitely had a good time, the whole thing is strange.


I'm having an adulterous affair with cantaloupe & watermelon and tonight Taro Chips...sheesh. This is definitely not how we get lean and strong.


Meadow, thank you for our song. SOD, I like it.


Deb, still looking for dinner ingredients.


Dave - TOO GOOD - I'm looking forward to being a part of your crew.


Higs is back on Facebook so she should be back on here soon kids.






P.S. Completely out of compliant food except for bacon, eggs and spag squash. This should be interesting. If I make mayo, I could have tuna.

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Hi all!  I'm back!  Awesome trip, lots of stories and photos to share tomorrow when I have more time to write.  First off:  I missed you all!!! I haven't read all the posts yet but I am so so glad that we're taking this ride together again.  And THANK YOU all for waiting for me to start tomorrow.  What a fantastic group of people this is.  And it sounds like there are some new folks joining us!  Welcome to the party, gang.  I love these people.  


I have been about as utterly non-compliant in the last week as one could imagine.  Once in awhile I considered whether there would be W30 options, and I have to say I'm really really glad that I decided to go completely off road because I would have been crushed with hunger otherwise.  We got home this evening and the fridge is pretty much bare, and I am having a last hurrah (scotch) before tomorrow.  I'll have to hit the store first thing.  I am nervous about shifting gears back to W30 so fast, and I think the first couple days are going to be tough, but I know you all are right there inspiring me.


Meadow:  I have a bear story!


More tomorrow.  XOXOXO.  sooo happy to be back with you all again.

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Miks, I will be so happy with a piece-o plain grilled chix and some salad greens tossed in olive oil and balsamic. 

Please don't worry! The great thing about AIP is that its wicked simple (I can't stop talking like I'm from Southie after watching Good Will Hunting). 

And I am bringing the sweet pots. Either mashed or roasted in duck fat.  :D  :lol:

I am just so excited to see you! And be in the famed jacuzzi! 

Sorry about your other jacuzzi date, that is weird. I've had some bites on the sites today but one wants me to be submissive (NO) and one doesn't drive (I'm sorry, respect, but no). One wants to take me to Musso and Frank which would be fun. Meadow you'd love it there - old Hollywood. 

Bacon eggs and spag squash Mik you can make W30 Carbonara!!!



I feel my lengthy glutamate explanation is too much for public consumption! But I saved that post if anyone is interested! 

Yes, and that is just one one teeny tiny piece of the equation. If I had my life to live again, I'd definitely be an MD JUST so I could then become a Functional MD specializing in integrative medicine. Although my inability to absorb science-y stuff could be a problem  ;)


I am still soothing my tummy back to health and resorted to a smoothie today - blueberries, avocado, coconut water and raw coconut milk. So far so good. Glad I worked hard last week and can take it a bit easier this week. 


Ok I'm rambling. Everyone, here's to a fantastic next 30 days together!!





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Deb, I thought your explanation was very interesting. I will be happy to hear the Jacuzzi version of this AI condition.  That Carbonara looks amazing! I don't happen to have an arrowroot powder, but I bet I don't need it!


Okay, I'll stop fretting and we'll just BBQ ...I have to get propane.


Welcome home Higs.


Ready for take off!

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