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Dave, you make me wish I were a part of this crew! Congrats, everyone. Here's to a smooth ride and safe landing . . . in one month!

Welcome back, Higs! Can't wait to read your stories.

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Day 1 - NO FRUIT FOR LAURIE (not sure about day 2 but today must be no fruit)


Yesterday (after visiting Steve), I wanted diet coke or frozen yogurt.  Instead, (which I know is a better choice) I chose watermelon and broke my no watermelon rule.  I snacked on the watermelon (bought 1/4 watermelon) while cooking a very balanced meal - salmon, squash, veggies - and finished the watermelon after the meal.  My fruit addiction has nothing to do with hunger or lack of proper nutrients.  I am going to give this W30 my very best effort.  I want/need to succeed and follow the spirit of the W30.


Visit with Steve was heartbreaking.  I cried and then he cried.  Steve said it feels like there is a war going on within his body.  He has lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks, his voice is weak, his blood levels keep getting lower and he is a little depressed.  I will end with some positive words - Our love for each other is beautiful.


Good luck on day 1.  Stay strong and focused.  Lots Of Love. 

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Morning 1, bouncing into the clouds with my best people,


I have secured my seat belt and am currently sipping on some coffee with coconut milk (which I remember as disgusting from my last w30 but am now enjoying without reservation...funny how things shift), the view over the wing is spectacular and the cabin crew are hot. If only all flights were this delightful. Security was a bee-atch however, why they always have to search my cavities I do not know, perhaps I have a very appealing set of cavities.

Deb, I'm sorta kinda doing Wahls this time around, limiting my fruit to just berries and only in the morning in an attempt to really squash that sugar dragon. Last time I totally cheated by making fruit salads after dinner and smothering them in coconut milk. After my carousel of treats the last couple of weeks I anticipate some draggy symptoms from sugar withdrawal this week, so may need the occasional thwack from Meadow to keep me in line with the grouchiness. I'm also considering eliminating nuts since the Brazil nut thingy, but I'll play that one by ear. 

Today is also day one of Rose's personal fitness challenge of the day (FCOD? looks like some sort of government oversight committee dedicated to blockading third world countries, will have a rethink on the acronym). I am starting with pilates as I have been remiss since our return from vacay and we are also taking the children to the aquatic center today, where there will be a lot of throwing toddlers and piggy back swimming. My bigger little dude has discovered a love of danger and will no doubt be riding the slides all afternoon. This should be excellent exercise for my heart as it will be stopping regularly, like cardiac interval fright training. Joy.

Anyone else interested in partaking in the daily fitness challenge can sign in on the sheet on the door. All it requires is a commitment to yourself and some follow-through, doesn't matter what challenge you set yourself as long as you don't make excuses not to meet it.I'll be here for the tough love and/or goofy encouragement required.

Small people are afoot, so I must sadly cut it short, but I will be checking in later on. I'm on board with the IOD (after a week and a half of cooking for guests as well as the family I am pleased to be keeping it simple with portobello mushroom burgers and oven baked potato wedges. Boring? Youbetcha.) and will dust something else in lieu of ceiling fans, cuz we don't have that kinda business in Ireland. Think I'll dust off my couch to 5k app and unearth my running shoes.


Love and bunless hot dogs to all,

Rosita banana

Miss Laurie, virtual hugs for you, I wish I could give you a real one. There is no amount of being prepared for the difficulty of Steve's battle, is there? Like you said before somewhere, he is still with you and you are still that tight unit of love. You should not fear what has not happened. Love to you and Steve.

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Aghhhhh I got on the wrong darn plane, now I'm waiting in transit to catch a connecting flight only I don't know where your planes at? Add to that the airline lost my luggage and I don't think I'll be back on-board until Monday. And can I just say my flight had very different seats than those Meadow displayed? Can't wait yo catch up with you a Fave once I find the right plane, until then I will be cleaning all fans and anything that doesn't move.

Meadow I loved the dedication! I got excited when I saw an Aussie in the mix. Then suddenly wondered if Keith was a real Aussie or another New Zealander that we have claimed as ours (I'm sure Deb can back up, that Aussies love to claim famous New Zealanders as Australians) and low and behold he was born in NZ and lived there until he was 2.

Miki- you are staring on this w30, so impressed. Not sure about jacuzzi man though, he sounds a little fickle. Make him pander to you and not visa versa.

Deb- after thinking I would not succumb to the re-introduced evil of white potato I have fallen. Yes they have slipped into my diet as an occasional food (I was getting so sick of sweet potatoes and white potatoes give me an occasional break- and yes sweet potato have become a regular as they make running feel more doable). I'm really excited to get more involved with ingredients of the day and try new things :).

Rose- yay! Your back. You were very much missed. I tried to sign in on the exercise of the day sheet but could not find a pen, or the door for that matter, but I'm certainly in. (Oh and I won't be wearing the prescribed leotard, after seeing Dave in his I've been traumatised and will not be donning this scary relic from the 80's).

Higs- welcome back. So glad to have you back home healthy and happy. Looking forward to your tales..

Laurie- hugs first and second. I hope you find comfort in the love you and Steve share. It is very special and something many of us never find.

CC- I love your sons confidence. It sounds like you are raising a wonderful young man.

Hi Lady M and Rosann (you are so string not relenting to the corporate greediest and getting your own internet).

Welcome to all the new travellers here, great to meet you all! I look forward to getting yo know you all.

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Good morning!  I managed to do my workout and ate roasted pecans, sugarless dried apples & mango right before and no clif bar!


I had an apple with almond butter for a late morning snack, spinach, red pepper, balsamic salad with a grilled chicken breast and 1 red potato for lunch.  Felt like I had plenty of energy for workout.  Dinner, grilled ahi tuna with little mayo (not whole30 compliant), avocado and grilled eggplant & zucchini.

No headaches (yet) - happy to have gotten thru day 1 paleo.  I'm SO excited for your take off today, it's really making me wanna join in but I must do my own thing right now, you guys are all amazing and super fun!


Of course my bf last night was like "do you want a brownie or cookie?!!"  So much crap as his 18 year old daughter had 10 friends over, I had no problem really saying no to that....the sugar dragon is going down....hard

Deb - Thanks for spaghetti squash recipe, can't wait to make that....so many recipes so little time....but I need to make time for bacon!!


Laurie- I feel the love that you & Steve have and I don't even know you.....it seems beautiful.  I have a similar experience with my husband a liftetime ago.  You are strong, I can hear it....you have so much love and that is all you need, thank you for allowing us to be a part of your story.  


Have a great day all

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Dearest Laurie, My heart goes out to you and all you're going through. I so wish there was something we could do for you. Know you are in our hearts and hopefully some day your card will get there (US Mail is so scary these days).


Dawner, welcome aboard as our stowaway. I love the you are working so hard, you are quite the inspiration. I would love to get my body to a level that I could even consider doing what you're doing.


Cara, I'm not sure at all about Jacuzzi Guy, but I'm not going out of my way for him so we'll see what happens. I'll definitely let him chase, AND PAY.


Laurie, I had a terrible run in with cantaloupe and watermelon turbulence yesterday, followed by Taro Chip oxygen masks. I think for me fruit is low breaks, but also leads to low strength when it comes to other starches. I still haven't gotten into the complete spirit of the whole 30 by setting my 3 meals and stopping the snacking. I am truly hungry much of the time and then I'm used to eating at the other times. I just have to say no. I've said NO at previous times and I know I can say NO now. I want to earn my wings. I weigh 126 pounds and 126 pound people don't eat that way, they're more interested in being healthy and fit, and so am I!


Off to make some loose version of paleo carbonara and have a great day. I don't think I'm allowed to do Whole Food Flybys at the end of the day, only in the mornings when I'm strong, same for all shopping...I MUST BE A MORNING SHOPPER.


Higs your pics on Facebook are great! I hope you have time to share here soon.


Rosann - Just for the record, invisible Jacuzzi Guy is Italian and he cooks!


Rose, How darling you are indeed. So you're asking for an exercise of the day? EIOD or a Plank Challenge of the Day PCOD. It sounds fun. I will do 3 planks today maintaining as long as I can, then 5 seconds longer.


Deb, I'm making my Tuna patties today held together by the new Standby passenger, Mr. White Potato Head. Looking forward to it.


CC&R you're real troopers, travel separations, work, workouts...hugs and strength to both.


I need to go to the gym tonight as I couldn't make it this am.



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Lady M, thanks for keeping track of us.


What's up with the pilot - let's make some strong coffee stat (no Captain Morgans for this trip) and get this pilot on board.


I have to make mayo and cauli rice before the cauli goes bad. I don't know why I resist these simple things.



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I have to start checking in twice a day so I can keep up!


Being completely committed to the IOD this go around, I made a hash with white potatoes!  They were much more delicious than I remembered!  I am starting a pork loin in the slow cooker. I notice that I've gotten off track with the great cooking Rick and I were doing. I appreciate more now that it's so much harder to keep up with when you're doing it by yourself!


Rose - I went for a 30 minute walk this morning, just to kick off the EOD. Lots on the schedule today, but I'm packing a good lunch and will have a tasty dish waiting when I return home!


Make it a great day everyone!

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OK everyone, vacation update first and then I'll spend some time with catch up on what you each have been up to.  The menagerie at home was so happy to see us.  Cat Edgar resumed his perch on my shoulders but is out of practice so now I have claw marks on my neck.  Cat Pi slept last night with her head nestled in to the arch of my foot.  Dog Buddy keeps wanting to be a 75 pound lap dog.  The goats were happy to have their heads scritched.  Birds aren't smart and didn't notice I'd ever left.


The trip! It was awesome.  We spent a couple days with my parents en route up to Stanley.  On the way there, a huge storm came through and dumped a whole lot of rain.  Since there have been a lot of forest fires in recent years, the rain washes a lot of silt into every feeder creek and stream that runs in to the Salmon.  Our trip *almost* was canceled due to it:  the river was pretty much unfishable the whole time. But our intrepid group decided to go anyway, and it was AMAZING.


The Middle Fork is 100 miles of wild and scenic river through the Frank Church wilderness area in central Idaho.  There are no roads or towns or electricity.  We floated 75 miles of it (the first 25 miles too low and steep this time of the year), camping by the river each night and drinking pure fresh water from little springs.  We learned a lot about the fascinating history of the area from our fly fishing guides, stories of early river guiding from the '40's and trappers and the history of the Sheepeater Indians who lived in peace and seclusion in the area until they were sadly eventually forced onto the reservation.  We saw tons of wildlife:  bald eagles, osprey, chukars, grouse, water ouzels, mergansers, river otters, mink, bighorn sheep... oh and a BEAR!  Meadow, I thought of you immediately!


Cris and I and one of the trip guides were standing on a little bridge over a washed out creek practicing our fly fishing casting.  I heard a little rustle and looked up and saw a fuzzy black head poke around the corner of a bush about 25 feet away.  My very first thought for .25 second was that it was someone's dog but quickly realized, sh*t that's a BEAR.  Thought #2 was "where is its mama?!" and what came out of my mouth was "oh!"  The little bear in the meantime also thought, "holysh*t there are humans here!" and paused for half a second then booked on down the trail.  A few seconds later it came back the other way, stopped in its tracks again when it saw us, and then ran up the hill fast as it could.  Good thing it was scared-ier of us that we were of it.  It was a little black bear, maybe two years old?  No mama in sight.


Here are some pics!  Our flight in to the put in:



One of our guides, a 53 year old woman from Turkey who guides in Idaho, Argentina and Nepal.  What a lifestyle, right?  She was amazing (I have to admit having a huge crush on her!):



Here we are together collecting mountain mahogany for the campfire:



The Middle Fork:



Cris at Tappan Falls.  I have not seen him this happy in ages!



View of one of our campsites:



Amazing pictographs:



Another campsite:



Stanley, Idaho after the trip:



The flyfishing was terrible due to the water conditions, but I practiced and got a ton of good instruction and my skills improved markedly.  I did manage to land and release one gorgeous 14" westslope cutthroat trout with stunning bright colors.  They are beautiful.  We'll go back for sure, maybe in a couple years if we can save up for it.


My broken crown wasn't too much of a hindrance but I had to take a lot of Advil until I get the damn thing fixed...


I really missed you all!  I thought about each of you a lot these past couple weeks.  I'm happy to be back and ready for the next round with you fabulous people!

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Higs, thanks for the amazing update and the stories and pics! It looks just gorgeous. Wow those pictograms. 

I'm glad you got to improve your fishing skills!!! How incredible to spend that much time in nature. I bet it was healing for you both. Your heart must have burst seeing Cris so happy.  I'm glad all your critters welcomed you back!!! 


Laurie, sending you so much strength and light. I really feel for Steve. It so sucks. Does his daughter come see him a lot? And his Mom is there right? Does he have to be in the hospital for the whole 100 days? I am so glad you guys are feeling the strength of your love for one another. There are many worse crutches to have than fruit but its great that you are aware of its no brakes quality for you in the spirit of the W30. 


Miki I am with Meadow. Jacuzzi guy doesn't seem like he's working hard enough for you. You ARE a morning shopper!!

Actually I never am, I'm a late night shopper because the aisles are empty!


Rosie Rose, all sounds good, potato wedges, YUM. 


Cara LOL I love when NZ is all "our own Russell Crowe". And Russell himself is like "I'M AUSTRALIAN!" (even though I was born in NZ)


CC agree with Cara. LOVE your son's confidence! Daring to be different is amazing! And yum on that hash. 


Dawner, sounds like you are doing well. Get the bf in line with his brownie and cookie offers  :lol:


Rosann we miss you when your internet is down!


Where IS our pilot? Sleeping on the job? Dave, welcome to Day 1. 


Theo24, welcome to our madness! 



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And now on to Whole30, Round 2 (for me).  One thing about coming home after 10 days away is that the garden is exploding!  I hereby dedicate my Whole30 to the bounty in my garden.  I am eating a late kickoff breakfast of eggs laid by my hens scrambled with chard, zucchini and tomatoes from the garden.  Only the coconut oil and sweet onion are store bought.  Yum.  Meadow, the blackberries have ripened in the last week so there will be blackberry reductions to look forward to!


Lovely, wonderful group of you:


Dave, thank you for kicking things off right and setting the bar for us.  O Chore-master, pilot and drill sergeant, how would we succeed without your guiding hand?  I too have no ceiling fans but there is plenty to keep me occupied.


Laurie:  I am so sorry I missed out on the care package for Steve but you both have been in my thoughts all week.  I'm sending out a big, warm bear hug for you, and strength and healing for Steve.  I am looking forward to hearing about him gaining strength as he gets through this hardest part.  The love you two have is a mighty thing and it will see you through, my dear.


Deb and Miki, you're getting together soon, right?  Pics please!  I can't wait to hear about this meet up and requisite shenanigans.  Deb, hooray for another round of IODs.  Can we do endive and/or radicchio?  I need to learn to use those.  Liver, not so sure.  I still have boar in my freezer from last round that will come out this week sometime.


Miki, you're a week in already, or something like that?  When is your September trip?  You will be feeling so good as you head off for those travels.  You could probably do some meet ups while you're there, I bet.  You are on fire with the dates!  I'm with the others:  jacuzzi guy sounds like a dud to me too.  Inviting himself over after no contact for weeks?  Ixnay on the acuzzi-jay, I'd say.


Meadow, I love every single MOD you have put forth so far.  Excellent, excellent.  My TV time allotment is unfortunately super limited at the moment (well, partially because I'm spending so much time on the interwebs with all of you people!).  I adore you through and through and love your silly side.  Yeah, I don't know what I woulda done if a mama bear had come around the corner.  Make myself big as possible and make a lot of noise.  I was happy that the little guy was scared out of its pants.


Raunchy Rose, let me just say that you are getting hotter and sexier with every post.  FCOD does sound a bit ominous but as long as there aren't any drones involved I will put my name on the sign up sheet.  I too am starting up a C25k and throwing in some yoga this round.  And planks. Better get on it.


Cara, I am so sorry to hear about your mom and hope that she is comfortable and able to be strong.  How lucky she is to have you as such a wonderful support.  You are a pillar.  Also, there is a connecting flight that will still get you to the Island of Paleo Dolphins where we will all be rendezvousing.  There are some nice umbrellas there on the beach and all the coconut oil we could ever need.


CC!  You keep on keeping on.  You are my fitness inspiration.  How do you have time for everything??  Yes, I agree, this busy busy forum is hard to keep up with.  I have spent hours this morning catching up (good thing I'm still not back at work until Monday).  I have a list of staycation projects to tackle over the next 4 days (Dave will be so proud) but here it is nearly noon and I haven't done a smidgen of exercise yet.


Rick:  I missed your birthday.  Happy birthday!  Hope you and CC are together again soon.  How goes the training?


Rosann!  I miss you.  Can you hop on to someone's wifi and give us a shout out?


LadyM:  Lovely lurking lady, I am glad you are here cheering for the Paleo cats!


Dawner, Outdorsgrl, Jen, Nanny, Kelly, Theophany, welcome to the madness!


Better actually start my day now.  Love to all!

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busy group... I can barely keep up with all of you, sure sounds like a lot of fun.


Staying strong and inspired by you. Loving the Deb C IOTD, waiting for it tomorrow.


Will read well all the allowed and not allowed foods to go shopping on Saturday


Cheers and let the force be with us!

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Hey gang & welcome newcomers!

Home from Chicago. Swam 5/8 mile today with 7 weeks left to train for my triathalon. Feels like I am really starting to get the hang of it! Will head out for my third run Friday morning... Really looking forward to starting a new W30 with an eye towards hitting my target weight of 215 by race day (10 more pounds). Cooking, I must say, is a big challenge these days CC and I are apart. Can't wait to see my gal on Saturday!

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Dawner, Outdorsgrl, Jen, Nanny, Kelly, Theophany...hey and howdy y'all.


Jump right in and tell us what's going on with your W30.   If you have good recipes, exercise tips, how to overhaul a motor, chop down a tree...anything.   I'd really like to hear it.

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The fleshy green spears of asparagus are both succulent and tender and have been considered a delicacy since ancient times. I actually didn’t know that asparagus had such giant health benefits, or that it is considered a major anti inflammatory ingredient but I know that now! Quite interesting to read about this pointy green fella.


If anyone is interested, here’s the health lowdown on asparagus:



The compliant recipe round up:


Roasted Asparagus



Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus




Roasted Asparagus Salad


sub ghee for butter


Shrimp and Asparagus Scampi with Spaghetti Squash



Creamy Avocado Zoodles with Chicken and Asparagus (looks YUM)



Asparagus with Hollandaise Sauce



Asparagus Benedict



Asparagus Bacon Frittata



Sauteed Asparagus with Shallot and Lemon



Asparagus Soup



Nori Wrapped Smoked Salmon and Asparagus



Chicken Asparagus Roulade


(IMHO this recipe needs bacon around the chicken)


Veggie and Egg Casserole with Asaparagus



Asparagus Bundles with Bacon and Poached Eggs



Cucumber Coodles with Asparagus and Ginger Sesame Sauce


Be sure to use coconut aminos NOT tamari


AIP Recipes (also W30 compliant but free of nuts, seeds, nightshades and more)

Some of the above recipes could also be adapted for AIP


Blood Orange with Asparagus and Rosemary



Asparagus with Bitter Lemon Pesto



Ribboned Asparagus and Fennel Salad



Lemon Asparagus Saute with Bacon





PS: remember asparagus can make your pee smell funny and that’s ok!!!


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