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Lara Bars and Traveling


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when is it ideal to have in an emergency? 


I'm confused by this statement. If it is an emergency, it is an emergency, so that's when you have it. If you are planning for meals plan meals, not lara bars. Does that make sense?


Basically: if you are in a situation where you have no compliant food but the lara bar and you are hungry and likely to pass out or whatever, then that's when you eat it. You may not ever have that situation happen on your trip, in which case rejoice and stash the lara bars in your glove box or wherever for the future.

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It's never "ideal" to eat a LARABAR ... they are best kept to actual emergencies, where you are stuck on a plane tarmac for 3 hours with no food options, or if your only choice is pizza. EPIC bars (like a soft jerky bar) and RX bars (contain dates, and also egg white protein) are both better choices because they have plenty of protein.


Better yet, stock up on a couple of tins of wild sardines in water, a plastic fork and a napkin. A baggie of baby carrots, raw broccoli, sugar snap peas will be good for several hours even if not refrigerated. For fat, bring an avocado, a few Brazil nuts, some shredded coconut, an almond butter packet.


You'll feel so much better when you get to your destination.

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