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Anyone have experience with Natural Family Planning? Chart Question.


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Hi everyone, 


I'm looking for advice on my first fertility awareness chart. It does not make any sense to me, as nothing seems to line up as it should. Do any of you know if it may be an annovulatory cycle? This is the first chart I have ever done, so I have no idea if it's the norm for me or not. The program I charted this in divided it up into fertile/infertile segments. Also, the temperatures that are crossed out where on days that I had to take my temperature two hours earlier than usual because of early shifts at work. 

Thank you!






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Nice job! A few things-

Are you using a basal thermometer? My sister charted for months with a basic 10 fever thermometer and thought she wasn't ovulating, but really, it was the thermometer.

Did you start a Whole 30 recently? I find ovulation comes later (for me) when I start another Whole 30. It can be a shock to your system at first, so your body wants to make sure it's all good before it releases an egg. It should even out next month if that's the case.

Are your cycles typically regular?

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I am not able to see your chart. I know that I needed to track a couple of months before I started to see a trend. I am more regular now than I ever was before this way of eating. I think you will see a difference and will see your trends after a while. Without seeing your chart it's hard to tell. I agree with the others regarding the basal thermometer and looking into the other forum.

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I can't see your chart.  However, when I was charting my temps, when I first woke up (ie. was conscious) I would take my temp.  I used an electric thermometer that you stick in your ear.  It remembers your temperature.  So I would roll over, stick in my ear, take my temp and go back to sleep.  I think the act of getting out of bed, walking to the bathroom and taking your temp can raise it and give you false reads.


If I recall, my 'drop' in temp was maybe 1/2 a degree.  Maybe less.  So it's very subtle.  So any activity before taking your temp is enough to raise it.  Also, the daily 'normal' temps varied a lot as well.  It's not like it was the same every day and then there was a drop.  It bounced around and there was a slight drop.  So you might do it several months to get a feel for it.


I wasn't really impressed by my chart (it looked pretty random to me), but did show it to a repro doctor.  He looked at it and said "Congratulations, you ovulated. But you're still not pregnant."  His point was, in addition to ovulation, there are many many other factors that contribute to fertility.  That is why it can be so tricky.  So if you are doing a whole 30, keep at it!

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