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Day 16? 17? Need some finetuning


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I'm starting with dinner last night, then breakfast this morning. I'm past the halfway mark, and I think I'm slipping. I'm not eating anything noncompliant, but I'm not eating in the right proportions. (veggies. My enemy.) Starting last night, accountability.


Dinner 8/18:

hamburger patty with spread (homemade mayo mixed with Cholula)

Half of a HUGE sweet potato

Brussels sprouts

Handful of black grapes


Breakfast 8/19

goodcheapeats's Monkey Salad (banana, cashew, flaked coconut

Scrambled eggs with baby spinach mixed in


Lunch is out with the office today. We're going to a greek place, so I'll be good with a gyros plate (hold the tzaziki sauce, hold the pita) and a glass of unsweetened tea (which is anathema to a Southerner, but any tea is better than no tea).


Dinner 8 /19

Leftover chicken soup from earlier in the month - chicken, veggies, compliant chicken stock, cooked in the slow cooker.


My challenge in doing a summer Whole30 is I loathe zucchini and summer squash, and that's about all there is around here. My other challenge is that I find salads incredibly boring, and that seems to be a constant side dish in the Whole30 stuff I'm reading.

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DAY 18 - I counted :D



Two eggs scrambled with spinach, one hardboiled (I ran out of eggs)

Monkey salad




Lunch: Chicken Massaman 



Sliced tomato

Chicken breast cooked in the slow cooker all day

Carrots and onion ditto

spaghetti squash for the FIRST TIME. 

Pluot, mmm

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