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It's day 29... maybe

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A couple of questions for the distinguished forum members/mods regarding counting days:


1) I started my W30 on 7/21. I realized the next day (7/22) that my 5am breakfast on 7/21 contained a small amount of seasoning salt in it (<1/8th tsp), which has sugar. Would I end the W30 as of 6am 8/20 (30 x 24 hrs), or is it full days only (i.e. no credit for Monday)?  Or...


2) Accidental consumption foul...?: I was eating out and specifically requested my egg omelette made without butter, cheese, or other non-compliant foods. I took a bite and thought I tasted butter, so I asked the server. His response: "No sir, there's no butter".  Another bite and I knew otherwise. "I'm sorry sir, I just learned they do use butter as grease for the eggs."  #$%@!  Of course, I didn't eat another bite. This was Saturday, 7/26.


So, am I on Day 29? Day 30? /gulp... Day 24?





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