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Day 17 and first time dining out


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Hi all,


I'm on day 17 and things have been going great so far.  I've been doing a lot of cooking at home and have been really set on doing this right.

We have a work dinner tonight and its the first time I'm going to a restaurant that I have no control over. 


I already called the restaurant and asked about oils used (they said evoo) and was planning on ordering some type of seafood with veggies on the side. 


I know the obvious cheese and grains should be avoided but I'm worried that there's something hidden somewhere that I need to specifically ask about.


Any suggestions?



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The link isnt working. Make sure the EVOO is not a hybrid with soybean or something. Ask if they have croutons or cheese on salads. I got a salad with a ton of blue cheese once. It is impossible to remove blue cheese from a salad. You might want to eat something before you go like a hard boiled egg or chicken or something so you are not starving just in case you can only eat a salad.

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